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Roots and Branches: How ‘It Lives Inside’ Resonates with Tree Plantation

In the eerie yet captivating movie, “It Lives Inside,” we are immersed in the life of Samidha, affectionately known as “Sam.” As Sam attempts to navigate the complexities of her dual cultural identity, we find parallels between her journey and the enduring symbolism of tree plantation.

Sam’s Cultural Struggle and the Symbolism of Tree Plantation

Sam’s pursuit of assimilation into Western society mirrors the age-old struggle of trees attempting to adapt to new environments. Just as Sam grapples with societal pressures and the need to fit in, trees too must contend with the challenges of foreign soil and climates.

Her strained relationship with her Indian heritage is reminiscent of the delicate balance trees maintain between their roots and branches. In Sam’s case, the roots symbolize her cultural foundation, while the branches represent her desire for growth and acceptance. Trees, like cultures, flourish when they stay grounded in their roots while embracing change.

The tension between Sam’s parents regarding cultural traditions is akin to the tension between the growth and stability of trees. Her mother, Poorna, symbolizes the roots, unwavering in her commitment to traditions. In contrast, her father, Inesh, represents the branches, open to the possibility of change. Trees, like cultures, thrive when they strike a balance between honoring tradition and welcoming evolution.

Tamira’s Disturbing Secret and the Fragility of Nature

Tamira’s isolation and the enigmatic glass jar she carries are metaphors for the vulnerability of those who stand alone, much like the importance of protecting and nurturing individual trees. Just as Tamira’s solitude made her susceptible to the entity’s torment, isolated trees can easily fall prey to environmental threats.

The supernatural entity’s relentless torment of Tamira serves as a stark reminder of the destructive forces that can assail both individuals and ecosystems. The entity’s attacks and the gradual deterioration of Tamira’s jar underscore the consequences of neglecting our environment, emphasizing the need for conservation efforts.

Sam’s Guilt and Investigation

Sam’s impulsive decision to smash the jar illustrates the irreversible damage that can result from hasty actions, reminiscent of the irreversible consequences of deforestation. Just as Sam’s actions had far-reaching consequences for Tamira, the reckless destruction of forests can have long-lasting effects on our planet.

Tamira’s disappearance and the discovery of the notebook serve as a stark wake-up call, urging us to take action when nature is in peril. The notebook is a metaphorical blueprint, reminding us that knowledge and awareness are powerful tools in our fight to protect the environment.

As Sam’s growing realization of something sinister at play parallels society’s increasing awareness of environmental issues, we are prompted to acknowledge the urgency of collective investigation and resolution.

The Unveiling of the Pishach and the Consequences of Neglect

Tamira’s horrifying abduction and torment serve as poignant reminders of the consequences of ignoring the signs of environmental degradation. In this context, the entity’s attacks mirror the looming threats to our planet when we turn a blind eye to ecological issues.

Sam’s encounters with the malevolent presence symbolize the impending dangers that could befall our world if we continue to ignore environmental threats. The entity’s true nature as a soul-consuming demon serves as a powerful metaphor for the potential devastation caused by environmental crises if left unaddressed.

The Descent into Darkness and the Urgency of Environmental Action

The tragic fate of Russ highlights the abrupt loss that can result from ignoring environmental threats. Sam’s deteriorating mental state and nightmarish experiences serve as a warning about the psychological toll of environmental apathy. Just as Sam pleaded for help, we must heed the warnings of our changing climate and ecosystems.

Joyce’s revelation about the Pishach underscores the importance of acknowledging environmental issues and seeking solutions before it’s too late. The urgency of environmental action is a message that resonates throughout “It Lives Inside” and reflects the dire need for collective responsibility.

The Path to Redemption Through Tree Plantation

Sam’s decision to seek her mother’s assistance signifies the significance of turning to nature for solutions. Poorna’s plan to confront the Pishach through tradition underscores the importance of respecting and nurturing our natural heritage.

The entity’s attacks on Joyce and Inesh symbolize the urgent need to protect those who work tirelessly towards environmental preservation. In this context, the entity represents the destructive forces that environmentalists and conservationists strive to overcome.

Sam’s Sacrifice and the Hope for a Greener Future

The final showdown at Karan’s house reflects the decisive battle between human actions and the forces of environmental destruction. Sam’s willingness to become the vessel for the Pishach illustrates the sacrifices we may need to make to protect our planet. Her sacrifice serves as a reminder of the dedication required to combat environmental threats.

The yearning for a future free from the malevolent entity symbolizes the hope for a world where nature thrives and trees are plentiful. Sam’s journey, filled with sacrifices and challenges, mirrors the path to a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

A New Beginning and the Role of Tree Plantation

Sam’s reunion with Tamira, Joyce, Poorna, and Inesh signifies the potential for collective action and cooperation in safeguarding our environment. The containment of the Pishach through Sam’s sacrifice parallels the idea that we can mitigate environmental threats through deliberate efforts like tree plantation.


The significance of tree plantation in the movie’s message reinforces the notion that planting trees can be a powerful step towards healing our planet and securing a better future. Just as Sam made a sacrifice to protect her loved ones from the Pishach, we too can make a positive impact on the world by planting trees. Trees symbolize growth, renewal, and the potential for a brighter future, much like Sam’s journey towards redemption in “It Lives Inside.”

How does the theme of tree plantation relate to the movie “It Lives Inside”?

The theme of tree plantation in our blog post draws parallels between the struggles and sacrifices of the movie’s protagonist, Sam, and the challenges faced by our natural environment. Trees, like cultures, require nurturing and care to thrive. In the movie, Sam’s journey mirrors the delicate balance between preserving her cultural heritage and adapting to a changing world. Similarly, trees need a balance between growth and stability to flourish. By planting trees, we can symbolically and literally contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, just as Sam’s journey leads to a hopeful new beginning.

How can tree plantation help combat environmental issues mentioned in the blog post?

Tree plantation is a powerful tool in the fight against environmental issues. In the blog post, we highlight the consequences of neglecting our environment, much like the entity’s attacks in the movie “It Lives Inside.” Trees play a crucial role in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. They also help prevent soil erosion, filter water, and support biodiversity. By planting trees and nurturing them, we can address the fragility of nature and contribute to a healthier planet.

What can individuals do to get involved in tree plantation efforts mentioned in the blog post?

Getting involved in tree plantation efforts is a proactive step toward environmental conservation. You can start by participating in local tree planting initiatives or joining environmental organizations that focus on reforestation. Many communities organize tree planting events where volunteers can make a tangible impact. Additionally, consider planting trees in your own backyard or supporting reforestation projects financially. Every tree planted contributes to the larger goal of healing our planet, just as Sam’s journey in “It Lives Inside” leads to a new beginning.

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