Moosend – Complete Marketing Solutions for Businesses

Moosend Review – Complete Marketing Solutions for Businesses

Are you keen on a top marketing solution for your email campaign? Try Moosend for size.

With several handy features and multiple plans to choose from, Moosend could be what your campaign needs.

Moosend is a powerful email marketing platform. You can manage multiple mailing lists and send out newsletters with the help of this tool. It has a state-of-the-art user interface and you can use it for intelligent campaign automation, personalization tags, landing pages, subscription forms, and more.

Moosend is for people who want to grow their business and email subscribers. They can do this with one of the free or paid plans. Some of the plans are at $10 per month.

Check out every essential detail onMoosend below:

Fact Sheet – Moosend

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
Moosend  Yes (1,000 contacts support for life)Up to 10 Team Members (based on chosen plan); Unlimited Emails; Transactional Emails; SSO & SAML; SMTP Server; Sign-up & Subscription Forms; Service-Level Agreement; Reporting & Analytics; Priority Support; Phone Support; On-Boarding & Migration; Landing Pages; Dedicated Account Manager; Custom Reporting    Yes

Why wheMoosend is Great?

If you’re not on a free plan, you can get up to ten team members on a single Moosend package.

And there’s more!

Subscribers to Moosend get support for unlimited emails, regardless of their chosen plan. Also, people targeting sign-up and subscription forms for audience growth get the right tools from Moosend.

Periodic reports and analysis are also available to users. With such insights, fashioning your email effort to produce results becomes less hassling.

Buyers of Moosend plans also get swift customer support and access to several automated features.

Who Should Buy wheMoosend?

Email marketers with small to large email-marketing needs will find several features of Moosend handy to their campaign.

Moosend Free

With the Moosend  free plan, users get a taste of what this email-marketing software has to offer. Users get access to unlimited emails support to 1,000 contacts for life! With such a deal, starting out an aggressive marketing campaign with a small audience becomes less hassling.

Also, users of the Moosend Free plan get direct access to use several tools to support audience growth.

You could get multiple sign-up &subscription forms set up on this plan without hassle. Growing your contact list becomes less of a hassle with such a handy feature.

And that’s not all!

Subscribers to the free plan get access to periodic reporting and analytics to support marketing campaign development. When you’re keen on improvements to your marketing effort, such insights could be handy over time.

Besides having reporting and analytics support, it’s a lot easier to migrate from Moosend Free to your fancied, paid plan.

Moosend Pro

Businesses with an eye for growing their audience and amassing conversions benefit from Moosend Pro.

The Pro plan has all features available to Moosend Free subscribers and much more. Subscribers to this plan get access to build landing pages without much hassle. With multiple landing page support, you can get better conversions for your effort easy.

Many businesses also rely on transactional emails to boost their ROI significantly. That’s why Moosend Pro offers users full support for sending transactional emails on the Pro plan.

If you’re keen on top-notch customer support, you can get easy access through Moosend Pro. With phone access, you can get across to an agent and make sense of your plan.

And if your focus is on getting better deliverability and faster email sends, Moosend Pro has SMTP server support.  The feature also swifter message relay and advanced deliverability functions.

Five of your team members can get a direct link to this account for a better handle on your marketing effort.

Moosend Enterprise

Big businesses are in the best position to get more from Moosend Enterprise. Through the Moosend Enterprise plan, users get every feature available to Pro users, and much more. Custom reporting is one of the main add-ons to the Enterprise plan.

Subscribers to Moosend Enterprise also get a dedicated account manager to get more from their investment.

Users get full support for migration and onboarding. And that’s not the whole thing. With Moosend Enterprise, up to ten (10) team members get maxed-out functions from one account.

All subscribers to Moosend  Enterprise also get access to a service-level agreement for custom marketing support.


  • Automated workflow templates
  • Custom Reporting
  • Customized opt-in forms
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Landing Pages
  • List segmentation
  • On-Boarding & Migration
  • Personalization support
  • Phone and Priority Support
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Service-Level Agreement
  • Sign-up & Subscription Forms
  • SMTP Server
  • SSO & SAML
  • Transactional Emails
  • Unlimited Emails


  • Customization support
  • Unlimited email sends support
  • Advanced segmentation input
  • Useful reports and analytics
  • Allows landing page creation


  • Expensive
  • Limited CRM integration support

What to Consider before Buying Moosend?

Your budget

When you’re working with a small budget, it’s best to stick to a smaller plan. It could be best to subscribe to plans like Moosend Free or Pro based on your spending power.

But if you’ve got to make the most of your marketing effort with a large contact base, consider huge plans.

How many contacts you’re dealing with

Your contact list goes a long way in determining the kind of email-marketing plan you need. If you’ve got a small contact list to work with, it’s better to stick with like-sized plans.

Bigger marketing efforts, particularly for handling hundreds of thousands of contacts usually need larger plans.

Features you need

With your sights set on advanced marketing features, it’s noteworthy that functions differ across Moosend plans.

Advanced functions are usually available on plans with a bigger price tag, and free subscriptions are heavily limited.

Final Verdict

Moosend has several features to provide benefits for your email-marketing campaign. And with more information below, you’ll have essential details to max out growth for your business:


  • Moosend has numerous packages to meet the needs of several marketing campaigns
  • Periodic analytics and reports are available for Moosend users
  • Customer support available for users to get better use of their product


  • Some plans could be expensive
  • May not have comprehensive integrations some apps need

Moosend is a favored option for several email-marketing campaigns. You can make the most of your effort when you select the right plan from Moosend.

Leverage what this post offers, and make the most of your marketing effort without hassle!

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