Asteroid Launcher is a new web app that lets users simulate an asteroid hitting anywhere on Earth and see the effects of such an impact.

The app was created by programmer Neal Agarwal and allows users to choose from different types of asteroids, their size, and impact speed and angle.

There is no immediate concern about an asteroid hitting the Earth anytime soon, as NASA has a plan in place to deal with such an event.

Users can select any location on a global map and simulate the impact of an asteroid at different speeds and angles.

The effects of an asteroid impact include a crater, fireballs, shockwaves, falling buildings, uprooted trees, and more.

While this app may be of interest to some people, there is no real-world concern about an asteroid hitting Earth anytime soon.

Asteroid Launcher can help raise awareness about the threat of asteroids, both large and small, to our planet and the need for continued vigilance in monitoring such objects.

NASA is working on ways to protect our planet from asteroid impacts, including using spacecraft to change an asteroid's course or even deflect it entirely.

Ultimately, Asteroid Launcher can serve as a tool for educational purposes and help to raise awareness about the risks posed by asteroids to life on Earth.

By understanding the potential impact of an asteroid strike, we can better plan for and react to future threats from space.