MailGun – Unique Verification and Sundry Email Marketing Tools

MailGun Review – Unique Verification and Sundry Email Marketing Tools

Do you plan to get more deliverability for your emails marketing campaign? Is there need for a swifter marketing effort for your small, medium, or large-scale business.

Dozens of email marketing software (MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, etc.) are available. And among these options, MailGun ranks as a preferred choice for many subscribers.

More than 200,000 subscribers trust MailGun for its swift features and effective infrastructure. And if you’re keen on a guide that provides essential info to make sense of what MailGun offers, this is it.

Every detail of note is spelled out in this piece. From essential specs, available products, pros, cons, and more, everything to make an informed choice is right here.

Get more from your experience with MailGun. And make more of your investment for a detailed email marketing campaign, size regardless.

Fact Sheet – MailGun

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)App Integrations
MailGunYes (5,000 mails/month for one quarter)Rate Management; Reg-Ex Pattern Matching; Scheduled Delivery; Spam Filtering; Template Variables; Temporary Message Storage; White-labeled Domains; Wildcard Domains  Yes

Why MailGun is Great?

Users get custom features, making it easier to get their mails out with increased sending potential. Also, Enterprise users get access to deliverability services for more drop mails and lesser bounces. Other features to boost your email-sending success are also in this package.

And Rapid Fire Burst Sending is one of the brilliant features available to users. With this add-on, you can get mails sent en masse with increased precision.

With one dedicated IP and several pools, getting tons of messages out are less hassling. Users can also make the most of available mail address validations and analytics info.

Users of MailGun get 99.99% uptime guarantee, regardless of their chosen plan. With such support, it could be less hassling to make the most of your marketing campaign.

Who Should Buy MailGun?

Email marketers keen on software with multiple packages ideal for several business scales will fancy MailGun.

Also, it could be a great fit for infrequent mail senders keen on a plan that works for their budget.

MailGun Flex

Freebie lovers will undoubtedly like what MailGun Flex has on offer. With the Flex plan, users get 5,000 free emails every month for three months. And when the trial period expires, subscribers can leverage a Pay As You Grow plan.

MailGun Foundation

Subscribers to the Foundation plan get more of MailGun with added support and better marketing tools. Subscribers get mail validation, message retention, and round-the-clock ticket support.

Making the most of your mails sends could get a boost with dedicated IPs available (for 100,000 contact list members).

MailGun Growth

The Growth plan offers subscribers all Foundation plan features with extra stuff. Subscribers get more email address validations, extensive documentation, instant chat support, and more. Making the most of your digital marketing campaign is less hassling with what’s on offer.

MailGun Scale

With MailGunScale, you get access to 100,000 emails and lots more. Users can leverage SMTP Relay for their mails sends, and can make the most of onboard email APIs.

Other essential features key to advanced mail deliverability are available. And if you’re targeting a campaign with sites that offer 99.99% uptime, MailGun Scale has that too.

MailGun Enterprise

With the MailGun Enterprise plan, users can get massive deliverability support for large-scale emails sends. Everything available in the Scale plan and some added features are available for subscribers to this package.

Mid and large-scale businesses are poised to benefit from this plan. All potential subscribers need to do is contact MailGun’s customer service team for a custom quote.

But if you’re targeting Enterprise features, you should be ready to spend more cash overall.


  • 30-day Data Retention
  • Advanced Message Parsing
  • Batch Sending
  • Device Breakdown
  • Event Webhooks, APIs
  • Geographic Performance
  • Intelligent Routing and Forwarding
  • List Management
  • Live, Searchable Logs
  • Mailbox Provider Analytics


  • Better regional email control
  • Improved data retention potential
  • Superior batch sending ease
  • Added list management support
  • Superb geo-performance information


  • Limited free users
  • Expensive

What to Consider before Buying MailGun

How many users

If you’ve got to have more than one user connected to your MailGun account, the Flex package may not be great.

Consider signing up to plans that allow significant use for multiple members without hassle. And getting a MailGun paid plan makes the most of keeping your login credentials safe.

Features you need

Targeting more features for your digital marketing campaign could require more money. Consider what kind of features your business needs, and how much you’ve got to commit in finances.

And if you’re planning a scale-up effort, added funds could be necessary to furnish your needs.

Final Verdict

When you’ve got your sights set on improved mail-sending support, you can’t overlook what MailGun has on offer. And with more info below, it becomes less hassling to make MailGun your preferred pick:


  • Offers several plans to scale with your business needs
  • Supports plug n’ play features designed to promote better access to smoother mails sends for businesses
  • Customer support available on most plans
  • Comfortably billing support for all business needs
  • Cancel-anytime policy adds more value to customers keen to migrate to another package


  • Free plan (MailGun Flex) expires after three months
  • SMTP endpoint may not suit some users large-scale mails sends needs

MailGun has several features to help scale any digital marketing campaign. If you’re targeting free stuff from MailGun, numerous handy items are on offer too at no charge.

With the info in this guide, it becomes a lot easier to get better mail marketing for your online business. Making the most of your email marketing campaign gives you more value, and boosts your scaling-up chances.

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