20 Self Improvement Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Self Improvement Blog Post Ideas

The notion of self improvement is not a new one. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and do better at home, school, work, or anywhere for that matter. People are searching for answers so ardently; there is a burgeoning market for self help and self improvement products. Some individuals have written self help books that have launched them into profitable speaking roles. People are thirsty for new products or information on this topic. With that being said, there is most certainly room for more blog posts on the subject.

To create successful blog posts that people will want to read, make sure you do your research and offer them useful resources. Books on self improvement and self help contain research concepts but are rooted in good old fashioned advice. With that being said, read these suggestions, supplement it with advice that would be helpful, and you are on your way to a successful self improvement blog post!

  1. Self improvement books

    biddrup; a complete blog post idea on Self improvement books; 20 self improvment blog ideas
    A complete blog post idea on self improvement blooks

    The post about self improvement books should focus on a couple of different types of self improvement books on the market. You will want to include some that are general self improvement books for those who want a general overview of topics. You will then want to list books specific to different areas of self improvement, like finance or time management. You will want to make sure you give examples of books for any type of self improvement your readers could be looking for.

  2. Self improvement quotes

    biddrup; a complete blog post idea on Self improvement quotes; 20 self improvment blog ideasThere are websites and Pinterest boards full of self improvement and self-motivation quotes. You could write a post for this one of two different ways. The first is you could write a post where you link to these other sites and allow your readers to use your post to link off to these other sites. Or the other idea is to write a post full of your favorite quotes and just give the original author the attribution and skip creating the links.

  3. How to better yourself

    a complete blog post idea on How to better yourselfA great way to structure a post like this is to focus on how a person can improve themself in one particular area of their life (work, school, etc.) and then write the post for that area. With that being said, you can then add to your post how these tips can apply to any area a person chooses to apply them. You want to create a blog post that is based on one topic, but that can be extrapolated into several others as well.

  4. Self improvement podcasts

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement podcastsPodcasts are one of the hottest things in media right now. If there is a topic, there is a podcast for it. Take a few moments and do some research for your readers and pull together a list of podcasts for them. Break that list down for them into generic self improvement podcasts and ones that are specific to certain subjects. Take some time before you write your post to preview these podcasts for your readers so you can offer some insights for them.

  5. Personal improvement plan

    a complete blog post idea on Personal improvement planYou will want to structure this post by telling your readers what these plans are and how one can be helpful for them. Then you will want to lay out the steps they will need to take to complete their plan. If possible, find examples for them of templates and completed plans so they can see what a finished product looks like. Also, let them know why it is so important to write these plans down (having a written copy helps with accountability).

  6. Things you can develop

    a complete blog post idea on Things you can developThe key to a post on this topic will be to create a list of things one must develop to see signs of improvement. You could create an example for them of a scenario that needs self improvement and what steps and traits one could develop to improve that part of themselves. For instance, if the area they would like to improve involves their punctuality, you could show them how to create a plan and better habits for getting places on time.

  7. Self improvement challenges

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement challengesThis is a post where you can have a lot of fun. Challenges are great ways for people to learn positive skills or start a new habit and see if they can maintain it after the challenge is over. You could either write a post where you create your own 30-day challenge for your readers. Or you could write a post where you bring together some of the 30-day challenges that exist and share them with your readers.

  8. Self improvement workshops

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement workshopsFor this post, you will want to let your readers know what is out there in terms of workshops. There are workshops that deal with improving the person as a whole, and then there are issue-specific workshops. Some require you to participate in person only while others will allow remote learning. Go ahead and pull all this info together for your readers and highlight your favorites. This way they don’t have to search the internet for this information, you have done the work for them.

  9. Self improvement meme

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement memeMemes are a significant part of our culture. There is one for just about any subject. For this topic, you could write a post where you pull your favorite ones together for your readers. You could even write a small blurb on why that particular meme is your favorite. You could also do a post on where people can go to find informative self improvement memes and link to your favorite sites. You could make memes a reoccurring theme for posts and share your favorites regularly.

  10. Self improvement strategies

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement strategiesFirst, you will want to think about are you going to write a post about general self improvement strategies. Or will you want to consider a specific area for improvement strategies? Once you decide, you can layout tips for your readers. The biggest thing you will want to stress is to write the plan down, so they have a visual reminder of what they are striving for. Also, stress for them having the proper mindset. If they don’t have the mindset they can succeed, they are starting off on the wrong foot.

