Want Your Page To Rank Well On Google? Simple Follow These Tips and Guidelines

For the past several months, I have spent most of my time studying how to get my page on top of Google search. And to tell you honestly, this work is far from any joke. Getting my page on top of Google search is one of the greatest challenges I need to face in order to succeed in this online business. I was lucky I have several tips coming from my co-workers and friends on the same field as I am now.

Below are some of the tips and guidelines I had to follow in order for my page to rank, index and can be easily found on any search engine sites specially google. I suggest you need to be extra attentive following these guidelines in order for your site to get rank and be found easily on Google.

These are the general rules in helping your page get the best out of Google

  • Make sure all the page on your site is reachable by a link coming from another page that you can easily search as well. In order to do this, the link should contain words, alt attributes or images that are relevant to your preferred page.
  • Create a sitemap file. The sitemap needs to contain links which easily points to your site’s essential pages. You also need to provide a site map page or a site index page which generally is a page containing all human-readable list of search links to your pages.
  • Restrict the number of links on your page to a few thousand or less.
  • Familiarize yourself with If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This will help your web server get the best out of Google search. By using this, it will tell if there has been a change in your page since you last crawled your site.
  • Make sure your robots.txt is updated. Using robots.txt file, you can easily manage the crawling budget on your web server and avoid crawling of infinite spaces just like in the search result page. If you want to learn more about managing crawling using robots.txt file, click here.

How Can Google Search My Site?

  • First, you need to submit your page or site to Google. You can add your content using this link
  • Next, using a Google Search Console, you can now submit a sitemap to know the complete composition and the actual structure of your page. This also helps in adding a thorough analysis of your webpages.

Make Sure Google Understand Your Pages

  • Make sure all your pages properly represents your content. I started doing this by ensuring that what I have on my page contains information that are relevant and pertinent.
  • Proper use of <title> elements and alt attributes is the key. Yes, it is. Make sure they are keyword specific.
  • Filter your words. I know it might sound a cliché but this actually works. You need to filter the words users would commonly type in finding your sites or pages and make sure those words can be found on your site.
  • Do you have some images, data or videos that needs to be added? Ensure all of these passes the recommended best practices in adding media content.
  • Do you use WordPress or Wix that typically has a content management system? If so, you need to check whether the pages and links it creates are actually crawlable on any search engines.
  • I have learned for my several months in SEO that Google indexing system is actually an essential site asset that I need to fully understand. It has an impact in terms of understanding your pages as well as providing a web page just like what the users would see it. It can include Javascript, CSS and image files as well. If you want to learn more about this, you can click here.

How to help visitors use your pages

  • Instead of text, why not try to use images? Use an image in displaying important names, links or contents. In doing so, you need to use the alt attribute in adding a few words on the descriptive text. This is one of the basics in search engine optimization and you need to perfect this in order for you to ensure a quality content and more findable page.
  • Use valid HTML in adding links. I have encountered several problems where the pages I linked on my website aren’t live. Be mindful and vigilant about this. Ensure all links you are going to add on your content is valid and working.
  • I also encountered this issue of making my pages work on all mobile devices. This actually helps since there are various device types and sizes search users use nowadays such as tablets, desktops and smartphones. How to do this? Make sure you have this mobile friendly testing tool.
  • I also encountered this one major problem while doing seo, my site actually doesn’t appear on a different browser. So, you need to ensure all your pages appear correctly and functionally on various browsers.

What are the basic principles or guidelines you need to know?

  • When making a page, your target visitors should be the users and not for the sake of search engines.
  • Please do not ever think to deceive your users.
  • “Is your page or site really useful? This is one of the questions I had to ask myself when I started doing google page ranking. “Does this website really help my users?” Make the content information-rich.
  • Make your website as unique as possible. Use engaging and interesting keywords that will your website stand out from other websites in your field.

What do I need to avoid?

Make you are monitoring your site for possible hacking. If in case your website or page has been hacked, remove it the earliest time possible. Remove and inhibit user-generated spam on your site.

How to do this isn’t a piece of cake. But if you managed to come up with these strategies correctly, you will surely are on your way to get your site rank, index and easily found on any search engine sites.

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