57 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

57 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running a blog for some time, chances are you’ll be scrambling for article ideas at one point or another. If this is you, congratulations! You have come to the right place. Simply go through this list, pick your favorites, and get to blogging! You might be thinking, “Hey, easier said than done!”, but the following article will help to give you a starting point for new blog posts. You can even keep coming back to this list whenever you get stuck! Without further ado, here is an abundant compilation of useful ideas for your lifestyle blog. There’s something for everybody!

  1. Food

    This one seems like a no-brainer, and you may have already done this, but sharing new recipes or hyping up a type of food you love will never get old. Humans are made to eat; why not write about it?

  2. Travel

    Have you ever been somewhere super awesome? You could write about your experiences and even include pictures from the trip. If you haven’t been anywhere recently, you could put together a list of traveling tips for someone who has less experience.

  3. Pets

    Cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, horses, snakes… You name it. If you have a pet, you can write about it. You can also write about pets in general; for example, write about animal shelters and adoption events, especially if you don’t already have a pet.

  4. Love

    Most people know a little something about love. Whether it’s romantic love, family love, or the love of something else, you probably know enough to write about it. You can write about how it makes you feel, or you can even give relationship advice if you feel like you’re qualified.

  5. Breakups

    With love comes breakups. If you or someone close to you has experienced a breakup, maybe you feel inclined to write about ways to get through it or to help someone else to get through it. Whatever you might have to say could help someone tremendously.

  6. Family

    You could write about your own family, someone else’s family, or just families in general. What’s the most annoying thing about family? What’s the best thing? And, what’s the worst thing? Maybe you absolutely despise your family. You might have a unique insight that you want to share, so write about it!

  7. Home decor

    If you are passionate about keeping a nice home, this one might be suitable for you. You could write DIY instructions for curtains, furniture, artwork, you name it! Maybe you’re all about finding the trendiest pieces, or maybe you have a more vintage style. There is an audience for home decor tips!

  8. Sports

    Or, more specifically, your favorite sport. Or a sport that you like to play. Maybe you love basketball but hate football. Write about why that is. You could also give tips on choosing players for fantasy sports, or even the time you caught a fly ball at your first baseball game.

  9. Exercise

    Most people don’t work out as much as they should. If you exercise a lot and consider yourself to be a bit of an expert, give your readers tips and motivation to stand up and get fit! Perhaps include some of your favorite exercises and how to properly execute them.

  10. Weight loss

    There is an entire internet community of people documenting their weight loss. If you are in the process of losing weight, start writing about it! If you’re comfortable, include some pictures of your progress. This can inspire a lot of people!

  11. Childhood

    Whether you had an excellent childhood or a less-than-stellar childhood, chances are you have a lot of stories to share. If you don’t want to write about your own childhood, you could try to write about what “kids these days” couldn’t possibly understand.

  12. Parenthood

    You could even write about your own kids! If you don’t feel like exposing your children to internet audiences, write about parenthood in general and the tips and tricks you have learned along the way. If you’re not a parent, discuss whether you want kids someday.

  13. Books

    This could entail book reviews, lists of must-reads, lists of books to stay away from, or even articles about the impact of books in general. There’s so much good stuff in the literary world. You could even start writing your own book and post chapters to your blog!

  14. e-Books

    You can’t really review an e-book; most of the time, it’s just a digital version of a book that already exists. Instead, insert your dialogue into the debate on hard copy vs. digital. Which one do you prefer, and why? What kind of future do e-books (and even audio books) have?

  15. Movies

    Your take on Hollywood flicks could really matter. Maybe you have a unique perspective on a specific movie that you feel that no one else is talking about. Maybe there’s a specific movie that has stuck with you for years. Write about new movies, or maybe just the classics.

  16. TV

    Television series are constantly growing in popularity and are creating an outgrowth of fans and fan theories. Write about your favorite shows and what you predict (or hope) will happen in future episodes and seasons. Remember to mention why you love them!

  17. Video games

    Video game theories are also massively popular (movie theories are, too). You could write your own theories, or just write about gameplay, story, and style. What’s your favorite niche in the video game world? If you’re a gamer, the content opportunities are endless.

  18. Education

    What is your opinion on education? Is there enough funding for public schools? Are teachers receiving enough pay? Give your insight on the importance of education, from preschool to graduate school, or why you did or didn’t go to college.

  19. Careers

    After education comes a career. What’s your advice for seeking employment, writing resumes, writing cover letters? Give tips on succeeding in an interview and what to do once you get a job. Or, write about your own career and what you love about it, or what you wish you had done differently.

