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20 Relationship Advice Blog Post Ideas

There are a lot of people who still go online to find more details about the things that they encounter in their daily lives. If there is one area, where people are often seeking advice, it is in their relationships with the people around them. Some people would also like to focus on improving their relationship with their loved one, others would just like to expand their social circle. Now is the time that you can talk about relationships, and offer advice on some of the things that you have experienced.

  1. How to Meet New People

    How will you be able to date new people, when you have not met anyone new for quite a while? Now is the time for you to give some advice, on how they can meet new people that they may have as friends or they may eventually date. You can let them know that meeting new people is fun, but it can also be daunting at the same time, since new people have their own interesting and different lives. This will make everything feel new and possibly exciting for you.

  2. How to Approach People You Find Attractive

    There are different people who you may encounter and find to be attractive, but you are just not sure how you will approach them. This does not have to be complicated. Now is your chance to share some tips on how people can avoid feeling awkward, when approaching new people. You can make this post full of humor, in order to make your readers laugh and feel more at ease about approaching their special crush.

  3. Date Ideas

    There are instances where people want to express their feelings of love for another, but they are not sure of how to plan that special event. Now is your chance to share some details on what you think would be an ideal date situation that can be done soon. You can also provide information on the possible cost of each date idea and long it may take. The more details you can offer for each idea, the better it will be to your readers.

  4. Know if Your Partner is Cheating

    There are a lot of people who would like to find long-term partners and start to build a deep and lasting relationship. One problem with this, is that over time, people meet other people, and trust can breakdown, often for good reasons. You can discuss some of the signs that people should look for, so that they will know if their partner is cheating, or in some way betrayed their trust.

  5. LGBT Dating

    Not everyone is comfortable in dating people of the same sex, even though this is really their preference. Some have tried to be straight for so long, that they do not know how they will approach people that they are interested in. You can do a lot of research on this, or if you are part of the LGBT community, you will have no trouble giving the advice that other people may need.

  6. Tips for the First Date

    There are people who meet other people that they are extremely attracted to, but they do not know how to go beyond the first date. This is your chance to discuss some of the tips that will help make people’s first dates successful and lead to another. Let people know, that not all first dates turn out great, but the longer the time that people spend together, the better they feel with each other’s company.

  7. Dating for the Elderly

    Who says that the elderly should not be allowed to date? The elderly can always date whomever they please. There are some elderly people who will date people that are in the same age group, while others would like to date those who are a bit younger. There are always some tips that can be followed by the elderly to set up some successful dates.

  8. How to Know if You Need Couples Therapy

    There are instances when couples are having some issues, and they do not know if they will be able to fix their relationship. You can be specific about the signs that they should look for, that can help them realize the need to undergo therapy at the soonest possible, or not. The more details that you give, the more that you can guide others as to the possible relationship help options.

  9. How to Feel Loved

    There are some people who may feel that they will only be loved when they are with other people, but the truth is that they can always find love everywhere. You can give some tips on how they can pamper themselves and start to feel loved again. There are a lot of things that they can do such as going to the spa and so much more.

  10. Are You Being Victimized?

    There are some people who are not aware that their partner is taking advantage of them. They are truly blinded by love, and do not know what they are being made to look like a fool. You can provide some signs that people should watch out for so, that they will know, if they are already being victimized by their partners.

  11. Plan a Financial Life with Your Partner

    There are some people who realize that they are already very serious with their partners and they want to live together. You can now provide some tips on how couples can plan their finances with their partners effectively. A lot of couples may not want to think about this, but the monthly bills payments are always one of the most important things that they have to understand and discuss with their partners.

  12. Some Lessons from Someone Single

    If you are single, or you know someone who is single, you can ask that person to provide some tips to other people, who are also single. There are some people who feel extremely sad about their lives because they are not dating anyone, but a single person can provide the tips that people need to hear. There may be things that will inspire people to put themselves first.

  13. How Not to Screw Up a Relationship

    There is no perfect relationship, but there are always different relationships that seem to be perfect from the very beginning. People will always have some relationship problems, but you can give some tips on how people can sustain the relationships that they have. The more often that people mess up, the higher the chance that they could end the great relationship that they have.

  14. Things Couples Fight About

    Some people often like to compare their relationship with the relationships of other people. One of the things that they want to know, is if they also argue about the same things. Now is your chance to talk about the things that you and your partner fight about. Your readers can also share what they fight about with their partners. This will give you a chance to really engage with your readers.

  15. How to Say No

    There are some people who feel that they need to have a great relationship with people all the time. This prompts them to say “yes” all the time. Now is your chance to let people know that it is okay to say no. You can provide different tips on how you can make your readers say “no.” whenever they need to.

  16. Secrets to Keeping Relationship Strong

    How can relationships stay strong? You should realize that this is not an easy thing. There will be instances, when you just want to give up on your partner. You can share your insights about the things that you have experienced so far. Your experiences may have given you the wisdom that you can share with your readers so that they can keep their relationship strong as well.

  17. Is Your Past Affecting Your Relationship?

    There are some people who will have no issues about forgetting the past, but there are also some people who will allow the past to dictate their future. You can provide some signs that people still have not gotten over what they have experienced in the past. At the same time, you can also provide some tips on how they can increase their focus on living in the present.

  18. Signs of Commitment

    Some people may have been dating for some time, but they are not sure if they should take their relationship to the next level. If you have experienced this before, you can share what you have gone through and what made you realize that you are ready to be in a long-term relationship. Share some signs that you are getting ready to take the commitment step. It might be a good read for your readers.

  19. Why People are Distant

    This is not only applicable to your partner, but can also apply to the various people that you will meet. There are some people who may not be too comfortable with you. Now is the time that you can talk about, how you felt that people were starting to distance themselves from you. Share the things that you have learned about this feeling. This may also help other people who are going through the same thing.

  20. Put Your Phone Away

    There are a lot of couples right now who are struggling to communicate with each other, because they can barely put down their phones. Now is the time for you to inspire other people to put their phones away. Come up with ways on how they can communicate effectively with their partners. They may feel inspired to know more about the people that they are with.

There are so many ideas that are available about relationships. Aside from the ones that are mentioned above, you can probably still think of many other ideas that you want to discuss. Your main goal is to help people with their relationships. Sometimes, you may do it at the same time that you are fixing your own relationship. Which one of these relationship blog post ideas would you like to write about first?

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