33 Wedding Photography Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

33 Wedding Photography Blog Post Ideas

Blogging is an amazing way to reach an audience that you would never be able to reach otherwise. So many people have already been connected through the wonder of blogging. Strong content will fuel strong traffic through your blog, and your ideas are what makes the content. It isn’t always easy to brainstorm ideas for a blog, especially if you’ve been at it for a long time.

All bloggers, at some point in time, have stared at the white screen wracking the old noggin for topics to write on. Some bloggers have very specific blogs about a niche subject. These bloggers will have an even tougher time brainstorming ideas to maintain a steady stream of content to their audience. If you find yourself in the niche of wedding photography, we have you covered! Here is our list of 33 blog post ideas for a wedding photography blog.

  1. wedding and portrait photographers international

    a complete blog ost idea on wedding and portrait photographers internationalStart with the history of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. You can talk a bit about its founders and why they started it. Make sure to include when and where it was started. Then move on to what the organization has accomplished. What they have done for the international community and what they plan to do. Then move on to their future goals and aspirations. Talk about what is on the horizon for the organization and any future events they have planned.

  2. Wedding photography equipment for beginners

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography equipment for beginnersThis is another easy top 10 list. Top 10 lists are effective drawing in an audience. This topic will be more difficult to hone in on the 10 best pieces of equipment a wedding photographer will need, but that means more people will find the blog post useful. There is a lot of equipment out there and your audience will be very grateful for you to have done the research in informing them what is the best equipment to use.

  3. Top ten wedding photographers in the world

    a complete blog post idea on Top ten wedding photographers in the worldThis is a topic that requires extensive research. When your writing about people as your topic, you really need to get the details right. It is also risky ranking people in order of skill, so be sure to mention in your intro that this is a subjective list and is based on your fallible opinion. Be sure to include as much evidence as possible as to why you chose to rank the people where you did. Do not worry about being diverse, this is a ranking of skill and skill alone.

  4. Wedding photography tips for photographers

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography tips for photographersThis is an easy topic to write about. You can have anything from the most general of tips to the most specific advice. You can cover anything from equipment, business strategies, angles, lighting, to eating right to be in a good space of mind through a long wedding. You can really be creative with this one, so try to give the audience something they won’t find anywhere else. If you do end up going all over the place, try to format your blog post so it ends up following a logical trajectory.

  5. Tips for first time wedding photographers

    a complete blog post idea on Tips for first time wedding photographersThis can be done in a top 10 format or not. Try your best to focus on the tips that are easy to apply and do not require a lot of expensive equipment to get done. Beginners will often lack the resources that experienced professionals will have acquired over time. Your tips for this post should be easy for anyone to apply. Try your best to think of ideas that the most people will benefit from. Often there are common mistakes that beginners make in any profession, so if you can find out what these are you can appeal to a wide audience.

  6. Outdoor wedding photography lighting tips

    a complete blog post idea on Outdoor wedding photography lighting tipsThis is a topic requiring extensive research and knowledge. There are a lot of different technologies in cameras and external equipment for them to assist with lighting settings. You will have to tailor your advice to an outdoor wedding setting on top of that. Be sure to include a few tips that help when things don’t go as planned, such as cloud cover and bad weather. There’s a lot of information out there so for this one you really need to research to give your audience the best information for their specific needs.

  7. Wedding photography prices for beginners

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography prices for beginnersThis is a very good post idea that a lot of people will want to read about. Be sure to put a lot of time and energy into this post because it will generate success if it is done right. Anyone who is self-employed will face the challenge of what to charge for their services, and it is not an easy challenge to face. Wedding photography prices can vary greatly, so it is important to give some examples of what pricing can look like and why. Your reader should be able to take this post and confidently charge what their services are worth according to their skill.

  8. The essential equipment needed for wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on The essential equipment needed for wedding photographyTalk about the equipment that is absolutely necessary to get the job done. With all the equipment out there and all the different purposes photography is applied to, there is a lot that isn’t needed for a wedding photographer. Try and cover the equipment that a professional photographer cannot go without. You can even include some of the common purchase mistakes wedding photographers make and how your audience can avoid them. Once again research is very important on this topic.

  9. Camera equipment for wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Camera equipment for wedding photographyThis post will cover the specific equipment for the camera of a professional wedding photographer. You can go over anything from lens options to tripods. There are a lot of different lens platforms so be sure to talk about the pros and cons of all of them. Be sure to make distinctions between what is necessary and what will just make wedding photography a little easier. If there are any forms of equipment that can be built at home or made by the audience be sure to mention these. Mention where to find the information on how to build them.

  10. Indoor wedding photography ideas

    a complete blog post idea on Indoor wedding photography ideasFor this post, you are gonna have to get creative. Use all of the resources at your disposal to suggest ideas that are as original and creative as possible. The ideas should not require any expensive equipment to do and should be easy to apply for beginner wedding photographers. You can also give them strategies to brainstorm their own ideas on the fly. Every wedding is different and every wedding offers unique opportunities for new ideas to try.

