27 Psychic Blog Post Ideas Biddrup

27 Psychic Blog Post Ideas

Regular people believe that there are only five senses: the sense of sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. But some people think that they have the sixth sense which is clairvoyance or intuition. It is when one receives information not on the 5 senses and can only be explained in spiritual levels.

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Many are interested in reading the psychic phenomena or clairvoyance. We are here to help you give ideas on what you can write about those for your blog content.

  1. Dreams

    One interesting topic can be written about is dreams. It is believed that people dream because the unconscious self or the universe is trying to tell something to the dreamer. You can write the importance of dreams to its dreamer for your next blog post. People are also interested in knowing the meaning of their dreams (especially the recurring ones) so you can write what they are trying to represent to the dreamer’s life. You might never know, your post can help someone having troubles with their life for long.

  2. Guardian Angels

    Some people believe in the existence of angels that guide them in their everyday lives or keep them away from harm. And they believe that each angel has names and responsibilities in this world. You can write about the names of the angels and share a little back story what they have done to a person or family. Of course, your readers also want to get to know their guardian angels if they have not experienced them. Many are not that sensitive to notice that their guardian angel is with them or helping them with their decisions. Make a blog post where how they can tell signs they are being visited by their guardian angels so they can be confident that there is an angel assigned to them too.

  3. Psychic Phenomena History

    Psychic or parapsychology did not pop out in the history like a mushroom. It has started somewhere by someone and most likely for a reason or a purpose. To enlighten your readers what parapsychology is all about, post an article about psychic history. Tell them where the term came from, the country of origin, and such. Everything you can research about its history will be beneficial to the people who are wanting to know of its beginning.

  4. Astrology and Life’s Goal

    People who believe in psychic phenomena also give importance to celestial bodies such as the moon, stars, and their alignment. It is believed that the alignment of the planets when a person was born can dictate the life of that person, their experiences, and even their future. For your blog, you can create a post that can explain to your readers the effect of the night sky in their life to let them be aware of their existence in this world. This could be very helpful especially to those who feel lost and have no idea what they must be fulfilled in their lifetime.

  5. The Zodiac Signs

    A person might be wondering “Why am I not with good terms with this person even though we have known each other for more than a decade?” or “How does she make friends fast while I do not?” Some believe that it is not a person’s problem but with their compatibility with other zodiac signs. So an idea for your next blog post would be the list of zodiac signs and their personality types. Shoot in some info which zodiac signs go well together as friends or couples and what signs when put in a room can be a disaster.

  6. Psychic Abilities

    When you say psychic phenomena to others, they first think of spoon bending or objects floating. But it is more than that. To help your readers understand the topic more, you can write about the different types of psychic abilities. Let them know that one ability is different from another as it depends on what a person’s gift is. Additional to that, you can also write how one can know of their gift and how to practice so if we become more natural to them. And for the non-believers, at least they will not only talk about “Matilda” all the time.

  7. Famous Psychics and Clairvoyants

    Parapsychology became known to millions of people and worldwide because of the people who were and are actively doing it. Let them be more famous by writing them down on your blog. Tell about their basic info like their full name, country, and their expertise. It is best also to inform your readers their achievements as psychics to explain more of the existence of the sixth sense.

  8. Psychic Books to Read

    There are instances that one needs to absorb themselves in nature to relax and be one with themselves again. Sometimes, they want to detach themselves from electricity and connection to the world and drown themselves in books. On your blog, you can suggest them books related to psychic phenomena that they can enjoy reading. One might be searching for good books to bring with them to learn more about their existence and the things they are capable of. Maybe you will surprise yourself and want to read a psychic book too after making a blog post about it.

  9. Numerology Reading and Meaning

    People might be wondering why they keep on seeing a certain number, sometimes even more than once a day. It is believed that numbers have spiritual meanings to a person who is seeing those. To guide your readers to see the power of numbers with their lives, you can create an article wherein the topic is about the relation of numbers to people and its meaning. That even their birthday has a significant meaning with their present and future self. With that, they will learn how to be sensitive to the meaning of numbers the universe is trying to show them. PS: Maybe you will get surprised that the numbers you kept on seeing (and have memorized) are the winning numbers in a lottery!

