I think it's short-sighted and lazy of Cameron to cast his young leads based on how they'll look and not on their talent and ability.

I can't believe that Cameron would write off the 'Stranger Things' kids so quickly, especially since they are such talented actors who bring a lot of energy to the screen.

It's clear that Cameron is just out for the bottom line and doesn't really care about his young actors or the quality of his films.

I can't believe that a respected director like Cameron would write off one of the most popular shows on TV in such a harsh way.

The 'Stranger Things' effect might not be perfect, but there's no denying that it has helped to keep these young actors age-appropriate and relatable to audiences.

If Cameron had taken the time to properly develop his young leads instead of rushing through their casting process, maybe he would have avoided some of these issues.

I'm disappointed to see such a respected director resort to age-shaming instead of focusing on the creative process and developing his characters properly.

It's true that children can sometimes look older than they are, but it takes lot more than just good makeup and special effects to pull off convincing performances.

'Avatar' sequels are clearly not Cameron's top priority, and I think that this short-sightedness is going to have a major impact on the quality of his films.

The bottom line is that Cameron needs to take more time and care when casting his young leads if he wants to ensure that they are able to bring their full potential to the screen.