Right Inbox – Professional Gmail Integration for Better Email Returns

Right Inbox Review – Professional Gmail Integration for Better Email Returns

When you’re planning to get more functions from your Gmail account, it’s better to leverage add-ons that boost productivity.

Right now, several email productivity apps are available for users. if you plan to make the most of your selection, it’s better to stock up on correct info beforehand. And when you’ve got no issues with recommends, it could be best to try out Right Inbox.

With Right Inbox, you get a comprehensive collection of features designed to help you get more from Gmail.

Companies like HubSpot, Netflix, Uber, etc. trust what Right Inbox has to offer. If these companies and a host of others rely on Right Inbox, they must be doing many things right.

Several Gmail features are out of your reach at the moment.But with Right Inbox, you should be up and running in no time.

Fact Sheet – Right Inbox

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
Right InboxYes (10 Send Later and Reminders every month; 5 Email Tracking per month)Send Later; Reminders; Private Notes; CRM Sync; Recurring Emails; Email Tracking; Sequences; Signatures; Templates; Smart Link Previews; Embedded GIFs  Yes

Why Right Inbox is Great?

With Send Later, users can make the most of their emails by scheduling their distribution at ideal intervals. The Send Later function allows users to use preset times on the add-on or create their own sending schedules.

Such sending flexibility makes yourtime sending emails more comfortable than ever.

Reminders are also available from Right Inbox. If you’re looking to never miss an important event ever again, this feature is sure to come in handy.

And with Private Notes features available, you can easily make the most of confidential correspondence through Gmail. Buyers searching for easier and more efficient customer service responses will fancy Right Inbox’s CRM Sync.

The CRM Sync feature provides integration into Gmail for better service to your contacts. And with such easier synchronization, it’s easy to manage your correspondence from anywhere.

There’s more from Right Inbox!

Managing recurring emails could be boring for most marketers. But with Right Inbox support, you can get those recurring emails handled without much hassle. Making the most of all kinds of emails becomes a lot easier with this feature.

Sequencing mails also adds up lot more comfort with the support Right Inbox provides. With the sequences available from Right Inbox, you can manage your emails better than ever.

Adding signatures is another handy feature Right Inbox provides to Gmail users. With the feature, you can add custom information on all mails without breaking a sweat. Such comfort makes it much easier to boost your email-distribution without stress.

Who Should Buy Right Inbox?

Mail senders targeting enhanced features to benefit their correspondence will fancy Right Inbox. And it’s a great pick for buyers keen on making the most of their email-sending experience to a wider audience.

Right Inbox Free

Users of Right Inbox Free get ten send later emails, unlimited CRM sync and smart link previews each month.

Right Inbox Monthly

The monthly plan from Right Inbox offers users unlimited sends, reminders, notes, and everything else.

Right Inbox Yearly

With Right Inbox Yearly, users get all features of the monthly plan with something extra – a great discount!

Subscribers to the annual plan get up to twenty-five percent off their purchase. Unlimited features and a great budget makes this plan a great fit.


  • Send Later
  • Reminders
  • Private Notes
  • CRM Sync
  • Recurring Emails
  • Email Tracking
  • Sequences
  • Signatures
  • Templates
  • Smart Link Previews
  • Embedded GIFs
  • Mail Merges


  • Available in six languages
  • Offers free test plan
  • Seamlessly links with Gmail
  • Supports easier mail embed
  • Ideal for mail merges


  • Limited features on free
  • Only integrates with Gmail


What to Consider before Buying Right Inbox

Tools you need

The tools Right Inbox offers your email sending and receipt should drive your plan selection. People that seldom send mails will likely benefit from the Free plan. But if you’re planning a more effective, bigger email correspondence, paid plans are more suitable.

How many contacts you plan to reach

Reaching a massive contact list could be hassling, particularly with limited tools to work with. That’s why you’ve got to consider getting a bigger plan. With a bigger plan, you could get unlimited support from Right Inbox without hassle.


When you’re targeting a high-value email-sending experience with discounts in tow, Right Inbox is a top pick.

If you need some money off your current plan, consider opting for annual subscriptions instead. With annual subscriptions, Right Inbox users can save up to 25% in payments every year.

Final Verdict

If you’re keen on maximizing your email-sending/receipt experience, consider making Right Inbox a top pick. With everything it offers, you could be on your way to more effective email sends without hassle!


  • Offers essential features targeted at better email productivity
  • Delivers improved support for email scheduling than several other software
  • Supports easier integration and use across browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari compatible)


  • Doesn’t provide enough features on its free plan
  • Only offers integration with Gmail, limiting its potential across other email service providers

When you plan to integrate Right Inbox to your Gmail, know that over 250,000 accounts have done so before you. Since it’s registered you’re already late to the party, it’s best to join in as soon as you can.

Make the most of your email experience for a wide range of needs. With what Right Inbox offers, it’s great for business correspondence, informal large mail sends, and much more. Also, it offers massive flexibility you’re sure to fancy when you’ve got to send emails on a budget.

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