123 Ways to Write an Introduction for a Blog Post

123 Ways to Write an Introduction for a Blog Post

Writing a blog post is not as easy as how some people make it sound. Even if you already know what to write, there will be moments when you will just feel overwhelmed with all of the things that you have to write about.

Writing an introduction to a blog post will always
seem daunting because you know that what you are going to write about will make you feel judged by others. You always want to show your personality through the things that you write. At the same time, you also need to compel people to read further. How are you going to do that when you do not know how to write the best introduction?

The introduction is probably the hardest thing you need to write. Once you have done it, the rest of the blog post will come naturally.

  1. Ways to Write Your Introduction

    Ways to Write Your IntroductionIn the beginning of your blog post there are several people who will be reading it but make it boring and expect that you will lose a few readers along the way. There are people who will not finish reading your blog post at all. Some people will be overwhelmed with the things that you will write about so they would leave before your whole article is over. You need to figure out a way to keep people keep on reading and it will start with your introduction.

  2. Write an interesting fact when you start your introduction.

    Write an interesting fact when you start your introduction.You cannot just start with a fact alone especially a fact that everyone knows. You need to start with something that will catch people’s interest. “Do you know that there are 6 other people in the world who looks just like you?” You can then continue with an explanation that will state why this is possible. You can share the facts afterwards so readers will know that you are telling the truth. Once you catch people’s attention, they will most likely check out what else you can offer.

  3. Place an ending that does not actually giveaway the ending.

    Place an ending that does not actually giveaway the ending.This means that you are going to let people know about how the story is going to end but you will not tell all the facts directly. For example, you will say, “The students all cheered when they heard the news and everyone was particularly happy about what they have heard.” It will be enough to make people take interest because they do not know exactly what the students are happy about.

  4. Place a summary of how the article is going to end.

    Place a summary of how the article is going to end.This will allow you to state what you are going to talk about without actually letting your reader know how you are going to talk about different things. For example, you may say, “I have learned all of the latest fashion trends for 2018.” This will allow your readers to know what the topic is going to be and they can decide if they want to continue reading or not. If they don’t, this means that they are not interested in the topic you have presented.

  5. You can also consider the saying, “Less is more.”

    This means that you do not want to beat around the bush. You just want to state what is on your mind and you want to achieve your needs at the soonest possible time. This is the method that is best used when the blog post that you are creating is composed of a list that will detail different information available.

  6. A quirky opening sentence.

    You want to make people laugh within the first line of your blog post and this is possible if you would choose the right sentence to use. You can let loose especially if you think that the joke is going to be appropriate for what you want to talk about. The joke may be something that you made up or it can be something that you have researched that seems to fit with the rest of your blog.

  7. The thought-provoking question

    You would like to get people’s attention the moment that they look at your blog, right? You can do this if they would visit your blog and see that a question that will make them think about their lives in general. For example, you may start your blog post with, “What is the happiest thing that has happened to you this year?” it will allow people to think first before reading the rest of your article. Remember that some people may say that they do not care about the question but if you would get people’s attention, they will be more than willing to answer the question and continue on with the rest of the plan.

  8. A multiple-choice question may be sufficient.

    Let us say that you truly want to get the readers’ attention. You will not see a lot of blog posts that will start with multiple – choice questions but there is no reason for you to try it now. For example, you are creating a blog post and you can start with: What is your favorite 2020 trend? Chokers, Velvet, Funky Earrings and Statement Tees. The reader will answer the question especially if the reader is interested and will continue to read the rest of your content.

  9. Share something personal about yourself.

    If you have a personal blog and you want to talk about things that matter to you then share something that you believe in. You might say that you have always loved the beach and you will state your reason why. When people are able to connect with you, they would probably love to get to know you better. They will then like to read the rest of your blog post.

  10. State something that you share with your readers.

    You want to make sure that readers will know that you are relatable. People may always be interested in some celebrities because they feel that these celebrities are hard to reach but they may idolize celebrities more when they realize that they are humans just like us. They make mistakes and they make bad decisions too. You can show your readers that you are just like them by sharing a commonality. You may say, “Everyone knows that eating more leafy greens will improve their body’s overall physique and even improve people’s skin.”

  11. Be like a friend.

    You want to show your reader that you are just one of those people who would like to share your thoughts online because you feel that you can make a big difference with how people think. You can use your blog in order to show what you think about life’s current events.

  12. Make your introduction a little bit mysterious.

    You do not want to make your introduction so mysterious that people will not be able to relate anymore. Rather, you want to make an introduction that will make people want to know exactly what you are talking about. This will play up on people’s curiosity. The more curious they become, the more interested they will be to know what is on your mind.

  13. State the reason why you have created the post in the first place.

    There are some people who do not want to waste their time on something unless they know the reason why they should do it. If you would let people know why you have written a post, they will give you the time that your blog post needs.

  14. Use quotes.

    This may be one of the things that a lot of bloggers do in order to start their blog post. When they do not know where to begin, they will use quotes that they can relate to how they are currently feeling. Any quote that is related to what you are writing about will be effective. You can be more creative and make your own but you may get more views if you are going to use quotes that people are familiar with.

  15. Make it obvious why people need to read.

    If you cannot get people to read based on your interests, you can get them to read because of their obvious connection with you or their obvious need to learn what you are going to write about. You need to make things clear and obvious to your readers otherwise, they will not bother reading your blog post anymore.

  16. Add a metaphor.

    There are times when you need to show that you are a deep person and you can do it through the introduction that you will create for your blog post. Let us say that you want to talk about life in general and you would relate it to a canoe that is wading through a wild river. You can be very creative and truthful about the things you want to compare to what you are writing about.

