22 Tattoo Blog Post Ideas Biddrup

22 Tattoo Blog Post Ideas

In this today’s post, we’ll be sharing with you guys how you can write a post about “Tattoo” on your blog.


Tattoo, as most of us know, is a form of body modification where ink is being injected into one’s skin to create a design. Many people nowadays are more curious and more interested in tattoos, whether they are getting one or not, they just want to know more about it. So it would be helpful if you have a blog post about tattoo too. Not only for them but to your blog’s ranking as well.

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Without further adieu, let’s start with giving you ideas by what you can write about Tattoos for your blog. 

1 Tattoo History

The art of tattooing has been a practice since the beginning of time. Well, not maybe that early, but before civilization takes place. In writing about the history of tattoo, ask yourself first what do you want to know of its story. Here are some questions to help you talk about its history so you can have an idea to write your blog post about tattoos.

 An old woman who has a face tattoo.

  • Where did tattoos originate?
  • How did the ancient people get to discover tattooing? What was the purpose of tattoos?
  • How did the people of the past tattoo their bodies before the invention of the tattoo machine?
  • What was the most used tattoo design?
  • Were there meanings if one person had more tattoos than the other?
  • Were tattoos a reward or a punishment?
  • Were children allowed to get tattoos?
  • Where did the ancient people get their ink?
  • What were the ingredients of the ink ancient people were using?
  • Did tattoo designs vary from one country to another?


Here are some guide questions to give you an idea of how you can you write a tattoo history for your blog. Of course, it is always recommended to research first before going to your computer and start typing so your post will be accurate and to correctly inform your readers.

 2 Tattoo Artists and their Specialties

It is also a good idea to research the top 20 tattoo artists in your country or in your area. Not only their info and where their shop is located but also their specialty. Yes, tattoo artists are good artists but not all of them are good in a specific design.

For example, one tattoo artist is an expert in creating tribal tattoos but not that good in making portraits. So it would be helpful for your readers who are planning to get their (first) tattoo to know where is best for them to go depending on the design they want.

A tattoo gun.

In this way, they will have a good memory on their first tattoo and will not regret it. Also, it is good that the artists you are somehow promoting on your blog have the sterile equipment and clean work area. A clean equipment and area make the people who are planning to get a tattoo feel less anxious if they see the place orderly and clean. Not only you help your readers (and your local tattoo artists) but also your blog as well. How?

It will increase your website’s ranking in your local search engines and that would attract more people to visit your blog. Who knows, the next thing that will happen is to have people and companies sponsoring you. Oh, what a dream!

3 Tattoo Designs & Styles

In connection with the previous one, tattoo designs must also be considered as a blog idea. You could write about different tattoo designs. Yes, there are different designs where people who are planning to get a tattoo can choose from. In writing a blog post about it, you can list down every tattoo design and describe each. In this way, if your readers are wanting to get tattooed in the future, they will know easily what design they will google for. Here are a few ideas about tattoo designs.

 An old-school tattoo design used mostly by sailors or bike riders.

  • Old-school Design vs Modern Tattoo Design
  • Tattoo Designs that Women Want
  • Top 5 Tattoo Designs for Men
  • Small Tattoo Designs
  • Wrist Tattoos
  • What are Tribal Tattoos?
  • Nautical Designs and Styles for your Next Tattoo
  • Best Tattoo Designs for Couples

4 Tattoo Techniques

Yes, there are different techniques for creating a tattoo! Not all tattoo artists use the tattoo gun in doing their art. You could make a post wherein you list down all tattooing techniques and their origin.

A person getting tattooed without the use of the gun.

Also, it is a good idea also to include the countries where the unique techniques are available and the names of the artists who do these techniques. This will be surely helpful to some who are adventurous and want to try getting inked other than the tattoo gun.


5 Do You Have a Gang Tattoo?

Gangs are present in almost all countries. And to keep their identity and know their members, some gangs have created their own tattoo designs. This could be a good idea to work on so you can inform your readers what tattoo designs to avoid. This is, first, not getting involved and affiliated with their actions. It would be difficult if someone got a tattoo that is connected to a gang. If, for example, gangs declared war with each other, if that someone’s tattoo was noticed by an enemy gang, their life may be in danger. And that would be the last thing a tattooed person want.

A biker with tattoos on both of his arms.

Second, not all gangs are rebellious and hated by society. Some gangs are actually nice and are doing nice deeds to people. You can inform your readers to still avoid the “good gang” tattoo to respect them and their doings.


