MailerLite – Everything Needed for an Awesome Marketing Campaign

MailerLite Review – Everything Needed for an Awesome Marketing Campaign

When you’re among choices for a mail marketing app, you can’t settle for a second-rate pick. That’s why you need to consider leveraging essential information on each software pre-purchase.

If you’re planning to make MailerLite your preferred software, this guide provides you essential facts for an excellent choice. Info in this review makes it easier to see if MailerLite has the features your business needs to grow.

Check it out below:

Fact Sheet – MailerLite

BrandFree PlanUnique FeaturesIntegrations
MailerLite  Yes (send 12,000 mails every month to 1,000 subscribers)1. Interest groups (tagging),
2. Live chat support 24/7,
3. MailerLite pop-ups integration,
4. Mobile-optimized landing pages, emails, and newsletters;
5. Multi-user accounts,
6. Newsletter templates,
7. Pop-up subscribe forms,
8. Rich text editor,
9. RSS campaigns,
10. SSL encryption and
11. subscriber management

Why MailerLite is Great?

When your target is ecommerce, several plug-ins and support from MailerLite makes it possible. With several features targeted at digital business growth, you could be in for a better marketing effort.

And that’s not all

With the MailerLite software, you can access easier editing for your mail campaigns than previously though. The app provides users a drag and drop editor, rich text editor, HTML editor, and more. All these features makes putting custom newsletters together less hassling.

Who Should Buy MailerLite?

Buyers searching for a complete mail marketing software with flexible plans could find MailerLite satisfying.

MailerLite Free

With the MailerLite Free plan, you can send up to 12,000 emails to 1,000 contacts each month. If you’re targeting a small scale-up strategy, this free package could come in handy.

But don’t think that’s everything on offer.

A wide range of core features available in pricier plans is available on the free package. If you’re planning to max out your start-up effort with minimal resources, going free could be great.

But if you’re focused on accessing better integrations for increased growth, consider getting a paid plan.

MailerLite Premium

Premium features like split testing, unlimited domains, and more makes MailerLite Premium a well-rounded package.

It comes with several features and can support some add-ons free plans can’t.

Dedicated IP

With a Dedicated IP add-on from MailerLite, you could be sure of better deliverability. The add-on provides users an opportunity to enhance their mail deliverability potential. If you’re sending tens of thousands of mails over a short time, you need this feature for seamless drop-in.

Your mails will get to their destination in time, and there’ll be lesser events of bounce or spam filters.


Priority support is one of the most catchy, valuable features of this MailerLite add-on. With this tool, you can get seamless subscription imports and email template creation without hassle.

Also, you can get access to metrics analysis and design or leverage GDPR-compliant forms. Your subscription forms and other registration documents will appear and respond better to users.


If you’re targeting publishing unlimited landing pages and websites as you please, SitesPro could be an ideal pick. SitesPro offers users unrestricted access to complete site-building features.

Getting automated mail support and improved end-user experience could be easier with this add-on.

And here’s where it gets interesting – SitesPro is available to both MailerLite Free and Premium users. So, if you’re on a budget and need unlimited mail sends, landing pages, and more, consider this feature.


  • Customizable templates
  • A/B testing (regular andsplit)
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Analytics(Heatmap analytics add-on)
  • API
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Double opt-in and drag & drop editor
  • Email and live support 24/7
  • GDPR compliance
  • MailerLite pop-ups integration andlanding pages
  • Mobile-optimized landing pages, emails, and newsletters
  • Multi-user accounts
  • Newsletter templates
  • SSL encryption on pop-up subscribe forms


  • Professional subscriber management support
  • Improved newsletter templates
  • Allows multiple users per account
  • Advanced A/B split-testing
  • Free landing pages (five)
  • Live 24/7, email support


  • Expensive unlimited websites/landing pages
  • Limited features on free plan

What to Consider before Buying MailerLite

How many tools you need

If you’re searching for advanced tools, free plans may not do it for you.

Consider getting a plan that reflects your business and what targets you’re aiming at. Added features like advanced segmentation, live support, encrypted forms, and more could come in handy. That’s why you need to consider add-ons if MailerLite is the software you fancy.

Other tools like custom HTML editors, drag – drop editors, and more are sure to come in handy.

Currently, three add-ons (MailerPro, Dedicated IP, and SitesPro) are available. Marketers targeting specifics will get more from any of these plans if it has what they need.

Metrics you need to see

When you’re investing in a digital marketing effort, metrics are indispensable. With information on how well your effort is faring over time, it becomes easier to leverage a better growth strategy.

That’s why signing up for add-ons that provide info needed for your business to thrive is essential.

With results tracking, heatmap analysis, and more, you’ll know in a flash if your marketing is effective enough.

Final Verdict

MailerLite has several features buyers are sure to fancy. If you’re targeting a mail-marketing campaign that truly works, consider MailerLite.

Leverage more info below to ensure you make an informed choice:


  • Allows advanced segmentation to deliver dynamic, personalized messages to a wider audience
  • Promotes easier mail setup with easy drag and drop tools
  • Provides support for customers with HTML knowledge to flex their skills using the custom editor


  • Add-ons like SitesPro, MailerPro, and Dedicated IP are expensive
  • Free plan has several stunted features, making it an unusable fixture in some online marketing campaigns

MailerLite has several features businesses can leverage for improved growth and a better online presence. If you’re targeting a more sustained digital marketing effort, it could be an ideal pick.

Some expenses attached to add-ons may make this software undesired by some email marketers. But when you get the hang of what’s on offer alongside, it may be that boost your business needs.

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