20 Makeup Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Makeup Blog Post Ideas

Everyone would need to start with sharing some thoughts and ideas about what they are passionate about. Are you passionate about makeup? Now is your chance to show the rest of the world your knowledge on makeup and all the various brands that are available. The more that you will show them what you know, the more that you will establish your presence in the world of blogging.

The problem is, you will sometimes have no idea what to write about. You may become a bit confused with what you want to share with people even if you know that you are bursting with things to say. You are now going to learn more.

  1. Beauty Tips for Beginners

    a complete blog post idea on Beauty Tips for BeginnersThere are some people who are just starting to discover the various makeup products and brands that you should use. Now is the time for you to share some tips on how they can put on their makeup more successfully. You can say that they can start with looks that will be very useful to help them feel more confident every day.

  2. Find Your Beauty Style

    a complete blog post idea on Find Your Beauty StyleNot everyone will have the same beauty standards. The type of makeup that you want may not be the same as another person. You have to let people realize that this is something that is normal. If you do not like the type of makeup that another person has done, this is okay. Everyone has the right to find their own beauty style. You can share the benefits of knowing what will look good on yourself because, in the process, you can feel more comfortable too.

  3. How to Improve Your Makeup Collection

    a complete blog post idea on How to Improve Your Makeup CollectionThere are some people who find it daunting to look for the right makeup to purchase. You can be specific about the different makeup that you need in order to look great. Let them know if there are some makeup pieces that are considered to be essential. A lot of people who are not into makeup will only have the basics and will be happy with what they have. Those who truly love makeup will make an effort to purchase new items from time to time.

  4. Day Look Makeup Tutorial

    a complete blog post idea on Day Look Makeup TutorialA lot of people are aware that the makeup that will be worn during the daytime should not be too harsh. Yet, there are some people who wear makeup that can be considered too heavy. The best thing to do is to create a makeup tutorial of an everyday makeup look. In the process, you can provide some details on how you have created your signature day makeup look. You can even provide some tips on how you can make a few tweaks when you are feeling creative.

  5. Best Budget Beauty Products

    a complete blog post idea on Best Budget Beauty ProductsWhat is one of the reasons why people do not continue purchasing products that they need for their makeup? It is because they know that they do not have enough budget to buy the makeup that they want. You can make a list of items that are not expensive but will still work as well as the more expensive brands that are available. A lot of your readers will appreciate you for this.

  6. Beauty Secrets from Professionals

    a complete blog post idea on Beauty Secrets from ProfessionalsDo you look up to some professional makeup artists? You can let your readers know some of the best tips and advice that you have heard from the professionals that you admire. Now is your chance to share other secrets to your readers. A lot of these secrets are a bit surprising but they are known to work in making people look more beautiful.

  7. How to Organize Makeup Collection

    a complete blog post idea on How to Organize Makeup CollectionHaving a lot of makeup means that you have to organize it so that it will look amazing. The more makeup that you have, the harder the makeup will be to fix. You may want to provide some tips on how you can get the right items to use that will make the organization of the makeup easier. You can even make a video of yourself trying to organize your makeup collection. It will inspire other people to do the same.

  8. Makeup Types and Expiration Dates

    a complete blog post idea on Makeup Types and Expiration DatesThe thing about makeup is they always have to be replaced. They have a short shelf life so it is ideal that you will only get what you need and finish it up before it becomes too old to be placed on your face. This does not happen often though. The best thing that you can do is to inform your readers about the expiration dates of the different makeup they normally use. If they do not throw out their mascara after three months, they may become more prone to an eye infection.

  9. “No Makeup” Beauty Look

    a complete blog post idea on “No Makeup” Beauty LookHaving “no makeup” makeup seems to make a lot of people look amazing. Some have already mastered how to do this because they know what works well with them. Others would need to struggle and would need to stop themselves from putting too much mascara or too much contour. Show how you do your “no makeup” look. It is more ideal if you can finish your makeup in a short amount of time.

