Cult of the Lamb is a roguelite game that was released in 2022 and has become a surprise indie hit.

The developer of Cult of the Lamb, Massive Monster, has announced that it will be releasing a major content update for free in 2023.

This upcoming update will add new features to the game, including depth, difficulty, and accessibility improvements.

In addition to the free content update, the developer is also planning to address issues that have been reported by console players in a separate round of fixes.

The Cult of the Lamb team is committed to continually improving and refining the game based on player feedback and suggestions.

Fans of the game are eagerly anticipating the upcoming content update and look forward to hearing more details about its release date.

The Cult of the Lamb community is a passionate and dedicated group, with many players sharing tips and strategies on fan forums and social media.

The highly polished gameplay and charming art style of Cult of the Lamb have won it a large and loyal fanbase, and its continued success looks assured well into the future.