Pepipost – Reliable Email Delivery for Swifter Digital Marketing

Pepipost Review – Reliable Email Delivery for Swifter Digital Marketing

If you’re searching for a top email-marketing software, correct info is essential to make a great pick. With over thirty email-marketing apps available, making the most of your choice could be tricky.

Your target is undoubtedly getting the word out, increasing conversions, sales, and all that. Without the right email-marketing software, you may not achieve much.

But if you’re all up for software recommendations, consider making Pepipost your choice.

With ten billion email deliveries every month to a half century of subscribers, Pepipost must be doing something right.

That’s why this review provides extensive information to make the most of your email marketing software selection.

When you’re targeted an informed choice, this guide could be all you need.

Fact Sheet – Pepipost

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Total IntegrationsPepipostYes (30,000 free emails/month & 100 free emails/day for life)Statistics; Real-time information; SMTP relay; Email API; AI-driven marketing; email marketing; Webhooks; Sub-account management; Scheduling; Security support; Bounce forwarding; App integrations    99+

Why Pepipost is Great?

With Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Relay, you can get more mail transmission potential across the Web. Subscribers to Pepipost mail delivery service get more transfer ease and a better reach.

Also, email API verification is an essential service available to Pepipost users. With this service, it becomes much easier to get your mails to working addresses for an effective marketing campaign.

Users targeting large mail sends will undoubtedly benefit from what Pepipost has on offer. With support for mail verification and a faster relay service, bulky mails sends could be much easier.

Buyers searching for an effective email marketing campaign get the most of their effort with Pepipost support. Everything required for an effective digital marketing campaign is available for users to leverage.

All these coupled with a reliable delivery structure makes Pepipost a great choice for several users.

Who Should Buy Pepipost?

Marketers keen on a top-grade email-marketing software with several essential features will fancy Pepipost.And it’s an ideal fit for marketers searching for an email-marketing software for multiple digital campaigns.


Users keen on free stuff from Pepipost get access to 30,000 emails every day for the first month.

After the free trial period expires, there’s still free stuff for all Pepipost users. Free users can get up to one hundred mails free every day for life! With such freebies, you could get a smoother scale-up effort if you’re just starting.

But when you’re targeting a more efficient, directed marketing campaign, buying an email pack makes sense.

All products available from Pepipost are measured by emails per month. Lowest among the packages are 150,000 emails per month, which costs a little over $17. And if you’ve got to send up to 2million emails each month, there’s a package for that too.

Buyers searching for over 2million emails per month get access to custom quotes on request. Features available for Pepipost users are the same across. But when you pay more for an email pack, you get more discounts.

With a large email pack purchase, users could get up to 30% discounts overall.


  • AI-driven marketing
  • App integrations
  • Bounce forwarding
  • Email API
  • Email marketing
  • Real-time information
  • Scheduling
  • SMTP relay
  • Statistics
  • Sub-account management
  • Webhooks


  • Swifter mail marketing support
  • Offers single-source, multiple-account management
  • Provides stats/essential reports
  • Faster, direct mail sends
  • Easier scheduling functions


  • Small plans, smaller discounts
  • Expensive

What to Consider before Buying Pepipost


Businesses starting off on a lean budget may not fancy starting with a huge email subscription plan. That’s why you’ve got to make the most of your selection based on your budget.

Most small businesses with no real capital to kick-start their marketing campaign start off with Pepipost free. And some others looking for a test-run maximize free stuff on offer for a more informed selection.

So, if you don’t have a budget or just want a try-out, consider opting for free or much smaller plans.

Features you need

When you’ve got your sights set on sending massive emails every month, you can’t commit to a smaller plan. And since Pepipost offers its features across, you don’t need to worry about special features.

All features available will make more of your marketing effort, but you’ve got to commit more cash for more emails.

Target subscribers

When scaling up your contact list is a major decision, you need to make the most of your email-marketing campaign. That’s why planning to boost your subscriptions for more emails per month should be considered.


Money-off plans are available for Pepipost subscribers. If you want to make the most of your subscription to Pepipost, consider buying a huge plan. When you commit more cash to a bulky plan, you could get a huge discount.

Final Verdict

Pepipost offers its users extensive email-marketing solutions with a wide range of features businesses need to grow. With what this piece provides, it becomes less hassling to make an informed, Pepipost choice:


  • Several email plans available for numerous business needs
  • Has support for over 2,000,000 emails sends every month
  • Delivers similar services across plans, regardless of investment
  • Discounts available for large-scale plan subscribers
  • Offers essential email-marketing support required for sustained business growth


  • Smaller plans don’t offer enough discounts
  • Not the best when you’re keen on rollover email packages to use anytime

Marketers keen on a complete set of facts to aid their selection of Pepipost will find this guide helpful. When you plan to make an informed decision when choosing marketing software, this is a great piece.

Make the most of what this guide offers when you’re keen on selecting Pepipost. It could be what makes the difference, helping you select a smarter, more efficient email marketing software.

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