SendLoop Review – Increase Your Conversions through an Effective Mail-Marketing Campaign

SendLoop Review – Increase Your Conversions through an Effective Mail-Marketing Campaign

A higher conversion rate is the focus of every digital business campaign.

If you’re planning better conversions than what you’re currently getting, some changes need to happen.

We interviewed 30 of their SendLoop users and these are just a few comments from them.

We found that the majority enjoyed using our app for its ease-of-use, but some have pointed out room for improvement in terms of features.

Chief among necessary changes is your subscription to a better email-marketing solution. Dozens of options are available for users, but if you need a top pick, essential info is a must.

Selecting a top marketing software, like SendLoop for instance, requires detailed info into all its features.

That’s why this guide focuses on spelling everything about SendLoop. After reading through this guide, it becomes less of a hassle to get the marketing solution your business needs.

Fact Sheet – SendLoop

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
SendLoopNo (But free sign-up and email-marketing e-book available)Dedicated IPs; Primary, backup delivery IP address; IP warm-up process; SMTP relay support; Flexible delivery volumes; Unlimited email campaign support; 24/7 IP Reputation and Sender Domain checks; Blacklist monitoring; Unlimited contacts; Weekly/monthly delivery reports;   Yes (1000+)

Why SendLoop is Great?

If you’re targeting massive integrations, SendLoop has an over 1000+ integration support. Using this software across your other apps is comfier than ever, delivering you your own marketing suite.

And that’s not all!

Customers keen on better automations also get much more from SendLoop than previously thought.

SendLoop affords user a platform to run their own marketing campaign from your standalone servers. Marketers have a perfect handle on their business effort, leveraging the right tools for sustained growth.

Also, high-volume senders are not left out.

You can get as much emails sent through SendLoop, any time, every day, depending on your package.

There’s so much more on offer from SendLoop. And the best way to check it out is to check out details on products and other specifics below:

Who Should Buy SendLoop?

Buyers searching for improved marketing solutions software for their business will like what SendLoop offers.

Sendloop Managed Delivery Service (MDS)

High-Volume senders that need hundred thousand or more emails sent per month will benefit from this plan.

The MDS plan supports dedicated IP addresses, providing better email-sending functionality without hassle. Also, primary and backup delivery IP addresses to keep your email-marketing effort running without hassle.

And if you’re searching for improved support to get managed IP warm-up processes running, try MDS.

Increased flexibility to support unlimited subscribers and email campaigns is also available to SendLoop MDS subscribers.

Besides having ample support for massive features, MDS also ranks as a great choice for monitoring and analysis.  Users get priority support through weekdays, alongside periodic delivery analysis reports.

Are any of your domains currently blacklisted? With support from SendLoop through this plan, you could get de-listing assistance and monitoring.

Several features like Sendloop platform access and SMTP relaying service are also available.

Sendloop Studio

Digital agencies are positioned to benefit more from the SendLoop Studio plan. Through this plan, users can manage all their client accounts without hassle.

Also, there’s support for maintaining unlimited client accounts among other features from this package. Other essential features like email and live chatting support are also available.

Sendloop On-Premise

Enterprises,resellers, and other mid to large-size business interests can get more from SendLoop On-Premise.

Through the SendLoop On-Premise plan, you get full control of all data from your marketing campaign. Every info remains on your servers and there’s no support for third-party access.

Other features like the drag n’ drop email builder, API for integrations, and GDPR compliance are also available.

Sendloop Classic

Small businesses need the right email-marketing effort, and that’s what’s supplied from SendLoop Classic. With this platform, users get ideal features like extensive reporting, email slicer, social media shares, and more.

Other handy features to help small businesses develop are also part of this plan. And it comes with an easy-to-operate platform and free sign-up.

Sendloop Custom

The plan is an ideal choice for customers with specific needs. Subscribers to this plan can tailor their immediate and long-term business needs to Sendloop’s plan.

Users of SendLoop Custom can get the right tools alongside other essential functions for an effective marketing campaign.


  • Dedicated IPs
  • Primary, backup delivery IP address
  • IP warm-up process
  • SMTP relay support
  • Flexible delivery volumes
  • Unlimited email campaign support
  • 24/7 IP Reputation and Sender Domain
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Google Post-master monitoring
  • Microsoft SNDS monitoring
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Weekly/monthly delivery reports
  • Weekdays priority support
  • De-Listing from blacklist assistance
  • Sendloop platform access


  • Has several centric plans
  • Dedicated IP support available
  • Priority support on-hand
  • Can support unlimited contacts
  • Multiple delivery volumes available
  • Offers blacklist monitoring/removal support


  • Expensive plans
  • No free trial

Custom potential

If you’re looking for an email-marketing software that’s got a free trial, SendLoop isn’t what you need.

But if you’re looking for a plan that supports high-volume sends and custom tools, consider SendLoop. With SendLoop, users have a plan for designers, high volume sends, personal us, and lots more.

Your budget

If you’ve got a small budget to work with, consider going for a smaller SendLoop plan. Most SendLoop products tend to be expensive as your business needs grow.

Final Verdict

SendLoop is a preferred pick for several email marketing campaigns. With its extensive features and improved marketing support, it could be what your business needs.

More info is available below to help you get more from your email-marketing campaign hassle-free:


  • Features several packages to suit different email-marketing and digital business needs
  • Comes with numerous items designed to help users make the most of their investment
  • Useful customer support available for subscribers to leverage for full business potentials


  • Doesn’t have a free plan
  • No credit purchase option

When you’re targeting a top choice email-marketing software, you can’t overlook what SendLoop offers.

Every piece of info this review provides gives you a better idea of SendLoop and it’s business-aid potential. Maximize the information at your disposal, and select a product best suited to your needs!

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