Articles & Blog Posts

Do you regularly need content for your blog site, articles for your online magazine, or news updates to stimulate discussion and interest in your site?

We can help you with all of these.  We have trained writers, skilled in both conversational and a more sophisticated writing style.  We can give you our opinion pieces, or do suitable research and/or interviews and present a fact-based, non-opinionated article or study.  Give us a topic and length, and we will give you a well-written, concise piece, impeccably written, proofread, and edited.

We’ve seen the trends in recent years, as blog posts have tended to become longer, growing from a couple hundred words to a couple thousand words.  Articles writers never cared about SEO key words; now they appear regularly, and are a basic requirement in many cases.  Blog posts have evolved from opinion pieces, where the thought or concept was the primary driver and spelling and grammar were secondary, to clearly written, even edited, literary works.

Please contact us and let’s talk about your wants and needs.  Whether it is a one-off document, or a series of articles or posts appearing weekly or even daily, we can give you prompt, efficient service for all your writing needs.