10 Real Estate Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

10 Real Estate Blog Post Ideas

In the profession of real estate, selling agents need to use every tool at their disposal to help them sell their listings. Blog posts should just be one more part of their arsenal. Here are some excellent tips for crafting blog posts about real estate. These real estate blog post ideas will help you grow your business and move your listings.

1. Keep your readers up-to-date on trends in the real estate market.

This is essential for anyone who owns property and is thinking about selling it in the near future. If the market is super hot, or certain types of property are moving quickly, it is vital to let your readers know that. For example: if they own a condo and condos sell with three days of coming on the market, get that information out there. On the flip side, if larger homes are moving and apartments are not, that is just as important. The more you share with your readers and clients, the better.

2. Informing your readers about what to do to prep their property for sale to get the maximum value.

While this is a post that has been written dozens of times before, it is always worth repeating. To get the maximum amount from the sale of a property, there are multiple things a seller should do to get the property ready. Things like renovating the bathroom or kitchen may not bring the value a seller thinks it will. Detail what upgrades are necessary for the highest resale value.

3. Spotlight properties and talk about the neighborhoods they are in.

While people buy a home for its features, people also purchase property for what surrounds their new home. Showcase neighborhoods and cities to show potential buyers what those areas have to offer them. While some people only care about the house, others want to know their neighborhood. You can talk about schools, community activities, and even walkability. Society is growing more eco-friendly and like knowing about things they can walk to.

4. Spotlight property taxes and school taxes for the neighborhoods you sell in.

There are a variety of factors that are involved when buying property. Taxes are one that is on the forefront of a person’s mind. Some areas charge very little in taxes on property and land. And then there are other areas of the country that cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. For some buyers, the taxes will be the make-or-break factor in their purchase. Posts detailing what select areas charge in taxes will help your buyers know what is in their budgets upfront. This will save everyone time.

5. Let prospective buyers know what an HOA is and what function they serve.

If you have first-time buyers, they may have heard of HOA’s, but have no idea what function and purpose they serve. A post detailing the job of an HOA would be highly beneficial to those buyers. Reviewing how dues work for HOA’s would also be of great help to your buyers. HOA’s can ask for payment of dues in a wide variety of ways. Some HOA dues are almost as much as mortgage payments monthly. Let your buyers know what they should be on the lookout for.

6. Review the job market in your selling territories.

This is a significant factor in helping people choose between one city/county over another. Even if your buyers have a job currently, it’s always reassuring for them to know they could easily find another one. Highlight the positives of the job market in your area. Showcase any big companies that have relocated to your area as well.

7. Create a post on activities that happen in your area.

Potential buyers love to know that there are things to do in the towns/cities they move into. No one wants to just stay home and do nothing. Create content about any festivals that happen in your area. Is this area a hotspot for music venues? Food truck events? Community gatherings? Summer camps and youth sports leagues for kids? Whatever the event is, make sure to showcase it. For some potential buyers, this is a huge factor in their decision making.

8. Do a feature on the schools in your areas.

While not every buyer will have children, lots of them will. Schools are a large part of the decision making when it comes time to buy a home. All parents want their kids to go to the best schools. Create a post that covers the school systems in your area. Let parents know about any awards these schools have won, as well as any other pertinent information. And while public schools in your area will be the primary place parents send their children, don’t forget to showcase alternatives. Also, review any private schools and academies in the area. You want potential buyers to have all the information available to them when making their choice.

9. A post for potential buyers reviewing the pros/cons of new construction versus completed homes.

On a topic like this, some buyers will have their own preferences. Some people just can’t see living in a home that had previous occupants, or that they don’t get a choice in things like light fixtures. Those people are candidates for new construction. You will have some buyers that don’t care about stuff like that. Showcase the pros and cons of both.

10. Put together a relocation packet for buyers.

This is a chance to show off businesses you may have partnerships with. This can include anything from cleaning companies to banks and lawn care companies. People who are new to town will appreciate not having to search for these services. This post will allow you to link to them, and vice versa.


Hopefully, these post ideas will help you keep visitors engaged with your real estate blog. These topics should draw views from existing clients, as well as new ones. Good luck with boosting your traffic!

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