  11. Digital wedding photography for dummies

    a complete blog post idea on Digital wedding photography for dummiesThis post should be tailored to photographers who are not professional. These photographers will be using compact cameras to take pictures to keep as memories for themselves and their families. Talk about how to get the right shot at the right moment to produce a good picture that does not have to be professional quality. Weddings are important memories for everyone, not just the bride and groom paying for professional photos. A lot of people can benefit from some basic advice on how to not miss the perfect moment.

  12. Evening wedding photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Evening wedding photography tipsThis will be a very specific post. This post should focus on the lighting and camera settings for a professional wedding photographer who needs to work under evening conditions. Evening time provides very specific lighting—or lack thereof—so you know exactly what conditions you will be assisting your audience with. The post should also be focused on outdoor settings where natural light is the only source of light. Be sure to mention any camera settings or specific equipment that are designed for times like these.

  13. Traditional wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Traditional wedding photographyThis post will require a bit of independent research. Talk about the history of wedding photography in general and transition into strategies that have become industry standards. Some people will want their wedding photos to have a certain vintage look and feel, so include the strategies available to accomplish this. Industries will develop strategies and ideas that stand the test of time for a reason. These strategies and ideas have been proven to be effective time and time again.

  14. Best wedding couple photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Best wedding couple photography tipsWhere to have the focus of the photo isn’t always easy to decide. There are multiple strategies to choosing your focus point that change dramatically as the style and subject of your photo change. This post should specifically talk about how to frame a couple’s photos in a professional wedding setting. Taking a photo of two people is a lot different than having a single target. Be sure to include why you put the strategies you do and include if they have been used in the past with success.

  15. Photojournalistic wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Photojournalistic wedding photographyThis is a very different post than all of the others on this list. This post should be tailored to professional photojournalists who are not hired by the bride and groom, but a third party to cover the wedding as news. This will usually be celebrity weddings and people of high notoriety. This job will require specific knowledge and tactics so be sure to include these. Make sure to include the lines of ethics and privacy, because journalism is frowned upon in this time for a reason.

  16. Candid wedding photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Candid wedding photography tipsThis post will specifically talk about the strategy of candid photography in a wedding setting. This is taking the photo of a subject without their knowledge that the photo is being taken. Be sure to include that this still means you have to get permission. This is a style that can produce very authentic results and is an extremely powerful form of photography. This post should include real examples to show the results a strategy like this can produce.

  17. Things needed for wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Things needed for wedding photographyThis list should focus more on the advanced equipment available to professional wedding photographers. We have already covered a list of equipment for wedding photography beginning their careers, so this one needs to hit a different note. Focus on the higher end equipment available to photographers that are suited perfectly for a wedding setting. There’s a lot of equipment out there, so your audience will appreciate the research done into what equipment will help them specifically as a professional wedding photographer.

  18. Church wedding photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Church wedding photography tipsChurches remain to this day the most popular setting to have a wedding. There are a lot of specific strategies you can implement at a church. There are a lot of specific problems and hurdles that come along with wedding photography in a church. Stained glass will offer very specific lighting. Altars are usually elevated higher than the rest of the church. Be sure to mention all of these things so your audience can do their job in a church time and time again with confidence!

  19. DSLR settings for wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on DSLR settings for wedding photographyDSLR cameras remain to this day the most popular choice for professionals due to their high quality, durability & feel, and lens interchangeability. Most professional wedding photographers—and most of your audience—will be using a DSLR camera. There are a lot of specific settings and tricks to use if you use this type of camera. Be sure to do thorough research on the topic and inform your audience on the best way to optimize their DSLR camera. Don’t forget the lenses!

  20. Lighting tips for wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Lighting tips for wedding photographyThis post will require a lot of technical knowledge. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of professional photography—or any photography for that matter—so you don’t want to disappoint your audience on this one! There is a lot to talk about with the specific camera settings and technologies available. There is also a lot to talk about regarding the changing conditions of lighting and what to do in these situations. This can apply for outdoor and indoor!

  21. Which camera for wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Which camera for wedding photographyThis is a good one for a top 10 list. Make a top ten list of professional cameras to buy in 2019 based on value per dollar. If the list is based on value per dollar spent, anyone can use the list, not just beginner wedding photographers. Everyone likes a good deal, and if you can identify the best deals it will attract the likes of beginners and experts alike. Be sure to research your topic thoroughly, and include why the camera earned a spot on the list.