  17. Try to initiate change.

    Do you know that your words have power to change people’s minds? You can actually make people re-think the things that they are doing based on the things that you say. Your introduction can be a statement of something that you believe in and you may never know, people might actually take note of what you have said and make changes based on what they think will ignite the change that is needed.

  18. Debunk something that people assume is true.

    It is always possible that you are going to talk about a controversial topic that you know will get a lot of reactions from people but what if you can talk about something that is proven to not be true? You can always make your blog post easy to read for a lot of people.

  19. Present a current problem and say that you have the solution for it.

    This is more ideal for a blog post wherein you would like to promote a product or a service that you know will make a difference in people’s lives. For example, you want to talk about how hard it is to find time to clean so you can offer a solution to the problem immediately by suggesting that people hire professional cleaning services that are inexpensive but effective in cleaning out their homes.

  20. Make a confession.

    The confession does not have to be death-defying or life-changing but starting your blog post with something along the lines of “I confess” will surely make people want to read more. People are naturally drawn to secrets and they would love to learn what you are confessing about whether it is relevant in their life or not.

  21. Make an announcement.

    Let us say that you have been writing blog posts for quite some time and you know that you already have a following. If you want to get their attention, you may do this by making an announcement that will make people want to read more. For example, you may start your blog post with, “I have been chosen to represent the country in the next fashion week!” This announcement will make a lot of your followers happy and will allow them to read more.

  22. Appeal to people’s senses.

    You want to make people take notice of your blog post through the introduction that you will create, right? What if you can write things that will allow them to notice what you are trying to write about? For example, you might say, “Taste the newest burgers at Crazy Jony’s Diner now!” It will make people think about food and they want to know more about the burgers at Crazy Jony’s Diner and how they are different from the others they have tried before.

  23. Admitting that you have done something that you regret.

    It is human nature to want to know what has caused people to feel unfortunate about the things that has occurred in their life. Some people want to know because they care while others are just plain curious. You can start your blog post by admitting that you have done something you are not proud of. “I admit that I have failed my college admissions test because I decided to go on a road trip with my friends rather than study.” What you want to share may be behind you and you do not want to remember it anymore but you have to admit that doing this will allow you to get more blog views.

  24. Tell people that you are trying to create something.

    To create means that you are making something that has never been done before and even if it has already been done, you are trying to make it different from the other things that you have seen before. The creation of something new will always pique people’s curiosity and they will be more likely to check out what you can offer more.

  25. Say something that will get people to agree with you.

    You may want to say something that you know people will also understand. For example, you may say “Economic crisis affects a lot of employees and their families.” This is a statement that most if not all people will agree with. Once you make people interested in what you have to say, expect that they are going to read through the rest of your blog.

  26. You can add an image as a part of your introduction.

    Who says that you have to wait for the body of your blog post before you can add pictures? You can add a picture that will make people want to know more. The more that they continue looking, the more that they will finish with the rest of the blog post. Do you know that blog posts that contain images have a higher chance of being read?

  27. Make your introduction long but not too long

    Make your introduction long but not too long that you are going to bore people who are reading your article.
    You need to know that you need the right length in order to make people actually look at your article and read what you have to say. If you make the introduction too long, they will not bother with the rest of your blog because they already know what you want to say. You can talk about a personal experience then state your qualifications to make you believable in what you are going to say.

  28. Know the number of words you are going to write about.

    Knowing your target number of words will allow you to place a limit on your introduction. For example, you would like to write a 2000-word article. You need to write a 150 – 250-word introduction. The rest of the article will be composed of various details.

  29. Try to tell other people an alternative way of doing things.

    Let us say that you have discovered something that will allow things to be done in a faster amount of time. You can then share that with other people so that they will also do things the same way. When they find your suggestion effective for what they have to do, they will feel good enough to finish reading your blog post. They may even read your other blog posts in the process.

  30. Start with something inspiring.

    Is there something that has inspired you recently? If you answer yes, then you know that you need to start with something that will surely inspire you. You may never know, what has inspired you may inspire others too and they will proceed to reading to what else you have to say.

  31. Start with a giveaway.

    Let us say that you have garnered a lot of traffic and page views for the past months and you want to show your readers how thankful you are for providing a giveaway. Instead of providing all of the information about the giveaway in the introduction, you can first start with something that will let them know that there is something up. The rest of the details can be written at the end of your article. This will prompt people to read.

  32. Talk about something that is done every day.

    Some bloggers assume that they always have to make their introduction sensational. It will always depend on what the reader is searching for. There are some people who would like to relax after a long day and would be able to do it through reading something that they can easily relate to. You can talk about cleaning your refrigerator and you may never know to what topic that would lead to.

  33. Talk about a person that you admire.

    You can talk about your mother or your father. You can even talk about the people that you love as long as you would show admiration to the person. Expect that you are going to get more views though if you would talk about someone that a lot of people know. You can also add the person’s name to your tags to make people visit your blog more.

  34. Start with a life hack that people can relate to.

    You want people to know something that they can use every day. You can even give situations wherein they can use those life hacks. The more interested people become in reading your introduction, the more that they will continue with the rest of your posts.

  35. Let readers know that you are available for advice.

    You can start with your introduction by telling your readers that you are hoping to hear your comments about what you are going to write about. For example, you may say something like, “If you feel that you can relate to what I am going to say, feel free to comment your thoughts. I will be more than happy to answer.” You need to make people interested and this will make it possible.

Let people know that you are answering their questions.
You cannot find an introduction that will fit your blog post tackling the questions that people want to ask you. You can let them know in the introduction something like this, “I have listened and heard you and now, I want to answer your questions.” When you start your blog post like this, people are bound to read more.

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