20 Travel Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Travel Blog Post Ideas

There are a lot of travelers who say that they are brimming with travel blog post ideas after they have gone traveling. Some of them would even be able to come up to more than five titles after a trip. What if it has been a while, since your last trip and a blog post is due? What will you write about?

It will be wise to not use up all of the ideas that you have gotten during your recent trip. Save some of the ideas first and write the blog post ideas in between trips. By doing this, you will never run out of things to talk about. Get to know some of the best travel blog post ideas now.

  1. Itinerary

    There are some people who visit travel blogs, mainly because they want to know the itinerary or schedule that the blogger used while on a trip. You can make this even more interesting by placing a copy of your planned itinerary and posting the actual itinerary that you followed, while on the trip. It is a known fact, that itineraries are not always followed. State the reasons why you did not follow the itinerary that you planned.

  2. Best Tourist Spots to Visit

    You can make a list of the best tourist spots to visit in a certain area. Tell stories about the areas that you have visited and you may also place the reasons as to why you decided to forego visiting the other areas. There are some places that can become too touristy for you, but will still be appreciated by others. Be honest in stating your opinion, but make sure not to be offensive.

  3. Booking the Cheapest Flights

    How can you make the most out of the money that you have? You can always visit new countries or even new locations within your country by booking the cheapest flights available. Become more familiar with the various airlines that may offer seat sales. Some people are able to travel without having to spend a lot of money. Talk about how the extra money can be spent on tours or accommodations instead.

  4. Traveling with a Big Group

    It can be harder to travel when you need to be with a big group. The expenses will definitely be lessened, but you cannot deny that it will be harder to plan itineraries, because you need to consider what everyone wants. Add some tips and tricks on how to make planning for a big group easier. A lot of people will appreciate this for sure, because some people will only travel when they are within a big group of people.

  5. Fit Everything in Your Carry On

    The baggage allowance can be a pain, but you know that you cannot place all of your essentials there. Your important documents should be placed inside your carry on. How are you going to do that? You can share the things that you pack inside your carry on. You can also add some tips on how you can make all of your items fit inside your luggage.

  6. Beauty Essentials While Traveling

    Flying can be the easiest way to get to a new location but it can also cause your skin to become dry and dull. You can talk about the items that you normally use in order to keep your skin looking dewy and moisturized. List them down and if there are some that are in liquid form, talk about how they can be accepted in your carry on.

  7. Simple Hints to Not Look Jet Lagged

    A lot of people may arrive in another location looking very tired and jet lagged. You may not have perfected this yourself, but you can talk about some of the things that you have done so far, so that you will still appear fresh after a long-haul flight. This knowledge will surely make your readers hooked. They may start reading your other blog post ideas for sure.

  8. Importance of Getting Vaccinated

    You know that going to a new location can be fun and exciting but how sure are you that you will stay healthy while you are on a trip? You can talk about your experience of getting vaccinated plus other tips on how you can stay healthy when you are in an unfamiliar place. Traveling is supposed to be fun but it will not be too fun when you are not feeling your best.

  9. Five Star Experience

    Have you experienced staying in a five-star hotel? Now is the time that you can get to share the excitement with the rest of your readers. Do not forget to mention the hotel and how the experience was really different. You want to let your blog readers know, if it is worth it to stay in that hotel, especially for the price that you have paid for it.

  10. Some Hotel Hacks

    There are some hotels that are more fun to stay in as compared to others. Now is the time that you can talk about the reasons why. There are some hotels that may have more amenities. They may have a pool that you can dip in when you have nothing to do. Talk about why you prefer a certain hotel over another. It will allow your readers to also compare the various hotels that are within the same area.

  11. How to Save While Traveling

    What is the number one reason why people are unable to travel? A lot of people will say lack of time, but others would also say that it is because of their lack of finances. Now is your chance to talk about how you can save a lot of money or budget your money while traveling. You do not always have to spend all your life savings in just one place and your blog readers can do the same.

  12. Your Travel Experience

    Do you have a funny, touching, or even scary story to tell? Traveling is fun because it allows you to create a lot of memories that you would not otherwise get. In the process of traveling, you can also share your experiences with your blog readers. Who knows, they may become inspired with the things that you do too. You can also talk about what you have learned after undergoing the experience.

  13. Favorite Travel Quotes

    Are there certain things that you have read that have inspired you to travel more? Now is the chance that you can talk about the reasons, why you have started to love traveling. You can share different travel quotes that made you want to go to more places in different parts of the world. There may even be some traveling quotes that you have encountered while traveling. This can be a fun story to tell for sure.

  14. The Ultimate Bucket List

    This may seem like something that everyone wants to talk about, but now is your chance to say where you dream of going. Allow your blog readers to state in the comments which places they want to visit too and why. The more that you know about your readers, the more that you will also become inspired by them and their views about the places that they want to visit.

  15. Couple Traveling

    Do you believe that couples should travel together before getting married? It is a known fact that you can get to know more about the person that you are with, based on the things that the person will do before you get married. Traveling will allow you to see your loved one in the morning. You will also learn more about a person’s quirks. You can talk about how traveling has allowed you to appreciate your partner more, or not.

  16. How to Plan Trips

    There are some people who are naturally good at planning trips. They can research much better as compared to other people, but there are also some who always struggle with planning trips. Now is the time when you can talk about the things that you normally do to search for information. People may become inspired to do their own planning too, when they realize that it is not as hard as they have expected.

  17. Where to Stay

    There are different places where you can stay while traveling. This is where you can talk about the high-end options in the area, the mid-range places to stay, and of course, the budget places to stay. A lot of people will always like this post because they want to know, if the place has accommodations that will fit their current budget. You can also let your readers know how they can book ahead of time.

  18. Packing Tips

    One of the things that people hate about traveling is packing. Some do not know how they can fit 2-weeks of necessary items, all in one bag. This is the time when you can introduce them to certain products that can make packing easier. At the same time, share your own tips on how you can pack light or pack different things that you need for your trip.

  19. Best Mementos to Get

    There are different mementos that you can get when you go on a trip that you can eat or display at your house when you get home. The mementos that are available will be different from one place to another. You can start locally, so that it will be easier for you to see what items are being offered there. The moment that you have already covered local items, is the time when you can research or actually visit other places to blog about the items they offer..

  20. How to Travel with a Baby

    This is always something that a lot of people are interested to know. They know that traveling when they were childless, will be very much different from traveling when they have a child with them. This will be more believable when you have your own kids, unless you have taken a baby niece or nephew with you in the past. Add some tips on how to make the travel experience more awesome.

There are always a lot of things that you can talk about when you are an avid traveler. One tip to remember, is to talk about the travel itself and not yourself. It is okay to talk about yourself from time to time, as this will help your blog readers know you more. But people will be more interested in the things that you have done, the places that you have visited, and your general experience regarding the place that you have ticked off from your bucket list.

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