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Preparing for the Worst: 5 Things to Have in Your Home Before an Asteroid Hits

It’s not easy to prepare for something as unlikely as an asteroid strike on your house. But, if you’re someone who likes to be ready for anything, here are five things you should make sure you have handy before the big day comes. These items will help make surviving a bit more manageable and can even give you a little peace of mind during an otherwise chaotic situation.


Having extra batteries on hand is always a good idea, especially if an asteroid hits your house. If the electricity goes out, it may be hard to find batteries at stores or open stores in general. So it’s best to stock up in advance. Make sure that your stockpile includes a mix of sizes and types, from AA to D and beyond. 

Bottled Water

You never know how long the water supply will last after an asteroid hits your house, so it’s essential to keep some bottled water around just in case. Don’t forget about pet supplies too! Pets need clean drinking water just like humans do and there may not be any access to fresh water following a disaster such as this one. Stocking up on bottled water beforehand can help ensure that everyone stays hydrated and healthy while waiting out the storm. 


Flashlights are an absolute must have when it comes to survival shopping! After all, you’ll need them when the lights go out! Flashlights come in handy for all sorts of different tasks during a power outage, from locating items in dark spaces (like under beds or couches) or finding your way around outside when darkness falls. Consider buying flashlights with rechargeable batteries for maximum convenience and sustainability. 

First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit should be part of every home’s emergency preparedness plan, but it’s especially important if an asteroid hits your house! Make sure that you have various bandages of various sizes along with antiseptic wipes and creams, pain relief medications, tweezers for removing splinters or debris from wounds and scissors for cutting gauze or tape in case of emergencies. Also include basic medical supplies like thermometers and stethoscopes if possible; these can come in handy if anyone gets sick or injured while hunkering down after the disaster strikes. 

Emergency Radio

An emergency radio is essential during natural disasters since they allow people to stay informed about what’s going on around them even without access to TV or internet services. Emergency radios also provide valuable information such as weather updates which can help people avoid further danger by keeping them abreast of potential hazards like flooding or fires that might arise due to heavy winds or other conditions caused by the asteroid impact itself. Investing in an emergency radio ahead of time will give people peace of mind knowing that they won’t miss out on important news if their power suddenly goes out due to the disaster at hand.

What is Asteroid Launcher, and how does it work?

Asteroid Launcher is a web app that allows users to simulate the impact of an asteroid on any location on Earth. The app uses factors such as impact speed, angle, and size of the asteroid to generate simulations of different potential impacts.

How can Asteroid Launcher help us to prepare for an asteroid impact in the future?

Asteroid Launcher can help us to better understand which types of asteroids are most likely to pose a threat, and allows us to test different strategies for preparing for and potentially deflecting such objects. This knowledge could be used to inform policy decisions around asteroid tracking and mitigation, as well as funding for potential future projects aimed at protecting Earth from asteroid strikes.

What does Asteroid Launcher tell us about asteroids and the potential for devastating impacts on Earth?

Asteroid Launcher allows users to explore the impacts of different types and sizes of asteroids on a range of locations on Earth. While it is unlikely that an asteroid will actually strike the planet in the near future, this app helps us to better understand the potential effects such an impact could have, as well as strategies for preparing for and potentially averting such an event.

To Bring Things Together

Being prepared is key when dealing with any kind of natural disaster, especially one as devastating as an asteroid strike hitting your house! With these five essentials stocked up ahead of time:

  1. Batteries,
  2. Bottled water,
  3. Flashlights,
  4. First-aid kits, and
  5. Emergency radios

You’ll be able to manage any dire situation with ease and peace of mind knowing that you’re well-equipped no matter what happens next!

Remember: don’t wait until it’s too late; get these five must-haves now before the worst happens!

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