  20. Hair care

    From treatments to styles, there is a lot of demand for hair tips. If you know a lot about different types of hair products, styling techniques, and which salons to go to, your blog might benefit from articles about all things hair-related.

  21. Skincare

    Similar to hair care, you might have some expertise on ways to improve your skin. With so many different products and natural remedies out there for things like acne, anti-aging, and dry skin, the blog world is your oyster if you have the right knowledge.

  22. Makeup

    The beauty industry is booming with influencers such as James Charles and Jaclyn Hill, so there is certainly a demand for any kind of makeup tips. Write product reviews, post tutorials for some of your favorite makeup looks, or even weigh in on matching colors to skin tone.

  23. Fashion

    This could mean writing about certain trends or maybe about fashion disasters that you think should be avoided at all costs. It’s okay to be opinionated about fashion, and if you often find yourself analyzing people’s clothes, perhaps fashion writing is for you!

  24. Celebrity gossip

    You probably won’t be the one to break the news, but you can write about it! Is there a celebrity feud that’s going on that you find yourself invested in? Did a celebrity say something scandalous that you have big opinions about? Pick something you know a lot about and add your two cents to the mix.

  25. Viral videos

    Take to YouTube to find the best viral videos and compile them into a list. Analyze a specific viral video and write about how it’s crazy, silly, or even dangerous. Viral videos are among the most popular content on the internet, so take advantage! Try to write about them when they’re still fresh, though!

  26. Viral trends

    The internet has had some crazy trends lately, but most of them are harmless. What do you think about trends like the Bird Box challenge, or about harmless video trends like ASMR and slime? If you have answers to these questions, you should probably write about them!

  27. Festivals

    If you’ve been to any kind of festival recently, write about your experience! If not, you can write about festivals in general, about festival fails like the infamous Fyre Festival, or maybe a list of the best festivals in the world. The last one may require a bit of research.

  28. The news

    Is there a news story that just broke that you have strong feelings about? Whether it’s tragic, happy, or even downright infuriating, anything is fair game for you to write about. You can do your own research on it, or offer your opinion or reaction to the story.

  29. Politics

    This could overlap with writing about the news, but perhaps you want to analyze political practices from around the world. Or, if you’re comfortable, you can share your opinion on certain issues or world leaders. If you don’t want to polarize your audience, stay away from this one.

  30. Remedies

    It’s usually better to see a doctor, but some home remedies are perfectly harmless. If you have a good remedy for combating a cold, a headache, or something else, share your experiences, and even a recipe or two! If they worked for you, they’ll probably work for someone else.

  31. Grammar

    You have a blog (or are thinking about starting one), so you are a writer! Whether grammar comes easily to you or not, you can always write about it. Give tips on proofreading, and if you’re an editor, you could even take this as an opportunity to advertise your services.

  32. Writing

    Yes, you are a writer! Write about how ideas come to you or how you overcome writer’s block when it inevitably hits. If you have a niche, how did you find it? Are you writing a book? Write about your progress and writing process, and give updates on the release date!

  33. Drawing

    Whether you simply enjoy doodling or your sketches are more on the professional side, writing about drawing can be a fun way to promote your art. You could even write about the benefits of doodling or list the types of doodles that everyone seems to have drawn.

  34. Songwriting

    Writing lyrics is much different from writing articles, narratives, or even poetry. The words have to line up with the music just right, and composing the music itself is something else entirely. Write your tips on writing the perfect song!

  35. Music

    If writing music isn’t your forte, try to write about the music you like to listen to. Share a persuasive essay about why you love a certain genre, band, or singer. Rank your favorite band’s songs from your least favorite to favorite. If you love the music you’re talking about, it’ll show through your words.

  36. Vinyl

    Listening to vinyl records is super retro, but they’re making a comeback! Some argue that records have a smoother sound than modern ways of listening to music. If you’re one of these people, you could benefit from writing about it. Where do you get your records? What kind of record player do you use? It’s all fair game!

  37. Keeping a journal

    Sometimes, writing a blog can be like keeping a journal. How does it feel to post on your blog? How does it feel to write in your journal, if you have one? Write about why people should (or shouldn’t) write in a journal. Or write about why you’re starting a journal, if you haven’t started one already.

  38. Journalism

    You might be someone who is experienced in journalism, and maybe you want to share your expertise. What was your first experience as a journalist? What would you have done differently? Share your failures to help new journalists avoid your mistakes.

  39. Dreams

    Dreaming, especially lucid dreaming, is something of a trend lately. That precious REM sleep is something that people strive for due to its restorative benefits. If you know about dream symbolism or if you have techniques for lucid dreaming, post them to your blog!