  10. Finance and Income

    One might want to start a career as a fortune teller or anything that is related being a psychic. She might want to know how much she would charge for her service, will it be hourly or per session? If you have any idea what is the standard charge of a psychic service, you can share that with your readers who are aspiring parapsychologists.

  11. Crystals and Stones

    When someone tries to picture a psychic, it is highly possible that they are imagining a psychic in the center of a dark-lit room and surrounded by hundreds of different crystals of all sizes. Crystals and other stones are usually connected with psychics. They strongly believe that crystals and some types of stones emit power and energy that can work with their spiritual abilities. Like for example, psychics and even ordinary people use emeralds to help them open up their psychic abilities. This topic will be a great idea to be talked about on your blog for your readers so that they will know why these crystals and stones are valuable.

  12. Psychics and the Police

    Some memorable stories of rescues by policemen have involved with the help of clairvoyants. It is either the clairvoyants themselves have readings about a certain case that they have told the police or the police asks for help from them. You could write some successful stories of missing or murder cases where a psychic was of a great help to locate the victims or the suspects. Or you can create a debating post if the clairvoyants really “see” things related to a case or just a pure coincidence. It would be up to you but this idea can spark interest in your readers.

  13. Hypnosis

    One of the mesmerizing things in parapsychology is watching people getting hypnotized. Usually, a hypnotized person sits or stand still but can still answer or react to what the psychic is ordering them. Some cases, they cannot feel anything even though they are being touched or sometimes even hurt if the one who hypnotized the person told them they are not feeling anything. Quite powerful, right? To enlighten your readers about hypnosis and what is it all about, write a post about it. Maybe start with its history like who was the first psychic who did this ability and such. Or what is its importance that many people are interested to do it or even be hypnotized? You could also blog about how to hypnotize someone AND waking that person up. “When I snap my fingers in the count of 3 you will continue on reading. 1.. 2.. 3.. *snap*”

  14. Chakras

    Chakra, an old Sanskrit word, means wheel. It is the life spinning inside you to make you a balanced person. Each has 7 chakras in the body that must be spinning in synchronicity to keep a person healthy. It will be a good idea for your next blog to let your readers know more about chakras and its importance to their lives. And how they can keep their chakras synchronized to live a balanced life.

  15. Colors of Aura

    Aura is present in every living thing, therefore, each person has one too. It is said to be the psychic energy that a person emits. Each person has a different color of aura depending on the mood, physical health, and their chakras. Sensitive people can easily notice and see auras released by people. Why not for your next blog post, tackle about the colors of aura and their meanings. This can give the explanation to people who can sense auras and can also start the interest of people in discovering auras.

  16. Superstitions

    Have you ever heard someone yelling, “This will be an unlucky day, I just stepped on a crack!” or do you sometimes hear yourself saying, “I have finally found a four-leaf clover! This will be the start of my luck!” Yes, these are just a few examples of superstitions that people have been believing in ever since. You can write some of the superstitions all around the world for your website. Try to include the history of superstitions and why do some people believe and even depend their decisions on them.

  17. Palmistry/Palm-reading

    Have you encountered a person who just suddenly grabbed your hand and start reading the lines of your palm and tell your fate? Yes, that is palmistry or palm-reading. Some people believe that they can foretell one’s fortune or misfortune just be looking at the lines of their palms. They think that the palm lines are the person’s lifeline and knowing the meaning of those will be helpful to that person in decision-making. Saying that a blog post about palm-reading is a good idea to write on about. As palmistry is one of the most famous topics in psychic phenomena, many will be interested in reading articles related to it.

  18. Past Life and Reincarnation

    Some people feel that they have lived a life previous to the one they are having right now. They tend to get attracted to a certain place or object even though they have not personally visited it or owned it. They just feel that there’s some connection between them that they cannot explain. That is one of the reasons why some believe that past lives really exist. Add a post about past life – why do people feel or experience reincarnation, what life is trying to tell them and if there are issues they need to resolve. You can also talk about the techniques that must be used so the person who wants to remember memories from the past life (through hypnosis usually) know what to expect and who to go to.

