20 Parenting Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Parenting Blog Post Ideas

Do you know how important it is to have great content in your blog? The better your content is, the more that people will be enticed to visit your blog often. You have a lot of competition though, because people have created many different parenting blogs. Some of them have been around for years! It can be hard to compete with them when you barely know what you have to talk about. You can always have an edge, if you have interesting ideas. Keep reading to learn more details.

  1. Realities of Parenting

    a complete blog post idea on Realities of ParentingOne of the greatest fears of parents is realizing that they have failed as parents. They may think that their children have turned out bad or are failures and they think that it is their fault. Now is the time that you can let parents realize that even with proper guidance, there are some things that are beyond a parent’s control. You need to show that all parents, including you, there is not exact, foolproof formula to proper parenting.

  2. Kids and the Internet

    a complete blog post idea on Kids and the InternetThere are a lot of parents who are concerned about the type of online content that their kids may access to view. Some of the things that are available online can be very alarming. This is the blog post where you can discuss some of the safety measures that parents can put in place to ensure that their kids only view the right content. You can also give tips on how parents can talk to their kids about the content that they are allowed to view online.

  3. Kid Activities to be Enjoyed

    a complete blog post idea on Kid Activities to be EnjoyedSome kids would rather use their gadgets all the time, but parents can always encourage their kids to try having more hobbies. Gadgets will allow children to have fun, but the parents will usually be on the sidelines, with no way to fully bond with their children. Suggest some activities that parents and kids can do together. There may also be activities that people can do when parents would like to have some alone time.

  4. Responding to Bullying

    a complete blog post idea on Responding to BullyingIt is unfortunate that bullying is still a thing. This has been around for a long period of time, and it is possible that this will affect different kids. You can share your own story about how you have responded to bullying. It may be your child who has gotten bullied or it may even be yourself. A lot of parents will be interested in this, because this is something that they do not want their children to experience alone.

  5. Self Care for Parents

    a complete blog post idea on Self Care for ParentsWho says that parents should already forget about themselves the moment that they have children? Parents should still have time to pamper themselves. Give some suggestions on what parents can do so that they can relax and just treat themselves. Parents can go on dates that are similar to how they dated when they did not have a child yet and other activities that will allow them to enjoy easily.

  6. Products that are Life-Saving

    a complete blog post idea on Products that are Life-SavingTalk about some of the products that you have used that you believe can be life-saving, especially since you are juggling so many things at once. There are different products that are available, but you want to show parents that there are some that they can trust more than the others. Share your recommendations and they will appreciate this for sure.

  7. Tips to Make Children Eat Veggies

    a complete blog post idea on Tips to Make Children Eat VeggiesThere are a lot of children who do not like eating vegetables, especially when they become have been exposed to fast food and other processed foods. You can talk about some ideas that parents can also do so they can become more creative in presenting food and the veggies that they will serve. You may even share some recipes of the vegetable dishes that your kids love. It may work for the children of your readers too.

  8. Making Chores More Fun for Children

    a complete blog post idea on Making Chores More Fun for ChildrenIt can be problematic for a lot of children when they have to do chores. Some siblings get into fights when one child does not want to do his/her chores. You can try to share your own experiences on making children want to do chores. Share some tips on how it can be an activity that everyone can enjoy. When parents show their children that they hate doing chores, their children will emulate this for sure.

  9. Share Worst Day Experience

    a complete blog post idea on Share Worst Day ExperienceBeing a mom can be very rewarding for you most of the time. There are times, however, when you just feel that you are going insane. You can share your worst day experience as a mom. You may have some blog readers who will be able to relate to your worst day or it may prompt them to share their own worst day experience too.

  10. Caption This

    a complete blog post idea on Caption ThisYou can share an unflattering photo of yourself or a picture of your kid that makes you so proud. It is your blog after all, and you are entitled to share things that you genuinely love. You can ask your blog readers to come up with appropriate captions. This can even become a contest wherein you will give the prize to the person whose caption you like best.

