Sender – Unique Email Marketing for Better Revenue Generation

Sender Review – Unique Email Marketing for Better Revenue Generation

Email marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. And that’s why you’ve got to get the most of your email-marketing experience.

With Sender, you get more features to boost your email-marketing campaign without hassle. In this review, you get all the info you need to max out selecting any plan you fancy.

Fact Sheet –  Sender

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
SenderYes (2,500 subscribers, all features, and 15,000 emails/month for life)  Deliverability support; Smart automation; Customer support; Template selection/ customization; Mail personalization; Analytics; GDPR compliance; Audience building; Newsletter creation (no HTML knowledge required); Campaign analysis and results boosting; CMS integration  Yes

Why Sender is Great?

If you’re looking for a premium mail-sender with dirt-cheap prices, Sender ranks as a top choice. Sender has several plans that are two times cheaper than SendinBlue. Plans on Sender will set you back eight times lesser than MailChimp products.

And there’s more!

Sender users can max out the free-forever plan when they don’t have the budget to fund paid packages. Planning to scale up could be challenging. That’s why Sender also provides industry-standard, cheap plans to drive your marketing effort.

Besides being a top cheap option, there’s more on offer from Sender. Users of Sender can purchase credits and never have to worry about expiry dates. Since Sender credits have a long lifespan, it becomes easier to make more of your marketing effort.

Subscribers to Sender with more than 50,000 contacts also get their marketing effort shored up with a dedicated IP. Taking control of your email marketing effort doesn’t get any better than leveraging dedicated IPs.

And what’s great about Sender dedicated IPs is that users get the top-up at no extra cost! Also, subscribers that need a dedicated IP, regardless of their contact list can get it set up on request.

Who Should Buy Sender?

Marketers targeting an improved email-marketing campaign with a wide range of features will fancy Sender. And it’s a great fit for marketers keen on getting a pay-as-you-go plan without hitches.

Sender Free

Users of Sender can leverage 15,000 emails every month to service 2,500 contacts for life!

And it doesn’t end there.

Free plan users also get every feature available to paid users. If you’re planning to get a marketing campaign started without a budget, this is an excellent option. But when your scaling efforts are picking up speed, it’s better to leverage a paid subscription or credits plan.

Sender Monthly/Annual

With the monthly plans, subscribers can get support for 60,000 to 2.4 million emails every month. If you’ve got a contact list that is slated to scale up anytime soon, these plans offer greater flexibility.

Buyers of Sender Annual plans have all features available to monthly plan subscribers with one difference – huge discounts. Annual plans can save you more than $1700, based on your purchase.

Sender Prepaid Credits

Prepaid credits from Sender offer affordability and flexible payments to fit any business. Buyers of Sender Prepaid Credits can save up to $2700 from one purchase.

And here’s the catch – Sender Prepaid Credits don’t expire. If you’re looking for a purchase that’s affordable and long-lasting, this could be it.

Sender High-Volume

Do you have to send more than 2.4million emails every month? If you’ve got huge contact lists to service, Sender offers its users scalable plans on its High-Volume package. Subscribers can get a quote on request to send as many emails as they want.

And it’s a sure thing that buyers of High-Volume plans will get even bigger discounts overall.


  • Analytics
  • API with automatic subscriber data synchronization
  • Audience building
  • Campaign analysis and results boosting
  • CMS integration
  • Customer support
  • Deliverability support
  • GDPR compliance
  • Landing pages creation
  • Mail personalization
  • Newsletter creation (no HTML knowledge required)
  • Push notification distribution
  • Smart automation
  • SMS marketing
  • Template selection/ customization


  • Affordable plans
  • Offers massive email-marketing features
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go package
  • Accommodates huge subscriber list
  • More features coming soon


  • No express CRM support
  • Doesn’t offer massive integration

What to Consider before Buying Sender


Before buying Sender, your contact list needs a close look. If you’re not handling more than 2,500 contacts and don’t have to send much emails, the free plan is great.

But if you’re planning a scale-up effort, consider making a move for affordable paid plans on offer.

Email sends every month

When you’re sending out tons of emails each month, cheap plans won’t do much justice to your email-marketing effort. That’s why you need to get the most of your email sends with a paid plan.

Final Verdict

When you’re targeting improved sending support for your emails, Sender is a brilliant choice. Users of the Sender software get more features at unbelievable prices. And if you’re targeting getting more info before purchasing a plan, this review provides you all essential details.

Max out your selection with relevant facts below. Undoubtedly, Sender will appeal to you more than before when you’re through with this review.


  • Offers flexible, scalable plans to fit any budget
  • Provides essential features to boost any email marketing campaign
  • Supports CMS integrations for several apps


  • Free plan has limited number of contacts support
  • Monthly subscription is expensive

Companies like Hewlett Packard, Disney, Emirates, and 100,000 more businesses use Sender. If that’s not a clear sign this email-marketing software isn’t great, what is? Make the most of Sender with everything on offer for your digital campaign(s) growth.

And with all this review provides, making sense of what Sender offers is without hassle. The essential tips and revealing info equips you to make the right choice.

With all Sender has on offer, you could be on your way to a profitable marketing campaign in no time!

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