7 Weight Loss Blog Post Ideas

7 Weight Loss Blog Post Ideas

weight loss blog post idea

Hello everyone! This post has its purpose of giving you guys ideas on how you can write articles related in weight-loss to your blog.

Nowadays, if you have not noticed, fitness and getting in shape are few of the fads people are interested in. You may be wondering why there are many stores selling sneakers more than dress shoes or dry-fit shirts compare to polo shirts.

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It is because having a sexy body is in today and of course, we should be mindful of our health as well.

So, if that is the case, you would also want to write about losing weight. Why? It is because people in the online community would want to know how they can achieve a body like a Greek god or goddess. Worry not, for I will give you seven ideas on the topic “weight-loss” for your blog.

1 Your Body Type

fitness blog posts idea You can blog about the different body types of people. As a headstart, I can give you an idea of the 3 major body types. These are the Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. Each body type has its own unique characteristics with pros and cons. be detailed in writing each body type so that your readers can easily distinguish theirs. Then write what effective exercises and diets for each type so reading your blog post will be beneficial for their weight-loss journey.

2 Facts about Water and Diet

fitness blog topic ideas for fresh websiteOne of the main reasons why a person loses their weight is with the food and water they are taking in every day. So for your post about weight-loss, research about the wonders of water and fascinating facts about foods that will help your readers lose weight.

3 Exercises for Adults

best health blog post ideasI’m not talking about “adults” in a naughty way, but adults literally. Maybe some adults lose their hopes of losing their extra weight because they are well, adults already. But you can encourage them that they can still lose their fats and become healthier through your blog. You can list down 5 to 10 exercises that the adults can easily do without breaking their bones and tearing some of their muscles. Make them feel through your post that they can still lose weight – no excuses for the age.

4 Top 5 Weight-Loss Apps

best nutrition blog post ideasNowadays, almost all of the people have their smartphones or tablets that they use every waking moment of their lives. So in promoting weight-loss to your online readers, write something about your top 5 weight-loss apps that can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. In this way, they will get to choose an app that is suitable for them to let them lose weight.

5 Diet Foods around the World

best weight loss blog topicsThis topic may be too time-consuming but this will really drive millions of people to your blog. You can write a post (or different posts) on diet foods or meals depending on what country a person is in to. For example, you can write “Diet Foods in India”, make a list of foods that are available in India that can help a person lose weight. This will be a great hit especially for tourists who watch their calorie-intake but want to try the local foods the countries they will be visiting.

6 Natural Ways to Lose Weight

best health blog ideas for better ROILet’s be honest. Most of the famous people on social media and even known celebrities have done some injections (not only to make their lips bigger) to make them lose weight in an instant. They enter their derma’s clinic weighing 160 lbs and leaving the building weighing 160 lbs. It’s no magic but with modern science, losing weight in a couple of hours is now possible. But, losing weight naturally is still the best for one’s health. So, type down those natural ways to get rid of those body fats and be an advocate of natural beauty.

7 Motivations for a Sexier Body

best personal trainer blog ideasAre you a lover of chocolates? Or do you want to buy that cute top you saw in your favorite boutique? How about you have been eyeing some pair of J’s online? These are just some motivations you can share with your readers in encouraging them to lose weight. In this way, they will feel good about themselves and at the same time, they can reward themselves for hitting their target weight. Let them feel that losing weight is not a punishment but a journey they can enjoy.


Here are just a few ideas on what you can write about weight-loss. Writing an article about it is not just for the hype or to gain new followers of your blog. I think the most important is letting your readers know that truly, health is wealth.

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