6 Effects of Getting a Tattoo

Of course, modifying your body has an effect on yourself and on people around you. You can write about the positive and negative effects of a tattoo on your body and to others. People who are planning to get a tattoo must know the effects of it so they can prepare themselves physically and emotionally.

A tattoo can either mend you or break you.

Getting a tattoo should not just be a spur-of-the-moment decision as it can heal or scar you. You should also make your readers study themselves first and their culture if getting tattoos is okay. As some people still raise their eyebrows when they see people have tattoos and judge them.

So it would be helpful to your readers the effects of getting a tattoo to think deeply before heading to a tattoo parlor. You could also write about side effects of getting a tattoo on your body. Some people may be allergic to the ink or their skin being sensitive to the needles, you can write about it too so that people who are deciding to be inked can visit their doctors first and be assessed if it is okay for them to get a tattoo.


7 Pain-o-Meter

You can get inked anywhere, literally, anywhere on your body. As long as there is skin, that area can be tattooed. So as an idea to write for your website, you can write and make a diagram the areas of the body and their tolerance to pain.

One must know that being tattoo is really painful.

This will let your readers know what design best fit in the area they are planning to be tattooed at. For example, of course, for a first-timer, one might want to be tattooed on the least painful area. Then, after knowing the areas that are not painful, they can then search or think about a design that would look good in that area.


8 How Tattoos Work

A person getting tattooed on wrist.

People who are not in to tattoos might not know how tattoos “get drawn” on one’s skin. That would be a great post for your blog to have a little education how tattoos work. Write about where exactly the ink is getting injected at. Is it on top of the skin or underneath it? Are you scarring yourself when you get yourself a tattoo? Those questions might help you in doing your little research first before writing a post about this idea.


9 Hours Before Getting Tattooed

One must be welll-hydrated during their tattoo session.

Some people might think that they can go to a tattoo parlor anytime of the day. Well, some tattoo parlors allow walk-ins but most parlors require their clients to make an appointment first. So, you can write some preparations for people before their appointment like what they need to do and eat. Of course, getting tattooed will take time (even long hours for huge tattoos like on the back) so it is necessary to share some information to your readers if they need to eat or not or is it okay to drink coffee before getting inked. This is to avoid them to feel discomfort and not to disturb their artist while the work is being done.


10 How to Remove Tattoos

Tattoo removal is possible with the use of laser treatment.

Some people who had tattoos in the past might want to remove their tattoos for different reasons. It might be they had it when they drunk and they didn’t like the design, or the tattoo was so horrible it embarrassed them, or some other personal issues; they just want to get rid of it. You can write a post where you can inform them how they can remove it professionally. Of course, they cannot get rid of it by themselves (unless they are dermatologists) but you can list down who and what they should trust in the removal of their tattoos without getting your body hurt or wounded. You could also include on your post on how they can help their skin to heal fast to get it fair and clear.


11 Do You Have Health Issues?

Consult a doctor first before getting tattooed.

Professional tattoo artists do not just tattoo people for the sake of getting customers and getting paid. They also consider the health of the people. You can write what sicknesses need a go-signal first from a doctor. This is to avoid complications and not to risk their name as well. You can also look for other diseases that must be taken care of by the client and tattoo artist. That is why having a clearance from the doctor is important. Aside from diseases, you could also research first “are pregnant women allowed to get their tattoos?” as an idea. This is to help women who are expecting mothers and wanting to get a tattoo know if it is safe for them and their baby to get inked while the 9-month pregnancy period. These are some ideas if you want to talk about health in making a post related to tattoos.


12 Black & White or With Colors?

One must decide if they want a black & white tattoo or a colored one.

Tattoos can be black and white, colorful, and even glow-in-the-dark. You can write a blog post where you can communicate with your readers what color style is best for their skin tone.

Though they are free to choose what color style would their tattoo will be, it would be helpful for them to decide if they know what would suit them best depending on their skin tone. The tattoo artist might give their suggestions too but as people rely to search first on the Internet might as well write about it too. And not only for the skin color, but they can also decide first too what color style they want. As they will wear that tattoo for a long, long time. Unless they will decide on getting it removed!


13 Your Tattoo Budget

A $100 or a $10 tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is not cheap. Cheap if you get it from a trippy friend or for someone who bought a tattoo gun on an online shop and wanted to test it to someone if it works. You can write it on your blog the importance of choosing the right tattoo artist that one can save up for. Yes, getting tattooed needs to be saved up for if quality work is what you are looking. You can write about the advantages and disadvantages of getting a tattoo from a reputable artist and a cheap artist. This is to help your readers get the difference of a $100 tattoo to a $10 one.


14 Temporary and Permanent Tattoo

A henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo that anyone can enjoy having.

