SendPulse Review – Improved Automation Support for Your Business

SendPulse Review – Improved Automation Support for Your Business

Email marketing the right way involves work. And without correct tools, it becomes hassling to make the most of your marketing campaign.

To max out your email-marketing campaign, you’ve got to get expert software for the job. Dozens of email-marketing software are available, making a quick, info-less choice tricky.

But if you’re keen on a top recommended option, consider SendPulse for your marketing campaign. With what SendPulse offers, your marketing campaign could become much better than ever!

SendPulse is a service that you can use to send emails. You need to sign up for an account and then you can start sending your emails. SendPulse also has 24/7 live support so that people get help with their email needs. With SendPulse, it is easy to set up emailing from your website or other apps.

SendPulse supports SPF, DKIM authentication and even custom tracking domains so that you have all the features you need for your emailing needs. The free plan includes 12,000 emails each month and the premium plan starts at $8.85 per month for more than 12,000 subscribers per month.

Fact Sheet –  SendPulse

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
SendPulse  Yes (500 contacts and 15,000 emails/month for life)  A/B testing; Automations; Chatbot support; Dedicated IP addresses; Email address verification API; Image storage support; Mailing list statistics support; Multiple users in one account; Multi-sender addresses per account; Pay-as-You-Go emails; SMS marketing; Transactional emails; Unlimited landing pages; Web push notifications  Yes (40+)

Why SendPulse is Great?

SendPulse has a range of plans to fit several business needs. If you’re just starting your campaign, growing your audience, or have a massive contact list, there’s a plan for you.

Businesses also looking to maintain several addresses and domains get better support from SendPulse. Based on your plan, you could get infinite support for managing addresses and domains without much hassle.

Besides offering improved domain and address management, SendPulse is a favored choice for verifying email addresses.Users get a definite amount of verifications each month, except you’re on the Enterprise plan, where verifications are unlimited.

Automation is another catchy feature SendPulse users have access to for better email marketing. With this feature, setting up email campaigns and improving on earlier efforts is more comfortable.

And if you’re not on a free plan, you get easy support for multiple users with one account. Your team members will have a better handle on your campaign, making improvements less challenging.

Subscribers keen on standalone SMS marketing also get full support from SendPulse. And if transactional emails are your thing, SendPulse has a feature for that too.

Managing multi-sender addresses from one account is also less hassling with plans from Standard to VIP.

Who Should Buy SendPulse?

Marketers searching for a set of automated software for improved email marketing will like SendPulse.

SendPulse Free

Getting 500 contacts managed with 15,000 free emails/month is a great deal anyway you look at it.

The free plan provides users with a small contact list to try out its features. And if you plan to test out SendPulse features before committing to a larger plan, make this a top choice.

And here’s the catch – there’s no trial period!

If you choose to remain on SendPulse Free for as long as you like, it’s easy!

SendPulse Standard

Essential tools needed for business growth make the bulk of SendPulse’ Standard plan. With this plan, users get access to a custom mail list to suit their business needs. Users of the standard plan can choose to service up to 5million subscribers with top marketing tools.

And if you choose to commit to a six-month or annual standard plan, you get extra savings!

SendPulse Pro

Even if the SendPulse Standard plan has some great features, it still comes short when compared to SendPulse Pro.

With the Pro plan, users get direct access to a wider range of features targeted at improved marketing support. Mailing your contacts with several automated, easy to handle features is less hassling through this plan.

Subscribers get access to full support across twenty addresses and five domains. So, all your marketing needs can be handled from a single account with one subscription.

And that’s just the tip of it!

Pro subscribers get direct access to unlimited tags and segmentation for better email marketing. Getting a custom message across to your audience with personalized tools is more comfortable.

SendPulse Enterprise

Large-scale businesses are poised to benefit more from Enterprise plans. With full email testing, 5GB image storage, and unlimited landing pages, massive marketing is easier to manage.

Other unlimited features are available on the SendPulse Enterprise plan, and users can service up to 5million contacts.

SendPulse Pay as You Go (PAYG)

Perhaps you’re an infrequent sender and don’t see the logic behind signing onto a subscription plan. With SendPulse Pay as You Go, you could get your emails sent and get increased flexibility.

PAYG credits differ in price and range across Standard to Enterprise products. Standard PAYG credits are naturally cheaper than Enterprise credits, which go for much more cash.

SendPulse VIP

Subscribers to the VIP plan must have over 5million contacts to handle. The plan has features available to Enterprise users with more support to accommodate more messages.


  • A/B testing
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Automation
  • Transactional emails
  • Pay-As-You-Go Emails
  • Email address verification API
  • Multiple users in one account
  • SMS marketing
  • Chatbot support
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Multi-sender addresses per account
  • Image storage support
  • Mailing list statistics support
  • Web push notifications


  • Discounts on large subscriptions
  • Offers social chatbot support
  • Offline marketing tools available
  • Fast, full email testing
  • Automated features
  • PAYG credits available


  • Expensive monthly plans
  • Doesn’t feature biennial packages

What to Consider before Buying SendPulse?

When you’re checking out SendPulse for your email-marketing campaign, consider your contact list first. When you’ve got to send mails to massive contacts, it makes sense to get a big plan.

And if you’re just starting your marketing campaign, it could be ideal to get a plan that suits your needs.

Final Verdict

SendPulse offers automation and multiple channels to engage your contacts and engender conversions. And with the info below, you’ll know if SendPulse has everything your business needs to grow:



  • Expensive monthly plans
  • Doesn’t have an infinite dedicated IP address count

SendPulse is a preferred pick for several email-marketing needs.And with what’s on offer from this guide, making it your top email-marketing software becomes comfier than ever!

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