  11. Self improvement movies

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement moviesFor a post on self improvement movies, you will want to do a search first of the best films on the subject and pull them all together for your readers first. This is a big category, so you could focus just on documentaries in one post and do another on movies that were commercial hits. It’s possible you could do one on self improvement movies that were based on books. You have a lot of good options on how you could style this post or get multiple post opportunities out of the same idea.

  12. Self improvement quizzes

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement quizzesSelf improvement quizzes are fun and popular. You see them as a regular feature in several well-known magazines. You could write a post on this topic by either showcasing a particular quiz in your blog post or by linking to websites that feature self improvement quizzes. You could also write a post about the reasoning behind taking these quizzes and how they are developed. Or you could write a post showcasing your favorite questions that you’ve seen in these quizzes without focusing on any one particular quiz.

  13. Self improvement magazines

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement magazinesThere are a lot of magazines that fall under this category, so you will want to think about what topic you want to cover. If you opt to do one post per area, you offer yourself a lot more post ideas. If you only want to do one post on magazines, pick what categories you want to talk about and select one or two from each. There are magazines that focus on fitness, life skills and life hacks, personal development, mental health, and so many other topics.

  14. Self improvement meditation

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement meditationMeditation is finally catching on in the Western world as a viable technique that can help with so many aspects of a person’s life. For posts on meditation, you should take time to explain precisely what meditation is and how one can get into the practice. Since this is newer in the Western world, not everyone knows that they are doing just yet. Consider adding into your post YouTube channels and books that cover mediation techniques for this exact topic.

  15. Self improvement coach

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement coachAn important thing to include in this post would be why one would need a self improvement coach. You can address how they help keep you accountable and provide an unbiased outside view. Another part of your post could include how to find a reputable self improvement coach and how to select the best one for you. You will also want to review what exactly you do with a coach and how they develop coaching plans for their clients.

  16. Dating sites for self improvement

    a complete blog post idea on Dating sites for self improvementFor a post of this nature, you will almost want to do dating site reviews. Not every dating website is created equal. For those who are focused on self improvement, there are sites they should stay away from. Another topic you could post do on this topic would be how to craft an online dating profile and what are some red flags your readers should be on the lookout for in profiles they encounter. Another topic could be how going on dates can help boost their self-esteem.

  17. Self improvement on weekend

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement on weekendAn idea for a post on this topic would be making a list of things a person can work on over the course of a weekend that could be a self improvement project. This could be anything from projects to clean out clutter or activities they could participate in. Another post topic would be finding weekend retreats they could attend that focus on self improvement. These types of weekend retreats are popular and in high demand.

  18. Self improvement through working out

    a complete blog post idea on Self improvement through working outWorking out is scientifically proven to make people feel better due to the release of endorphins. You could write a post about how good a person feels after completing a workout and how beneficial working out is to our mental health. Or you could write a post where you focus on helping someone set goals for achieving something specific through working out. Whether their goal is weight loss or just inches of their body, your post could help them goal set.

  19. Best self improvement websites for men and women

    a complete blog post idea on Best self improvement websites for men and womenWhen it comes to self improvement and how they think about it, men and women are quite different, thus why they have different websites. Do a separate post when you cover the websites for each gender. As self improvement can cover so many different topics, you will want to break down for your readers the best sites in each category. People don’t always realize self improvement can cover so many areas. Some people care about fitness self improvement; others care about how to build better interpersonal relationships.

  20. How to improve yourself every day

    a complete blog post idea on How to improve yourself every dayAn excellent idea for a post like this would be to bring together some tips from all the websites and other blog posts that exist on the subject. If you link to your favorite posts, that could confuse your readers because there are so many ideas, and each post can be different. Go ahead and pull everything together for them and sort through the large volume of information for them. If you want to cover specific areas of self improvement, do a separate post for each subtopic.

Today’s self help/self improvement market is a multibillion-dollar business. So many people are looking to find some type of happiness, or at least answers that can help them feel better. Any blog posts you create on self improvement can help them with that. You can also use your posts to show your readers that self improvement covers more than just the well-known self-help genre that is typically thought of when one thinks of self improvement. Show your readers that self improvement covers everything from fitness to goal setting. All of those can help improve a person. Not everything has to be about taking a journey, trip, or redoing their entire life. Self improvement can include small things that have a tremendous impact. Create posts that show all angles for self improvement, both big picture and small picture.

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