SpaceX successfully launched the EROS C-3 satellite into orbit early on Friday, December 20th, capping off a record-setting year for the company.

This was the 61st and final launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket in 2022, and its seventh launch of the month - both modern-day records.

Since its launch in 2010, SpaceX has successfully launched 194 Falcon 9 rockets overall, putting together a string of 179 consecutive successful flights.

In addition to these launches, the company has plans for several more missions in 2023, including at least two crewed ferry flights to the International Space Station and two cargo flights to the ISS.

The Falcon 9 rocket that carried out the EROS C-3 launch, which was its 11th flight, was equipped with a first stage that had previously flown in 2015 and landed back at the launch site for reuse.

The second stage of the rocket, meanwhile, burned for about seven minutes before deploying the satellite into orbit.

The EROS C-3 satellite, which was owned by the Israeli company ImageSat International, is designed to take high-resolution images of Earth for intelligence gathering and defense purposes.

SpaceX also has plans for several huge launches in 2023, including the maiden flight of its Super Heavy/Starship launch system and a potential mission to Mars.

The company's next big launch will be the first flight of its Crew Dragon spacecraft in January, which is expected to carry two astronauts to the ISS for NASA.

Additionally, SpaceX will also send up several cargo missions to the space station this year as part of its commercial resupply program.

The company also plans to launch its next-generation constellation of advanced imaging satellites, which will be used for military and defense applications.

Finally, SpaceX is continuing to work on its planned mission to Mars in 2026, which aims to send a cargo lander and crewed spacecraft to the Red Planet.