Omnisend – Effective Automation for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Omnisend Review – Effective Automation for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Expanding your newsletters for increased conversions and sales could be tasking. And if you don’t have access to professional help, it could be tricky to grow in the digital business world.

The best way to leverage tools targeted at your email marketing campaign is with a top service provider.

Right now, more than two-dozen mail-marketing companies are available for users to select. You need the best choices since you’re targeting an efficient, upward-boosting marketing strategy.

One top choice you can’t afford to miss is Omnisend. With big multinational firms like Unilever and Samsung on their client list, you’ll be in good company.

Omnisend promises users more than email campaigns. So, you need essential info to make sense of all that’s on offer.

That’s why this guide provides essential information on everything Omnisend.

If you’re keen on an informed guide pre-purchase, this guide has all the info you need.

Fact Sheet – Omnisend

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
OmnisendYes (15,000 emails per month/14 day free trial)Web Push Notifications; Facebook Custom Audiences; Google Customer Match; Advanced Reporting; Customer Success Manager (from 15K contacts); Free SMS credits; Email Account Migration; Customer Success Manager; Deliverability Support ;Custom IP Address  40+

Why Omnisend is Great?

Omnisend has massive support for easier linkup with several other CRM and store applications. If you’re planning to merge your email marketing campaign with the right features, Omnisend is a great pick.

Also, it provides more support for integration into major e-commerce platforms you may not find on other applications. With such massive support, your digital marketing effort will have a true omni effect without hassle.

And that’s not all.

Omnisend offers users enhanced automation some users of other email marketing software can only wish they had. With support for improved automation, customers have better potential to drive sales.

Pre-built automations rank as a top highlight Omnisend offers. With this feature, users can easily manage sales win-back, welcome offers, transactional emails, cart abandonment episodes, and more.

Automations from Omnisend don’t take long, and you could be set for strong digital marketing in less than an hour.

Making the most of your digital marketing campaign while you sleep doesn’t get any better. And if you think that’s all from Omnisend, think again!

Omnisend supports a well-rounded automation system designed to provide segmentation benefits. If you have so many customers with differing needs, this feature should interest you. Subscribers can make the most of customer segmentation based on how they shop.

Other properties capable of influencing customer decision are leveraged to help you maximize your email sends potential.

When you’re targeting consistency, there’s few software out there that can match Omnisend. The software offers marketing across multiple channels to help you maximize your customer contact support. You can get more conversions when your emails link to SMS for users to engage.

Customer support from Omnisend also provides users top-notch services. With this feature, you can get essential information with a few clicks to max out your customer response effort.

Who Should Buy Omnisend?

Marketers searching for an email-marketing software with numerous essential features will fancy Omnisend.

Omnisend Free

With the Free package, users get support for email campaigns to kick-start their digital marketing effort. Also, this plan affords users support with sign-up boxes, pop-ups, and forms. And if you’re targeting free reports, Omnisend Free has that too.

Omnisend Standard

SMS campaigns and automation are available to subscribers of Omnisend Standard. Buyers of Omnisend Standard can leverage email automation, segmentation of their audience, support, and several other essential marketing features.

Omnisend Pro

15,000 emails are available to subscribers of the Pro plan, just like in Free and Standard packages. Users also get advanced reporting, custom audiences, customer matches, and much more.

Omnisend Enterprise

Unlimited emails and many other advanced features are available to subscribers of the Enterprise plan. Email account migration, deliverability support, and more are also accessible to subscribers of this plan.


  • Email/SMS Marketing
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Facebook Retargeting Sync
  • Google Retargeting Sync
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Campaign & Automation Reports
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Popups
  • Pre-built Ecommerce Workflows
  • Drag & Drop Automation Editor
  • Automation Splits
  • Landing Pages
  • Migration support
  • Multi-store accounts


  • Supports easier migration
  • Offers advanced reporting
  • Allows seamless integration
  • Easy drag-drop automation editor
  • Provides sleek pop-up designs


  • Expensive
  • Short free trial period

What to Consider before Buying Omnisend

Your audience

Audience conversions are an essential feature to consider when selecting a plan from Omnisend.

Subscribers seeking to maximize their conversion rate through automations and segmentations need business-oriented plans. Luckily, Omnisend has numerous options to suit your business needs.

Type of features you need

When you’re planning to sign-up, what your immediate and long-term needs are should get close consideration.

If you run an ecommerce platform, you can’t overlook gunning for more automated features and seamless integrationfrom Omnisend.

Final Verdict

Omnisend offers users several essential features to boost their marketing effort. When you’re targeting enhanced email marketing and automations, consider what Omnisend has to provide. And with the info below, it could become comfier to make Omnisend your top pick:


  • Flexible payment packages
  • Improved support for seamless contact migration support
  • Supports usage across multiple e-commerce stores with one account


  • Expensive for small plan buyers
  • May not offer massive integrations as compared to other popular email marketing apps

Omnisend has what it takes to boost your email marketing campaign. If what you seek is enhanced conversions and better automations, Omnisend could be a great fix. Make the most of what this guide offers, and get more from their services without hassle!

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