  10. Cruelty-Free Makeup

    a complete blog post idea on Cruelty-Free MakeupThere is a lot of makeup that is now being boycotted by some people because they are tested on animals. You can provide some details that people will love. List down some of the brands that offer cruelty-free makeup. This will be appreciated by a lot of people especially those who love animals a lot. You do not want animals to suffer so that you can look great, right? This should never be an excuse.

  11. Wedding Guest Makeup Look

    a complete blog post idea on Wedding Guest Makeup LookThere are a lot of women who love attending weddings because this gives them a chance to dress up and look their best. Some do not want to spend a lot of money on hiring a makeup artist to do their makeup for them. A lot of brides hire makeup artists but wedding guests usually do their makeup on their own. You can share a few makeup looks that they can do plus some tips on how they can make adjustments depending on what they are wearing.

  12. 10-Minute Makeup Routine

    a complete blog post idea on 10-Minute Makeup RoutineShow your readers that they can definitely have the makeup that they have always wanted in just under 10 minutes. There is no need to spend a lot of time doing their own makeup especially if they would need to put on makeup everyday. List down the essential items that they need first and you can show a video or a step by step picture of how you normally do it.

  13. Best Places to Shop for Makeup

    a complete blog post idea on Best Places to Shop for MakeupThere are a lot of people who may have access to various websites wherein they can purchase makeup but this can be very confusing too. You can help them by listing down your go-to places whenever you want to purchase your own makeup. This will help them know which ones they would need to check out if they have to make a purchase.

  14. Affordable Makeup Brushes

    a complete blog post idea on Affordable Makeup BrushesGone are the days when people only need to use their fingers and a sponge in order to put on makeup. There are a lot of makeup brushes that can be found right now that are great but are not as expensive as other brush brands. You can even create a few reviews of the makeup brushes that you have tried. This can be ongoing whenever there is a new brand that you want to try.

  15. High-End Beauty Products

    a complete blog post idea on High-End Beauty ProductsThere are some brands and products that are expensive for a reason- they are definitely worth the amount that you are going to spend on them. You can create a list of the items that you feel will be worth the money and you can also list down some of your reasons why. People should know that not all expensive makeup products are priced high because of the brand. Some of them come with ingredients that will definitely make a huge difference.

  16. Evening Makeup Look

    a complete blog post idea on Evening Makeup LookThere are times when people would have to attend events at night and they are not sure what makeup they would do in order to look good. Lift all of their worries away by showing some makeup looks that they can do in the evening. Once again, you can also show some hacks on how they can change the colors that they would choose for their makeup depending on the color that they are going to wear.

  17. Beauty Haul

    a complete blog post idea on Beauty HaulAs a lover of makeup, you cannot help but purchase some makeup products from time to time. Whenever you get invited to some events, you will definitely purchase makeup. Show them the makeup that you have purchased. You can even list down certain reasons on why you chose to get some makeup products over the others that are available. Who knows? You may influence your readers to purchase the same makeup products.

  18. Winter Beauty Look

    a complete blog post idea on Winter Beauty LookIf you are feeling a bit quirky, you can create a makeup look that is based on a certain season. This time it is winter, you may want to look like a snow queen or you can show how you can rock the white eyeshadow without looking like a fool. You can change up the makeup look that you will create based on your current inspiration. If you get inspired by different things, then you will have more makeup looks to post.

  19. Makeup Trends

    a complete blog post idea on Makeup TrendsMakeup, just like fashion, can undergo some trends from time to time. If in case there are some makeup trends that people want to know more about, you can show how the trends will be possible. It will be fun for sure especially if it is also your first time to try the makeup trend. This will let your readers know that experimenting with makeup will be fun. This is something that they can definitely try too.

  20. Your Favorites

    a complete blog post idea on Your FavoritesEveryone has favorites and you have all the right to show and talk about your favorite makeup trends, products, and so much more. People may agree with you or they may disagree but it can always be fun to know what your blog readers think. Plus, this will make it easier for you to come up with new posts from time to time.


Growing your beauty blog can be a bit complicated especially with the competition right now. If you would be able to show your authenticity and how genuinely you like makeup, you will definitely stand out. Having a list of things that you can talk about will definitely help you whenever posts are due and you do not know what to say. Remember what your goal is and do not forget these ideas mentioned above.

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