MailChimp – Top Product for Premium Email Marketing Solutions

MailChimp Review – Top Product for Premium Email Marketing Solutions

Successful email marketing strategies get more of your content out to readers.

And it also adds to your business’ revenue-generation potential.

More than two dozen email-marketing solutions providers are available. So, making a quick selection requires essential info. That’s why this post focuses on providing correct facts on one of the best mail marketing solutions – MailChimp.

After reading this post, you’ll have everything needed to make MailChimp your preferred mail marketing solutions provider. 

Fact Sheet – MailChimp

BrandFree Plan Unique Features(s)Total Integrations
MailChimpYes (up to 2,000 contacts)1. 24/7 Support team,
2. Postcards/Social ads building,
3. Landing page support,
4. Advanced email marketing,
5. Audience data,
6. marketing info, and
7. Insights

Why MailChimp is Great

If you’re targeting more comfortable email marketing solutions, automated is the way to go. MailChimp provides users a seamless experience creating automated emails for their customers.

And that’s not all.

With insights and data reporting, monitoring your business progress becomes less hassling. And audience management tools also help you make the most of your mailing list.

You can also sync your store data to sell products and services through sites connected to your mailing list.

Two-factor authentication is also available for users to leverage. With this feature, you can be sure of more security for your mailing list and other connected apps.

Who Should Buy MailChimp?

Mailing list administrators searching for a secure option to boost their email marketing strategy should consider this.


  • Automated marketing tools
  • Insights and data reporting
  • Audience management tools
  • Custom domain
  • Inbuilt marketing tools (for website creation)
  • Store data sync
  • Business growth reports and recommendations


  • Two-factor authentication discount
  • Creative assistant
  • Free website builder
  • Supports Marketing CRM


  • Limited features on free
  • Expensive for small businesses

Your budget and MailChimp

Even if MailChimpisn’t the best for affordable packages, it still has some great plans. Before selecting any available plan, checking out how you can afford any package is essential.

After all, you don’t want to select a package your business won’t be able to afford in the long run.

Features your business needs

If you’ve got 200,000 or more contacts on your mailing list, it doesn’t make sense to go for smaller plans.

As is common in digital marketing, size demands more attention.

When you’ve got a large audience to connect with, there’s a higher chance you’ll need several custom features.

Features like advanced segmentation, comparative reporting, and more could help your business over time. So, consider what will keep generating returns from your contact list, even if it attracts a sizeable budget.

With the right steps, you’ll get returns on investment and sustain your digital marketing effort.

How many subscribers you’re targeting

Are you targeting scaling up anytime soon?

It could be a great idea to target a more extensive plan when selecting a mail marketing solutions provider. Choosing a bigger plan helps you accommodate the requirements of a more extensive mailing list with ease.

Your current mailing list

Before selecting a mailing list management provider, consider your current mailing list closely. When you have essential info on your present mailing list count, you’ll easily select a working plan for your business.

Available discounts

If you run a charity or non-profit, MailChimp could be an ideal boost with their discount package.

There’s a fifteen percent (15%) discount available on select plans for non-profit organizations. All you need to qualify for such deals is a link to your website. When the team at MailChimp confirms your business is a non-profit, you should have the discount.

And don’t forget the 10% two-factor authentication discount. MailChimp will give all users that enable two-factor authentication on their plans for three months straight.

Getting 10% off may not seem like an excellent deal for mid to large-sized users. It could be a lot for small businesses, and it runs for a long while too!

Final Verdict

MailChimp could be the ideal email marketing solutions provider your business needs to grow. And with the info in this review, you’ll have more information to make a great choice.


  • Several plans available for a wide range of business needs
  • Supports more than 200,000+ contacts on users’ mailing list (plan dependent)
  • Offers unlimited audiences (Premium only), ensuring your message reaches several platforms
  • Provides comparative reporting, customer support, and other essential features for monitoring your email marketing strategy


  • It may not be the cheapest for some buyers
  • It doesn’t have a broader list of services when compared to other mail marketing solutions providers

When you’re searching for a complete info cache to furnish your selection of MailChimp, this guide lays all facts bare.

Consider what this review provides before selecting MailChimp. And you could be on your way to leveraging smarter, more efficient email marketing your business needs.

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