20 Life Hacks Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Life Hacks Blog Post Ideas

You may be someone who has just started blogging, or you want to start blogging. At this early stage, you are already having writer’s block. How can you write something that people can learn from, when you do not know what to write? You have tried your best but the words are not flowing at all. Check out the different blog post ideas that will be mentioned below. Use these ideas or be inspired by them. The choice will always be up to you.

  1. Biggest Cooking Mistakes that People Make

    There are people who just love to cook and there are also some people, who would like to avoid cooking as much as they can. You can discuss some of the cooking mistakes that people make and what can be done to avoid these mistakes. It will help people, so that they will not make the same mistakes in the kitchen.

  2. Refrigerator and Freezer Hacks

    There are some people who are possibly incorrectly using their refrigerators and their freezers after all these years. There are some people who still place their warm food inside the refrigerator which can cause their ref to break down. This is something that you can talk about, plus other tips on how you can freeze things in a shorter amount of time.

  3. Folding Hacks

    This can be a hard blog post to write, if you are not going to place any pictures. You should recommend the idea to include some pictures of the proper ways to fold, especially when packing for a trip or if you just want to show how the closet can be more organized with proper folding. Take note that there are different ways to fold depending on the clothing items involved.

  4. Cleaning Hacks

    Not everyone loves cleaning, and it is possible, that also you do not like cleaning. However, you know that cleaning is a part of your life. You should make sure that your home is clean. Talk about some cleaning hacks that can make cleaning easier and more fun than ever. People will thank you for it, especially, if they have to clean often.

  5. Coffee Bean Hacks

    There are many things in this world that can be used to help in small ways, but people are not aware that the coffee bean is one of them. Aside from making awesome coffee, you can also share how coffee beans can be amazing for growing plants and they can also be used in order to get rid of awful smells around your home. Share what else people can do with the coffee beans and why they should not immediately get rid of coffee grounds.

  6. Adulting Hacks

    Some people do not realize that they are already an adult. Some of the adulting hacks will help them understand that they are not kids anymore, but they do not have to be too stressed about it. Let them know what things they can do in advance, so that the responsibilities they need to take on, will not be as complicated as they have expected.

  7. Life Hacks for Girls

    If you have girl blog readers, they want to know some of the life hacks that they can be truly interested in. You can talk about the things that they can do, so that they will have amazing hair all the time. You may also talk about the things that they can do so that they can look presentable in a matter of minutes. The things that they can do need not be complicated.

  8. 5-Minute Life Hacks

    Do you want to share some of the things that you did in under 5 minutes? There may be some things that people have assumed will take a lot of time to do. You can share through your blog post that it did not take too long for you to complete some of those things. People will be inspired to do the same things that you have done for sure.

  9. Good Eggs from Bad Eggs

    There are a lot of people who may become disappointed when they see that they have opened a bad egg. Now is your chance to show people how they can distinguish. If they still have fresh eggs or if their eggs have already gone stale. This is one life hack that people will use often, especially if they like cooking eggs in different ways.

  10. How to Break In Shoes

    One of the things that people hate is walking in shoes that will cause their feet to hurt. Talk about the process that can be done so that your shoes will fit perfectly when you use them. Your blog readers can also say goodbye to blisters and aching feet. They will appreciate the fact that they do not have to worry about having sore feet anymore.

  11. Washing Machine Hacks

    Washing your clothes can be a complicated thing to accomplish when you do not know some of the tips to make your clothes clean again. The washing machine is supposed to make having clean clothes easier. Share your own tips such as how you can make your shirt become stretched again when it has shrunk when you washed it. Your blog readers may also follow the hacks that you will discuss.

  12. Removing Lint from Clothes

    It can make a lot of people self-conscious when they have a lot of lint on their clothes. They cannot be removed simply by plucking. You can teach your blog readers the step by step process of using a razor so that the pills of the lint can be removed. The rest can be removed easily with the use of tape. Lint-free clothes will always look amazing.

  13. Holding a Wine Glass

    There are a lot of people who love drinking but when it comes to drinking wine, they can become a bit clueless. Now is your time to share some of the information that you know about the right wine that goes with certain food. You can also talk about how a wine glass should be held especially in important events. The clearer your instructions are, the better that your readers will appreciate the information they have learned.

  14. The Many Uses of the Duct Tape

    Some people may assume that the duct tape can only be used to seal boxes, but now is your chance to show them that the duct tape can be used in many different ways. One of the things that you can discuss is how the duct tape can be effectively used to remove stubborn lids from jars. This can be great for people who have trouble opening jar lids properly.

  15. Makeup Hacks

    There are so many things that can be done with makeup that can truly transform the way that people look. If you are also interested in makeup, you can share some of the things that you have learned through the years. You may even share that an old eyeliner can be revived, if it would be heated with a lighter for a short period of time. Not everyone knows this hack.

  16. Drying Damp Shoes

    The rain may suddenly come when you least expect it and you may not be wearing the proper pair of shoes. Your blog readers may have experienced the same situation at some point in time. Now is your chance to teach them some of the methods that you have done so that they can dry their shoes at the soonest possible time. The faster the shoes will dry, the higher the chances that they can still be used without any damage.

  17. Baking Hacks

    There are some people who love to cook and then, there are also some people who love baking more. Now is your chance to tell other people all about your baking secrets. Talk about how freezing the cookie batter before baking can bring out the flavor and the color of the cookies. With better baking hacks, better treats can be created that will be appreciated by everyone.

  18. Drawing Hacks

    Have you always loved drawing? Now is your chance to influence people to start drawing too! Some do not like to draw because they find drawing too complicated. Show them a few videos of you trying to draw basic things. If they find what you did easy to follow, there is a very big chance that they will try to draw too. Who knows? It may ignite your readers’ love for drawing.

  19. Everyday Life Hacks

    Some people assume that they cannot do certain life hacks because they are only meant for certain occasions. Now is the time when you can discuss a few life hacks that you do often. This will make people believe that there are some hacks that can be easily applied to their everyday life. Some of these hacks can be fun to do for sure.

  20. Tech Life Hacks

    You may or may not be a techie type person, but you have definitely discovered some tech hacks that made using technology easier for you. You can teach the proper way to open the browser that you have closed by mistake. And, you can even share some hacks that you have learned because of your years of using Microsoft Word. Even changing the letters that you use from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa can be easy.

The hacks that you can share with your readers will be greatly appreciated. They will realize that there are easy ways to do things without compromising the quality of the items that will be used. Hopefully, the blog post ideas that are mentioned will inspire you to think of even more ideas that you can discuss in your upcoming blog posts. Your readers will be looking forward to your posts for sure.

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