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Silently, I cried.

Almost two years of my childhood were spent in my uncle’s house. I was around seven years old then. Going to school in the morning, and after coming from school, I used to spend the rest of the time playing cricket. There, I had many friends. One of those friends is named Bakker. One was named Patel.

Every afternoon after the game was over, my job was to clean the Hurricane glass and sit down to read. By studying a little, I used to sleep.

However, every night in the middle of the night, a few friends would start quarreling next to the house. This was very annoying to me. After 3-4 minutes they would start chatting.

Every day at that time I used to think that if I broke down, I would go out and shout loudly and get into a little fight. Why, they fight late every night.

But never dared. I was afraid to go out at night.

One evening, as I was returning home after playing, I saw that they started fighting again. I screamed loudly, telling them to stop. They all look at me and stop arguing. I looked at them for some time and came home. However, I noticed one thing that surprised me, they are arguing but there is no way to tell by looking at their faces that they are angry.

As usual that night, they started quarreling again. I wake up and they go quiet again after a while.

Thus, my uncle spent almost two years at home. However, in the end, their quarrel was never the same. Then, after two or three maybe I could hear them arguing. To my dismay, this time they seem to have become polite.

I then moved to my own house. Coming here, I almost forget about my old friends. However, I met a new friend in front of my house.

He doesn’t fight like my old friends. Most of the time is silent. Sometimes at night he makes a sound. During the day, when he meets me, we stare at each other.

For about two years, they were next to our house. They lived next to our house with a huge banyan tree. Once the banyan tree died. Some people come and cut dead banyan tree branches to use as fuel. My friends lost their houses.

About 10 years after this incident, I met someone while studying at university. She gives me a doll as a gift. She bought this doll when she was 7-8 years old.

Last year, we got married in April. Due to my wife’s job, now we have to move to a new district. After coming here, my childhood friends show up. One evening I heard them arguing. But, there was no chance to see them.

I am an article writer. A few days ago at noon, I was sitting by the window writing the article. Then, I saw a crow sitting near my window and calling.

I ignored him and continued to write. The writing is over. Suddenly, my wife started calling through the window. As I spoke to him, he told me something was moving.

I look closer, one of my childhood friends. However, injured, probably a broken wing. I picked him up. Near the stomach, look with the hand, the stomach is empty. Probably very hungry. I take the rice and put it in a bowl but he doesn’t eat the rice. Just keeps going round and round. I had no idea what to do. After sitting next to him for some time, bring a bowl of water and keep it next to him. However, he does not have the energy to eat. Then, take him and bring him to the water. I kept watching him drink water.

But, I suddenly notice, his eyes are not moving anymore, fixed.

I’m 32 now, first animal died on my hands in this life. I didn’t like it. Silently, I cried.

When that was going round and round, I was trying to understand their language as a child. But, I couldn’t understand them when I was young, I still can’t.

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