  22. Wedding photography outdoor lighting

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography outdoor lightingTalk about all the responsibilities involved with outdoor wedding photography. Talk about the major differences between outdoor and indoor wedding photography. You could probably spend most of the blog post talking about lighting issues and what to do in quick changes of lighting. If you have any personal experiences that relate to outdoor wedding photography the audience would most likely love to hear about it on the off-chance that they find themselves in the same situation. There are a lot of different possible work conditions in outdoor photography so try to cover as many as possible

  23. Garden wedding photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Garden wedding photography tipsA garden is a great space for taking professional wedding photographs. The mix of colors and natural lighting can make the conditions for the perfect wedding photo. Talk about how to frame the photo to get all the colors and space desired. Lighting is also important for the garden will most likely be outdoors. There will be a lot to talk about on how to use the plants and art pieces of the garden as props for your photo, so give them all you can!

  24. Wedding dinner photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding dinner photography tipsThe dinner party is a great time to shoot pictures. Not all of a professional wedding photographer’s job will be shooting only the bride and groom. This will be the perfect opportunity to take photos of the bride and groom’s entire family having a good time. This is usually when the embarrassing moments happen so be sure not to miss these! Make sure to capture all the speeches, games, and tender moments that come along with this perfect scenario.

  25. Wedding photography tips for brides

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography tips for bridesThis will be a very specific port. The bride’s dress can become a pain after a long day and especially in outdoor photography settings. Include any strategies of how to position the dress and veil to get a very natural photograph. Hair is another big one. The bride will have most likely spent hours getting her hair done, so you want to get it looking like it should in the photo. Be sure to include any tips on how to do this!

  26. Black and white wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Black and white wedding photographyAny professional photographer worth their salt will include some black and white shots in their portfolio. Black and white photography has the ability to give it a vintage feel while simultaneously creating a feeling of novelty when someone looks at themselves through a photograph devoid of color. Camera settings and editing can be used in tandem to create the perfect black and white image. Be sure to include any tips on how to get the write black and white shot for the bride and groom!

  27. Wedding photography flash equipment

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography flash equipmentThis post could be done in a top 10 format. There is a lot of equipment available to consumers in the photography industry, even in something as specific as flash equipment! Do your research to help inform your reader of the right equipment to buy so they can get the job done without breaking the bank. Talk about the pros and cons of each piece of equipment, and why you ranked it where you did if you formatted it as a top 10 post.

  28. Wedding photography checklist

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography checklistChecklists are an extremely effective way to track complicated processes to ensure they are completed effectively. Most software running automated equipment runs a on a checklist based system, and this is no accident. The more complicated a process gets, the more you want to have a checklist to visually ensure you didn’t miss anything. Checklists are one of the most effective ways to get a complex job done, so inform your reader on all of the strategies to make the right one.

  29. Wedding photography camera settings

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding photography camera settingsYet another post that requires extensive independent research. There is so much information out there on camera settings. There are so many different cameras out there with different setting options to use. You won’t have a problem writing on this topic, but it will be a challenge to cover all the information possible to ensure all your readers who come to this post leave with the information they came for. Try to cover all of the popular professional camera types.

  30. Chinese wedding photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Chinese wedding photography tipsTraditional Chinese weddings are very different from the style of weddings in the western world. There will be a lot more vibrant colors throughout the entire setting of the wedding. The clothing that the bride and groom wear will also be very different. Be sure to include any camera setting tips to ensure these colors are captured beautifully. Be sure to include any parts of a Chinese wedding that may be unexpected to a professional wedding photographer who is working at a traditional Chinese wedding for the first time.

  31. Wedding portrait photography tips

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding portrait photography tipsThe portrait is what will be framed on the bride and groom’s mantlepiece for the rest of their lives. (no pressure!) This is the one photo to take your time and make sure all of the conditions are perfect for the shot. Talk about everything you can think of to get that perfect picture. You can cover everything from settings to equipment. Be sure not to overlook any details so you can inform your audience on all the tips available to get the perfect professional wedding portrait.

  32. Outdoor night wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Outdoor night wedding photographyThis will be more of a niche post. It isn’t often that a professional wedding photographer will find themselves working at night, but it is a valuable tool to have in your toolkit. Most of your advice will be about lighting, but be sure to include any extra tips to get it right in this tricky time. Showing some examples of nighttime wedding photography would probably be a good idea. Try and put your reader in the best position possible to nail that night time photo to add to there portfolio!

  33. Professional wedding photography

    a complete blog post idea on Professional wedding photographyThis could be done in a top 10 format or not. It may be easier not to use a top 10 format so you can just talk about all the ideas you can think of. In this case, the more the better. It would be best if you could order the ideas from the simplest of ideas that anyone could implement to the more complicated ideas that only professionals could apply. You could go even deeper and give them strategies to help them brainstorm their own creative ideas.


These are our 33 ideas for your professional wedding photography blog! If you are still struggling to find ideas then you may be in big trouble as a blog writer. Be sure to do all the independent research you can to inform your audience of the right tips and tricks to be the best at what they do! Good luck and happy blogging!

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