  11. Helping Kids Through A Difficult Experience

    a complete blog post idea on Helping Kids Through A Difficult ExperienceIt can be even worse for a parent, when they see that their children are having some issues coping with something negative, that has occurred in their lives lately. It may be because of failure or it may also be because of divorce. Parents would need tips on how they can keep their own feelings in check, while taking care of their kids’ feelings too.

  12. Interview A Parent

    a complete blog post idea on Interview A ParentYou may interview another mom or to make things more interesting, a dad who can share some ideas about parenting. Just make sure that you will work out the questions with your chosen parent, so that the interview goes well and you get all the key information. This can be done through a video too; to make this more interesting for people.

  13. Your Wedding Story

    a complete blog post idea on Your Wedding StoryWho says that you cannot share your wedding with your blog readers? Some of them would also want to know more about you. They may even want to know more about your bachelorette party or the things that you have experienced before marriage. This is something that will help you become more relatable to the people who love reading your blog. Some of them will not comment, but will definitely appreciate the gesture.

  14. Your In-Laws

    a complete blog post idea on Your In-LawsThere are some people who are lucky with their in-laws, while there are also some who are not. This is your chance to share some stories about your in-laws. They can be fun stories that your blog readers would like to read, or there may be some horror stories about your in-laws that others may find interesting. It is okay to share as long as you know that there is a risk your in-laws may know your blog exists. Remember, digital media can be shared very easily.

  15. Your Child’s First Word

    a complete blog post idea on Your Child’s First WordYou may think that this is an uninteresting topic but you will be surprised by the number of people, who think that this is a big deal. You can tell the story of your child’s first word and what your reaction was at the time. This may prompt other moms and parents to share the first words of their own children and start a very interesting list of baby talk.

  16. Review A Product for Babies

    a complete blog post idea on Review A Product for BabiesThere are some products that are meant specifically for children. You can share your own experience of using the item for your child. Be specific about the advantages and disadvantages of using the products. People will like it more when you can give detailed reviews. It will help them decide if the product that you have reviewed is worth the money or not. You can give your own recommendations too!

  17. Funny Parent Quote of the Week

    a complete blog post idea on Funny Parent Quote of the WeekThere are some parents who are too serious about taking care of their own children that they barely have time to have fun. This segment of yours will allow you to share your insight on a funny quote. At the same time, you may also inspire other parents to lighten up and think of parenting, not as a chore, but actually as a fun experience, that not everyone will have the opportunity to experience.

  18. Controversial Parenting Subject

    a complete blog post idea on Controversial Parenting SubjectYour blog readers will appreciate you more, if you would be able to take a stand or certain subjects that are considered to be controversial such as breastfeeding in public. You can talk about the reasons why you feel that way. There may be some blog readers who will agree with you. Of course, there are some who will try to change your mind. This can definitely make your blog more popular.

  19. Share Some Supermarket Ideas

    a complete blog post idea on Share Some Supermarket IdeasParenting blogs should not be focused on things that are related to children alone. Parents are expected to do a lot of things such as work, do chores, and even purchase the right food ingredients in the supermarket. You can share some ideas on the things that you normally buy in the supermarket and why you think those products work for your household. The perfect items for each household will always depend on a lot of factors.

  20. Wishes for Your Kids

    a complete blog post idea on Wishes for Your KidsWhat are the few things that you would wish for your kids? Most parents would say that they wish their children will be able to study well and graduate. They wish that the time would come when their children would be able to stand in their own two feet. This is where you can share your innermost wishes for your children. It can be heartfelt, and parents will be able to relate to this easily.

There are so many blog post ideas that you can think about that will help you become more relatable to different parents from all over the world. Your blog may start as something that will be visited by parents within your area, but depending on the ideas that you will share, you will definitely be noticed more by other readers who want to know more about parenting.

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  1. Some of these are the bedrock of every parenting blog., some, however, have given mes some ideas. Well compiled. At the Apocalypse Dadddy we like to take these ideas and turn them into entertaining parenting stories.

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