  19. Déjà vu

    You could have probably experienced this too, you suddenly feel that you have already walked into an area, and have seen the people and stores in that location. That is deja vu, it is a feeling of something that you firmly believe you have already experienced it in the past. This will be a good idea to work on for your blog to let your readers ease their mind that it is also experienced by others and not to be worried for. This topic is a good idea for your blog. Have I said that already?

  20. Mandala

    Mandala, or circle in the Sanskrit language, is also one of the symbols that is related in Buddhism and Hinduism but also in psychic phenomena. You would probably notice that almost all styles of mandalas are in circular form and with the geometric pattern. It shows the harmony and balance of one should have in this life that can attain by being spiritual and being connected to the universe. You could blog about where the idea of mandalas come from, its purpose, and their usual patterns. Write about also its meaning in religious and political view for more coverage of the topic.

  21. Ouija Board

    Maybe you have seen a board with the alphabet, numbers, “GOODBYE”, and the words “YES” and “NO” written on it. Yes, that is the controversial and most banned “toy”, the Ouija board. It is one tool in communicating with spirits and the dead. Many conservative families do not let their children to play with this even if you can easily create one. Just get a paper, write the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, and the words GOODBYE, YES, and NO, and voila you have your own Ouija board. But even some people find this evil or a taboo, some, especially spiritual people, use this to help people want to talk with their dead loved ones. But the majority of people perceive the Ouija board as a bad, mystical object. But you can change how they will see it by writing a blog post about the positiveness of using the Ouija board. You can also share with your readers the proper way of using it to not abuse and misuse of what it really is made for.

  22. Near-Death Experience

    Some people have already experienced being close to death and having a memory of seeing the light or experiencing the afterlife. People from the medical field are the top skeptics of this kind of stories they hear from their patients as science cannot give a full explanation why do people who have NDE. So, to enlighten more people about this phenomenon, create a post that will explain more about near-death experiences. You can collect and compare the stories of people who have NDE and what happened to them after receiving a second life.

  23. Psychic Apps

    Of course, we are living in a modern age now so many will be interested in downloading apps that can help them hone their psychic ability. It will be a good idea to have a list of apps that can be downloaded to their smartphones related to paranormal psychology. Try to put all categories available so your readers have a good range of apps depending on their liking.

  24. Responsibilities of a Psychic

    Having a psychic ability is a gift that can be envied by others. As the person who has this gift, one should not be boastful of it and use it badly. Not all psychics know that they have a responsibility to do as a famous superhero once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” It will be helpful to your readers the importance and their responsibilities of being a psychic. This is to keep a harmonious relationship to the psychic community and be thankful for the gift that not everyone has.

  25. Home Spirit Cleansing

    Some people they are having supernatural and abnormal experiences in their houses. Like they sometimes suddenly in a bad mood, want to punch someone in the face for no apparent reason, or they feel someone’s presence near them even when they are alone. In these instances, their houses must be spiritually cleansed. Cleaning, vacuuming, and even changing the positions of the furniture has a little effect to stop these unexplained activities. Thus a spirit cleansing is highly suggested. To help your readers prevent these and not to worsen the activities, create a post on how they can spirit cleanse their home. There are a lot of cleansing depending on the activity and its severity. Of course, it will be best to list the tools, ingredients, and instructions for the spirit cleansing be successful. You could also include the prayers or chants that must be needed to utter while the cleansing procedure to protect the people from evil activities.

  26. Psychics vs Fakeics

    As being a psychic can be a career and be one’s bread and butter, many people who really do not have the ability will try to scam just to get easy money. To stop these fake psychics in doing their dirty job, you can write an article on how the people can spot authentic psychics with fake ones. This will guide them to ask help from the real parapsychologists to solve their problems and concerns.

  27. Face Reading

    Today, many psychics have been practicing face reading or physiognomy. They say that one’s character and future through the structure of the jaw, facial features, size of the ears, etc. This has not been a talked about topic as palm reading so you can write about it to give information to your readers. Maybe some will ask how about the identical twins, can they have different readings etc. Be prepared in questions and issues like that.

These are just some ideas related to psychic phenomena that you can write about to keep your followers support your website. Having a well-thought article and interesting topics can boost your page’s popularity and visibility. Not only that, by having quality content and ideas that are in line with your blog can help your readers know more about the psychic phenomena.

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