Sendicate – Simple Email Marketing Solutions with a Professional Touch

Sendicate Review – Simple Email Marketing Solutions with a Professional Touch

Sendicate ranks as one of the most coveted email-marketing software available to users. With what Sendicate offers, you could get a more direct, engaging marketing campaign up and running.

But before placing tabs on Sendicate as your preferred choice, you need access to essential info.

In this review, you’ll get access to essential information to make Sendicate your preferred marketing software.

Fact Sheet – Sendicate

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
Sendicate Yes (500 contact management, 1000 emails/month for life)  Video walk-through; Compose your emails; Manage messages; Statistics & Reporting; Import subscribers; Segment subscribers; Schedule emails; Sign up forms; Simple customization; Full template control; API  Yes

Why Sendicate is Great?

Sendicate promises its users greater payment flexibility unavailable in some other mail marketing software.

Segmentation is a major feature available to Sendicate users. With this support, users can get dynamic content to their massive contact list without hassle. Your contacts will get personalized content and get engaged to your newsletters much better.

Managing your mails is also much easier with what’s on offer from Sendicate. Subscribers to this marketing software can get their mails organized for better responses and mails creation.

And if you need support for putting sign-up forms together, Sendicate has support for that too. Marketers can design sign-up forms without any HTML experience, making it ideal for all digital marketing campaigns.

When you’re keen on template creation, there’s full support from Sendicate. Users can showcase their mail setup skills without stress.

Integrations are indispensable for any email-marketing campaign. And that’s why Sendicate offers its users enhanced support for easier integrations. Making the most of your marketing campaign in-sync with other CRM and CMS apps is less hassling using this feature.

Importing subscribers make the most of your marketing campaign when you’re migrating. And with Sendicate, you get the most of marketing efforts without hassle. Regardless of your previous email-marketing software choice, moving your account is seamless.

Who Should Buy Sendicate?

Users keen on a flexible plan with several features and a flexible payment plan will fancy what Sendicate offers.

Also, it could be a great choice for subscribers targeting custom mail creation without any HTML experience.

Sendicate Free

Users of Sendicate can leverage 1,000 emails every month to service 500 contacts for life!

And it doesn’t end there.

Free plan users also get every feature paid users can access. If you plan to get a campaign started budget-free, this could be great. But when you’ve got to scale up fast, paid packages make more sense.

Sendicate Monthly

With the monthly plans, subscribers can get support to manage 500 to 100,000 contacts every month. If you’ve got a contact list slated to scale up soon, these plans offer better value.

Sendicate High-Volume

Do you have to send emails to more than 100,000+ contacts every month?

If you have massive contacts to service, Sendicate offers scalable plans for users with huge needs. Subscribers can get a custom quote on request. And when everything pans out, you can send unlimited emails without hassle.

And it’s sure buyers of such high-value plans will get better discounts overall.


  • Segmentation support
  • Sign-up form creation
  • Customization support
  • Template creation
  • API (for software integration and more)


  • Offers swift integration support
  • Promotes design development support
  • Provides seamless connectivity


  • Expensive small plans
  • Short template list

What to Consider before Buying Sendicate

Contact list

Your contact list is another essential feature to consider. If you’ve got no more than 500 contacts and don’t have to send more than 1,000 mails, go free. But when you’ve got to send unlimited mails to contacts, it’s better to select a paid plan.

Send Limit

Numerous contacts on your list require dynamic content on a regular basis. And that’s why it’s essential to get a bigger send limit if your marketing campaign demands it.

Consider getting a huge plan with unlimited send limits per month for seamless email transfer.


If budget is a major part of your opting for Sendicate, you’ve got to make a wise choice. Several features on Sendicate are available to all users. But when you’re looking to manage a huge contact list, custom plans could make more sense.

And for business in the scale-up stage, it’s better to start with smaller plans. Going for big plans with massive financial commitments should be reserved for when your business can support it.


When you’re targeting more engaging emails, catchy templates have to get full consideration. Without beautiful templates, your messages may not have the desired effect.

Signing up for a Sendicate plan could provide you every template required to make your marketing effort work.

Sendicate has several beautiful ideas you can leverage to max out your marketing campaign.

Final Verdict

When you’re planning to get nothing but award-winning service from a mail-marketing software, choose Sendicate. The app has won a W3 award for best web application among other recognitions.

Besides being a popular choice, the rap sheet of Sendicate shows it has much to offer. And with the information below, you’ll know if it has all the features your business needs to grow.



  • Monthly plans could be expensive
  • Doesn’t offer lifetime credits

When you’re targeting a top-grade email-marketing software, Sendicate is a preferred choice. Make the most of what this guide offers and get more for your mail-marketing effort without hassle.

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