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10 Effective Public Speaking Tips Blog Post Ideas

Public speaking can be a lot of fun. It can also trigger massive anxiety for some who don’t enjoy this kind of exposure. But there are ways for people to conquer any discomfort they feel about public speaking and improve their skills in this area. These ten public speaking tips blog post ideas should help you craft posts that will help both novice and seasoned public speakers.

1. Understand your audience.

While there are countless things a person can do to properly prepare for their speaking engagement by far the biggest is to know who they are speaking too. It isn’t enough to just know you are speaking to a group of lawyers, you have to understand the personality of the group so you can tailor your speech and deliver it to match your group. If your audience is known for being more serious, cracking jokes during your speech wouldn’t be the best idea. Craft a post with ways for speakers to know more about their audience so they can match their vibe in their speech.

2. Practice your speech before your presentation.

Speakers don’t often think about how much they need to practice. Experienced speakers can be guilty of this. Don’t ever forget the saying that practice makes perfect. Rehearse your speech as many times as you need to. Practice how you would walk on the stage, use technology, use your hands while you speak, etc. Writing a blog post full of practice tips would be essential for both new and seasoned speakers alike.

3. Test out all your technology.

One would think that this would fall under the bullet point of practicing your speech. But speakers don’t often think about the technology they will be using while they speak. It should be considered just as important. A blog post on this topic could consist of a tech checklist that all speakers should review before they present. Offer backup plans if something fails to work properly.

4. Be comfortable in the area that you are speaking in.

A great blog on this subject would be tips and suggestions on how to get comfortable in the space you’ll be speaking in. Such things to include would be getting there early, walking the area, etc. Also, include what to do if you don’t live near the venue and won’t have sufficient time to do a walkthrough beforehand. What virtual options are there available?

5. Warm up before you speak.

Speakers are just like singers; they have to warm up their voices before they take the stage. Craft a post that reviews ways for speakers to warm up their vocal cords and the perils they can encounter if they don’t. If a speaker doesn’t warm up their voice it could crack while they are speaking or they could start coughing, etc. That would prove distracting during a speaking engagement.

6. Visualizing your success.

This sounds a little bit more “new age” than some of these other tips. But research shows that if a person can picture themselves being successful, it increases their chances of actually being successful. Visualization is a great technique for people to use, especially if the speaker gets nervous. A great blog post would be letting readers know what visualization is and how they can use it to help alleviate stress around speaking.

7. Focus on body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

This is one of the hardest things for anyone to master. It doesn’t matter if they are a public speaker or not. The way we say things and the way we respond to stimuli is so ingrained in us that sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing it. All people are guilty of taking a tone of voice, showing a facial expression, or displaying body language that is not welcoming without even realizing they have done so. If a person is going to speak in public, they have to work to control those responses. Anything could happen during a speech and you have to remain calm through all of it. Create a blog post with tips and exercises that a person can do to better control these expressions. This way they are prepared for anything from a technical error to a heckler.

8. Dress the part.

Dressing the part is important for you to have any authority at all as a speaker. But this also means dressing in a way that fits your audience. If you are speaking to a group of stockbrokers, you want to dress like you belong. Don’t show up in a t-shirt and jeans. If you are speaking to a group of college students, you want to look professional but not too stuffy. Creating a post that reviews the importance of this and how to dress and match your audience would be extremely helpful for speakers.

9. When giving your speech, actually speak to your audience.

Engaging your audience when you speak is important. That’s the whole reason you are even there. Develop a post that gives speakers tips and tricks on how to engage their audience. Things like smiling and looking at your audience members/making eye contact would be great things to include.

10. Managing your anxiety when speaking in public.

Speaking in public doesn’t come easy to everyone. Some people have a real struggle with it. But even though they struggle, it doesn’t mean they can avoid public speeches. Construct a post with tips and suggestions on what a person can do to calm their nerves. These tips can include how to prepare and respond to anxiety right before the speech.


Hopefully, these tips will help you create some great content on speaking in public. It is a rewarding thing, but most people need some preparation first. Using these public speaking tips blog post ideas, you will be able to develop posts that will help speakers of all skill levels.

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