  40. Sleep

    You could also write about sleep in general. Discuss the sleep stages, the benefits of getting enough sleep, or the signs that you’re not getting enough sleep. Share your techniques for falling asleep and staying asleep; so many people are sleep deprived that your blog may just end up in their search results!

  41. Crafts

    DIY projects are all the rage these days. How do you weave your own rug, melt your own candle, patch your own quilt? Share your best ideas, or even give tips on creating brand-new designs! There will always be someone looking for a new project to work on.

  42. Knitting

    Maybe your crafting niche is knitting, so share your best patterns and techniques. You could even write tutorials for certain types of projects (like hats, sweaters, or socks), or how to knit (and purl) in general. Include where you purchase your materials, and if you can get a sponsorship, that’s a plus!

  43. Crocheting

    With crochet, you can create more intricate designs than with knitting. Crocheting little stuffed animals is popular, for example. Share your favorite patterns, and, of course, include basic instructions for anyone just starting out. Maybe even consider selling some of your own creations!

  44. Beer

    Share a list of your favorite bars or pubs. Rank different types or brands of beer. If you know how to make your own beer, write about how to do it. Remember, if you do write about beer, remind people to drink legally and responsibly.

  45. Wine

    Like beer, wine is a bit of an acquired taste. If you’re a wine lover, write about the proper way to taste test wine or start a debate about red vs. white. What are your favorite grape varieties? What are your favorite tasting notes? New or vintage? People will definitely enjoy what you have to say.

  46. Stress

    Maybe you have a unique way of dealing with stress. Maybe you have trouble dealing with stress at all. Either way, sharing your experiences can help a lot of people. Depending on what you write about, it may be wise to include a trigger warning of some sort.

  47. Procrastination

    Everyone has procrastinated at one point or another. It doesn’t feel great, so people often search online how to stop it. If you know how to successfully curb procrastination tendencies, share your best tips and how effective they are for you.

  48. Creativity

    As a writer, you are a creator. How do you come up with your ideas? What inspires you? How do you fuel your creativity? Is there something or someone in your life that you consider to be your muse? Get creative! That’s what this blog post is all about, after all.

  49. Psychology

    If you know a little about how the brain works, pick a topic of psychology and write about it! You could break down certain mental illnesses or even why certain people do the things you do. If you’re not a licensed psychologist, be sure to offer that disclaimer.

  50. Science

    This is a broad topic, but maybe you have some knowledge in physics, geology, biology, or even mathematics, that you can write about. Discuss the latest news in science, offer up some of your predictions for the future of scientific discoveries, or reminisce on scientific history.

  51. Space

    NASA is making new discoveries practically every day. Discuss water on Mars, life on other planets, where you think matter goes after it’s sucked into a black hole… whatever you’re interested in, in terms of space and space exploration, don’t be afraid to share your speculations!

  52. Fear

    What are you afraid of? If you’re comfortable writing about your fears, it can be therapeutic to do so. What’s more, some people can probably relate to your experiences, and you may find new people to confide in, and people to confide in you.

  53. Gardens

    If gardening is your forte, blog about your garden and its progress! Along the way, you can share tips on how to care for certain plants. Include a post about which plants are in season, and when! If you’re experienced, your tips can be valuable to someone who is thinking about planting a garden.

  54. Environment

    The state of the environment is a touch subject for some people. Write about whether you believe in climate change, and why. If you do, offer potential solutions for the future. Who knows? Your words may have the power to inspire great change.

  55. Nature

    The natural world is a good place to be for many people. Do you enjoy spending time at the beach? In the woods? In the mountains? Around animals? If this sounds like you, write about how nature makes you feel, and maybe offer some ideas on how to preserve it. Consider donating to charities such as the Sierra Club, as well!

  56. Money

    If you have accounting experience or you’re just really good at handling money, share some finance tips. People pay good money for someone to tell them how to deal with their finances, so a post like this has the potential of bringing a lot of traffic to your blog.

  57. Architecture

    With the seemingly countless house-hunting and renovation shows on TV, you could say that architecture, to some extent, is popular. If you know a little something about architecture, share your knowledge, whether ancient or modern architecture is more your speed.

Hopefully, your blog is much more enriched now that you’ve read through this article. Remember, if you run a lifestyle blog, try to post about a large variety of topics, but make sure each post targets your desired audience(s) and complements the intended aesthetic of your blog. Maybe this article gave you a head start for a new blog, or maybe it pulled you out of a nasty case of writer’s block. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, though, no worries! There are plenty more where these came from.

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