Xbox Games with Gold For January 2023

Xbox Games with Gold For January 2023 

Microsoft has just announced the two titles that will be included in their Xbox Games with Gold program for the month of January 2023. All Xbox Live Gold members and those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get access to these two games when they arrive next month. Iris Fall and Autonauts will soon become available, giving gamers plenty of options to explore while they wait for the new year’s gaming releases. Let’s take a closer look at what each game has to offer.

Iris Fall

Iris.Fall Trailer

Released in 2018, Iris Fall is a dreamlike puzzle-adventure featuring stunningly designed visuals. You follow a black cat into a strange world where everything somehow connects back to you. As you progress through the levels, you’ll uncover secrets and gain insight into yourself and your identity. With its unique art style, Iris Fall is sure to keep gamers entertained until the end of January 2023.


Autonauts | Steam Launch Trailer

This 2019 release drops players onto strange, empty planets and tasks them with building up their own civilization from scratch as they see fit. Players can utilize the planet’s resources however they wish while growing their population and expanding their colonies. Autonauts also features an expansive research tree which allows players to develop new technologies that allow them greater control over their domain. With its creative freedom and strategic elements, Autonauts is sure to test even veteran gamers’ skills over its two-week period in January 2023.

What are the games included in January’s Xbox Games with Gold lineup?

The first two titles included in January’s Xbox Games with Gold lineup are Iris Fall and Autonauts. Iris Fall is a puzzle-adventure game that tasks players with exploring an eerie, dreamlike world and solving various puzzles, while Autonauts is a building and crafting game in which players must build up a series of empty planets using the resources available to them.

What other games are included as part of Xbox Games with Gold?

In addition to Iris Fall and Autonauts, Xbox Games with Gold includes a variety of other titles such as Colt Canyon, Bladed Fury, and many others. You can check the full list of available games on the Xbox website.

How do I get access to these games as part of Xbox Games with Gold?

To get access to Iris Fall and Autonauts, you must be an Xbox Live Gold member or a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Note that you will need to download these games within the designated time period in order to play them for free.

Xbox Live Gold members and those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are in for a treat this month with Iris Fall and Autonauts set to join the roster of free games available through Games with Gold in January 2023. From dreamlike puzzles adventure stories to sci-fi colony simulators, Xbox users have plenty of options to explore this month regardless of their favorite genre or playstyle! So don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy these great games while they’re still free!

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Good News for Xbox Fans: Free Games with Gold for January 2023!