RedCappi – User-Friendly Email Marketing Made Easy

RedCappi Review – User-Friendly Email Marketing Made Easy

With RedCappi, more than two billion emails have gotten to their destinations without hassle. Such a massive delivery rate means RedCappi has their delivery service spot-on.

With user-friendly functions at the core of several email marketing campaigns, a top selection is indispensable.

Many email marketing teams need software that can provide the right set of tools and ease in tandem. With this combo of functionality and ease, businesses can get more from their marketing effort.

But if you’re keen on an ideal choice without hassle, you’ve got to consider stocking up on info. Without the right facts, it could become tricky to snap up the best email-marketing support for your business.

And one of the best software you can trust for seamless email marketing is RedCappi.

If you want RedCappi to drive your email-marketing effort, you’ve got to make the most of what this post provides. With information in this piece, it becomes less of a hassle to maximize your email marketing campaign.

Make the most of essential info in this piece. RedCappi could be what your email-marketing effort needs.

Fact Sheet – RedCappi

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
RedCappiNo (But limited support for 100 contacts available)Audience engagement and socialization; Automated email scheduling; Auto-responders; Contact management/personalization; Email editors; Email list building; Enhanced linking; Image import and editing  Yes

Why RedCappi is Great?

A simple interface is the major highlight of RedCappi’s services. The email marketing software provider claims to be so easy, a baby can operate it. And aside from its operating ease, there’s a focus on sustained functionality for RedCappi users.

So, if you’re targeting an email service provider with simple features your business can leverage, this could be it. With a focus on enhanced, easily navigable functions, your team will be in geek territory soon enough.

And that’s not all!

Besides the simple interface, multiple features are available for RedCappi users to leverage.

Users of RedCappi can create responsive, mobile-friendly emails to boost their marketing effort. And since most online activity is mobile-based, you could have a conversion storm pouring in soon.

If you’ve got an urgent need for a responsive editor for all your digital marketing needs, consider RedCappi. Marketers searching for an easy-to-use editor will find what RedCappi offers truly handy.

Subscribers targeting an improved image import system will also fancy what’s on offer from RedCappi. Users can easily import images from Web links or more than a dozen storage apps and social media sites. If you’re an old-fashioned upload lover, there’s still support for that too.

There’s a chance you may not fancy drawing your photos from several sources to create emails. If that’s the case, RedCappi provides half a million stock photos for its users to maximize their email-creation experience.

With the improved image editor, you can also get smoother application of effects and other captivating edits. Creating beautiful emails doesn’t get any better than what’s on offer at RedCappi.

Who Should Buy RedCappi?

Buyers searching for a flexible payment plan for their email-marketing needs will fancy what RedCappi offers.

And it’s a great fit for buyers that have to send lots of mails over a short time. Subscribers that are also keen on a pay-as-you-go structure will also be satisfied with RedCappi’s offering.

RedCappi Free

With RedCappi Free, users get support for up to 100 contacts free of charge forever!

Users can leverage most of RedCappi’s services in the Free plan without hassle. But when you’re planning a serious scaling-up effort for your contact list, it’s best to check out paid plans.

RedCappi Monthly

The RedCappi Monthly plan allows subscribers manage a minimum of 500 contacts for their email marketing. And if you’re really planning to scale up your mail-delivery list, there’s a provision for 500,000 contacts.

RedCappi Annual

Annual RedCappi plans has the same contact stretch (500 ~ 500,000) with the monthly plan. But if you’re planning to save more cash, consider signing-off on an annual plan. With an annual RedCappi plan, buyers could save more than $4,000 and still get the same service.

RedCappi Credit

If you’re an infrequent mail sender, chances are most of the above-mentioned plans won’t suit your needs.

That’s why with RedCappi Credit, you get extra flexibility for your marketing needs. Users can make the most of their purchase by paying $ .01 for each mail. At this rate, you could get 100 emails for $1.


  • Contact management/personalization
  • Segmentation support (creation and dynamic content management)
  • Email list building
  • Sign-up form creation
  • Audience engagement and socialization
  • Live insights and marketing stats
  • Automated email scheduling
  • Auto-responders
  • Pre-planned campaigns
  • Enhanced linking
  • Image import and editing
  • Stock photo support
  • Email editors


  • Interactive email marketing support
  • Improved image import support
  • Swift, responsive editors
  • Seamless linkup support


  • Expensive monthly plans
  • No CRM services available

What to Consider before Buying RedCappi

Your audience

How many contacts are you planning to reach? What kind of tools will you need to offer dynamic content to your mailing list contacts? All these questions and more need the right answers if you’re to max out your marketing campaign.

Mail-sending frequency

If you don’t send mails often, it’s better to stick with RedCappi Email Credit. But if you’re a huge email sender and needs all discounts you can find, settle for RedCappi annual plans.

Final Verdict

When you’re targeting top-notch support from email-marketing software, you can’t overlook RedCappi. Check out more revealing info below:


  • Offers payment flexibility with its RedCappi Email Credit plan
  • Supports swifter email marketing support businesses need to thrive
  • Provides the right collection of tools for marketers without any graphic design experience


  • Monthly payment plans could make buyers lose up to 30% or more in discounts
  • Doesn’t provide other extensive marketing services offered on more popular applications

With RedCappi, you get several essential items for a better and more efficient email-marketing campaign. Make the most of what’s on offer for an outstanding marketing experience that’s without hassle!

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