20 Religion Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Religion Blog Post Ideas

There are so many things that you will realize when you start blogging. One of the things that you will realize, is that it is easy to run out of ideas, especially when you have already blogged about the things that are
important to you. Even if you only have to post one blog topic every week, it can still take a toll on you. If you love inspiring other people and writing about religion, get to know some of the blog post ideas on religion, that you can write about soon.

  1. Your Reason for Having Faith

    Why do you have faith in the Lord? Now is your chance to share your story with people. There are some people who love reading inspiring stories like yours, because it makes them see the works of God through other people. It does not matter whether the person knows you or not. The fact that you have something important to share will make people interested in reading about your experience.

  2. People Who Made an Impact on Your Faith

    The same way that you want to inspire a lot of people now, there may be some people who inspired you to come back to the Lord’s grace. Who are these people? You can discuss what they did that made you realize that having faith in the Lord is truly worth it. You may want to do a separate blog post for each person who has inspired you, if a dedicated story for each person will truly inspire others.

  3. Write a Letter to Yourself

    People would love to read about the woes and the insights of other people. Your readers may be interested to know what you would tell yourself, years before, when you had yet to find the Lord. Some of them may be able to relate, especially if they are still in the process of realizing that God will never forget them and their struggles. Your letter to yourself may be read several times by people who are looking for the right inspiration.

  4. Refreshing Your Soul

    Talk about something that makes you feel happy on a spiritual level. You can discuss the concept that material things can make people happy for a short period of time, but there are some things that you can do that will make your soul happy for a long time. You can say that spending time praying helps you feel that the Lord is listening to you. Even reading the Bible allows you to have some realizations about your current situation.

  5. The Act of Giving

    A lot of people usually feel that taking is better than giving because they love receiving things. They fail to realize that it is through giving that they will come to feel more satisfaction. You can talk about some of the times when you have decided to give or to make sacrifices and how these acts of kindness have made a difference in your life.

  6. Unanswered Prayer

    There may be different prayers that you feel that the Lord has answered but there are also some that He has yet to answer. Let your blog readers know, that having faith in the Lord does not mean that you will immediately get what you want every time. Rather, it allows you to be patient and to understand God’s will. You will get what you deserve in your own time.

  7. Changes in Faith Over the Years

    A lot of people will agree that their faith has not been the same all these years. There are some years where they believe in all of God’s glory and they have basked in all of the blessings that were given to them. There are also some years where they have questioned the will of the Lord, given all the things that are happening to them. Talk about happiness and your struggles too and discuss how these things have made your faith even stronger.

  8. Quiet Time

    There are times when you just want to get away from it all. You can talk about how it is okay to have some time alone with the Lord. This is the time when you can lift up all of your troubles to him and allow him to inspire you to do what is right. Your quiet time can relax you and it may relax your blog readers too, when they try this approach.

  9. Faith Goals

    Even if you are already considered by a lot of people as faithful, there are still some goals that you may have not only set for yourself, but also for your family. You can show how your faith has progressed and you may also let other people know how the rest of your family shares your faith. If your faith can make an impact on your family, it can make an impact on your blog readers too.

  10. Things People Should Stop Doing

    There are some people who claim that they are religious and yet they continue to emulate the devil through their actions. Talk about your pet peeves and the things that you believe that people who are claiming to be religious should stop doing. How many people do you know are very active in the church but they tend to hurt other people through their words and actions?

  11. Most Difficult Spiritual Lesson

    There are always spiritual lessons that you have encountered that you can share with your blog readers. Now is the time that you can talk about the spiritual lesson that you found really hard to accept. This will let your blog readers know that to learn some lessons, the path may not be easy. Sharing a difficult spiritual lesson may also make you feel lighter because you were able to get it out of your system.

  12. Getting Inspired by a TV Preacher

    Some people may feel that watching a TV preacher will not allow them to learn anything. There are some preachers that are so effective that they do not have to be in front of a person in order to impart lessons and to inspire. Discuss the lesson that you have learned from the TV preacher and how the lesson has changed your life for the better.

  13. Best Religious Concert

    Who says that being religious means that you will not have any fun in life? You can always have fun as long as you know what your boundaries are. You may be fond of attending different religious concerts. Now is the time that you can discuss the best one that you have attended and what you have learned from the experience. People always like it when you have some insights about a fun event.

  14. Faith for Newlyweds

    Newlyweds are usually so in love that they forget about their spiritual lives that they also consider to be important. Now is the time that you can give some tips for newlyweds who are still trying to strengthen their faith in the Lord. The stronger they are together as a pair, the stronger their faith will be. Of course, this would lead to having a family that is bonded by faith.

  15. Funniest Thing that Happened in a Religious Place

    There are some blog readers who do not like blogs about religion that are too serious. You can inject some fun in your blog posts too, by talking about something funny that happened in a religious place. It can be even funnier, if you would talk about your own humorous experience. There is a very big chance that you have more than one story to tell. This can be a regular segment in your blog that people can visit whenever they want some lighter reading

  16. Things You Love About Your Religion

    There are different religions that are followed all over the world, but now is your chance to talk about your own religion. Remember that one religion is not better than the other. You should just talk about what made you choose your religion and how you believe that this choice has helped your life. Do remember, that there may be some readers who will question the things that you love about your church. You can engage, but do not disregard other religions in the process.

  17. Favorite Church Tradition

    One great thing about having a religious faith is there are different holidays that are celebrated by people, who share the same religion. There are Catholics who particularly love the Holy Week because it allows them to relive the things that Jesus has experienced. At the same time, they get a chance to repent for their sins. Now is the time when you can talk about the traditions of your church that you like best.

  18. An Eventful Church Trip

    There are some church trips that are more eventful than others. Some of the things that you have experienced are worth sharing not only to inspire, but also to entertain. You may talk about the time when someone fainted, because they received the grace of the Lord for the first time in years. You may also share about the time, when you suddenly had real insight, based on what the pastor said to the congregation.

  19. Your Most Embarrassing Church Moment

    It may be the time when you mispronounced a word while reading the Bible, or it may be the time when you stumbled going to the altar carrying the things that you were about to offer. It is possible that you have already experienced something embarrassing in church. It can be fun to share with your readers, because it will help them realize that they are not alone.

  20. Favorite Bible Verse

    There are so many Bible verses, where choosing just one, can be complicated. Yet, you will always have one favorite Bible verse, that you want to let your blog readers know of, especially if it is one of the less popular ones. Who knows, when they realize the reason why it is your favorite, and they fully grasp the meaning of the verse, it may become their favorite too.

There are some people who are afraid to start a blog about religion, because they feel that they will be judged by other readers. People will always have different religions but they can also always respect the other things that people believe in. The blog ideas mentioned above will hopefully inspire you to come up with blog posts that you can share to your readers for the weeks to come. Be mindful of your experience, because you may get to share them soon.

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