Not all people who are dying to get a tattoo is allowed to get one. But they do not need to sulk forever because they cannot have one. That is why you can write a post where they can enjoy having a tattoo – temporarily. Share with your readers where they can buy temporary tattoos, how long they will last on the skin, and even how they can make their own temporary tattoo design. This is to let the people who cannot have permanent tattoos due to some reasons still enjoy getting one even it will only last for some time.


15 Artists who Have Tattoos

A tattooed guitar player.

e people may be intrigued if the artists they admire have tattoos or they are just curious how many artists out there have tattoos on their bodies. You can take this opportunity to research famous artists who have tattoos and make a list of them on your blog. You can also include some of their photos (always include your sources and credits!) showing their tattoos. Yes, there may be millions of images that can be found on Google and social media sites, but having them compiled on your blog let your readers see those tattoos better and more orderly.


16 Religions and Tattoos

A tattooed man praying.

Each religion has its own view and perspective on tattoos. Some religions discourage their followers from getting tattoos and some religions are okay with it. People want to know more about the connection between tattoo and religion so you can create a post where you will talk about what is the view of religion on getting tattoos. For this idea, it is best to research first, read books if possible related to this idea, before creating a blog post about it as this may be a sensitive topic and facts (and truths) must be served.


17 Cosmetic Tattoo

Getting a tattooed eyebrows will make them look fuller.

Do you know that tattoos are not limited in designing your body? You may be aware of the fad nowadays of getting your eyebrows on fleek. Yes, it is not only by using the makeups endorsed by famous actresses but having your eyebrows tattooed. You can let your readers know more about the pros and cons of tattooing their eyebrows.

What you can write about are:

  • Where can y get your Eyebrows Tattooed
  • Tattooed Eyebrows vs Microblading
  • Tattooing Eyebrows Cost

A cosmetic tattoo is not limited to someone’s eyebrows but one can also add a beauty mark being tattooed. Some people envy Marilyn Monroe’s mole as it made Monroe sexier and more classy. They want to have that famous mole too to make them feel more confident about themselves. Some professionals can easily add beauty marks such as moles to people who are wishing they have it. One can make their face more attractive by having cosmetic tattoos.


18 Inspirational Tattoos

Song lyrics are usually used as tattoos by some.

Some people may want to have a tattoo of words that can inspire them whenever they look at. As it can be a great reminder for them to forget the past or to look forward to the future.So you can make a list of inspirational quotes that you have written or famous words by people. In this way, people can easily read and choose quotes on your blog And this way, you can also make quotes of your own that people find inspiring. One day, you might see your own words on one’s skin. Isn’tthat great?


19 Tattoo Books

Some people might find it enjoyable to read tattoo books.

You can help your readers find more detailed articles about tattoos by creating a list of tattoo books or books written by the artists themselves. Some people might have been collecting or want to start a collection of tattoo books. With your post, you can help them what books are to look for and if possible, where to find them.


20 Tattoo Workshops

Professional tattoo artists can hold workshops for aspiring artists.

It is possible that your area is having tattoo workshops for aspiring tattoo artists. You could write about the importance of attending tattoo workshops and the things you will learn from it. If possible, you could also include the schedules of workshops to make the tattoo industry more visible in your area.


21 Proper Care of Tattoo

A new tattoo needs proper care and attention.

When someone gets a tattoo, it needs utmost care for the first few weeks as the skin is healing. You can blog about how to properly take care of a tattoo for its first month and what are the needed medications, ointments, and other medical aids for tattoo healing. You would also want to list down how often someone needs to medicate and cover their permanent accessory with gauze. A person who got their new ink is curious and needs to know all the things about how to take care of it. Of course, again, research the right medications so that it will be effective and not harmful to the people who are having their tattoos healed.


22 Tattoo Facts

Do women own more tattoos than men?

You can write interesting facts about tattoos. There are many fun facts about tattoo that can spark the interest of your readers. If you are a techie, you can create a multiple-choice style of test that your readers can take first before proceeding in reading your article. This can test their knowledge and how much do they know about tattoos. Or you can directly share them 20 cool facts about tattoo. Like where did the word tattoo come from or who has the record of having the most numbers of tattoos in their bodies, something like that. Make sure to write facts that even a tattoo fan does not know!


Here are just a few ideas to write a blog post about tattoos. Some ideas might take you more time and effort to make as it will require you to do some research while some only need a little check on Google from time to time. Writing a post about it would not be difficult if you also enjoy tattoos and find it interesting too. You will find it easy writing about it as you will enjoy sharing your interests with others.

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