Kickbox – Superior Email Verification Support for Digital Businesses

Kickbox Review – Superior Email Verification Support for Digital Businesses

When you’re targeting a bigger audience, you need all your messages to hit base. If your messages aren’t getting to contacts, they’re likely to get disinterested and unsubscribe altogether.

If you can’t let that happen, there’s only one thing to do – leverage better email verification software. There’s a lot of apps out there, making chances of selecting a top-performing software tricky without correct info.

But when you’re all up for recommendations, it could be great to try out Kickbox. With Kickbox, you can get better email verification support your business needs to thrive.

And with the info in this review, it becomes easier to know if Kickbox is a premium choice.

Fact Sheet – Kickbox

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
Kickbox  No (but free 100 credits available for new users, and 10% promo link discount)  AWeber, SendGrid, MailChimp, etc. integrations; Developer-support email verification; real-time API libraries (Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP); ESP and marketing tools linkup; Bounce percentage reduction; drag-drop list verification; Premium customer support  99+

Why Kickbox is Great?

Easier workflow integration is the target of several marketers and developers. That’s why the ESP integration from Kickbox is a welcome plus. With this feature, you can merge Kickbox into all email service provider platforms without much stress.

Also, there’s the real-time API for email verification.

Wherever you got that mail from, Kickbox adds a boost to your workflow by providing swift verification.

And that’s not all.

Credits purchased from Kickbox come without expiry dates.

So, if you’re targeting flexibility from emails verification APIs, Kickbox has it. Buyers of larger credit volumes usually have it better from Kickbox. With the huge credits, they get massive discounts and can keep verifying as they want.

When you’re targeting better customer support, Kickbox could be a great plus. The software supports access to the entire customer support infrastructure at their disposal. If you’ve got questions on email marketing, infrastructure, and anything else, you could get it here.

Who Should Buy Kickbox?

Marketers intent on getting their messages out to a wider audience will fancy what Kickbox offers. With its improved deliverability support, users can get more messages to their contacts without hassle.

Developers will also find the services of Kickbox very useful for business growth. With the support from this email verification API, you get direct contact across clients at will.


No segmented products are available from Kickbox.

When you buy credits from KIckbox, you get any other feature available to all users. If you need discounts, the only way to get them from Kickbox is by committing to a larger credit purchase.

Bigger credit purchases attract lesser sums overall. For instance, let’s say you commit to buying 1million verifications. At the regular rate, you’d have had to pay about $8,000. But with Kickbox discounts, you pay half of that amount ($4,000).That’s a 50% discount!

Also, buyers of more than 1milllion verification credits can contact Kickbox directly for a custom quote. With such flexibility, you could get more discounts for shipping more messages to your contacts.


  • ESP (AWeber, SendGrid, MailChimp, etc.) integrations
  • Developer-support email verification
  • Real-time API libraries (Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP)
  • ESPs, ISPs, and marketing tools compatible
  • Test email verification API
  • Unknown verification refunds
  • Import-friendly email verification
  • Credit volume discounts
  • Bounce percentage reduction
  • Drag-drop list verification
  • Premium customer support
  • Privacy Shield and GDPR-compliant email verification
  • Non-profits discounts
  • Anti-spam structure and email encryption


  • GDPR-compliant software
  • Multiple, high-end, API libraries
  • Allows drop imports
  • Big credit/non-profit purchase discounts


  • Smaller purchases attract more cost overall
  • No free plan available

What to Consider before Buying Kickbox

Your contact list

A bigger contact list naturally requires more credits to run email verification every time.

And if you’ve got a small contact list, you can still get more value for money through purchasing bigger credits.


Marketers and developers on a small budget don’t need huge credits to kick off their mail verification effort.

Kickbox has provided flexible, albeit expensive smaller purchase options for buyers to leverage. If you’re targeting specific contacts on your list, this feature could come in handy to stay afloat.

Also, there could be chances where you need to get more from your marketing campaign. Scaling up your mails sends needs better accuracy and improved deliverability support.


If your business effort has many profits directly from mail marketing, it could be best to engage proper verifications.

Vetting every mail you send a message to improves your deliverability percentage. And if you’re maxing out spam filter prevention, it’s another worthwhile investment.

Maximizing your investment in an email verification API could help you get more from your marketing campaign.


When it comes to integrations, you could need more than one program running in tandem with Kickbox.

Consider how many integrations you’re targeting and how frequently you’ll be needing email verification support.

With these stats, it becomes much easier to select a plan best suited to your immediate and long-term business needs.

Final Verdict

When you’re targeting better email sends, Kickbox provides several features you’re sure to find handy. If you’re closing in on Kickbox as your favored choice, leverage more info below to get a bigger advantage:


  • Ideal for checking and verifying a large mail cache in short time
  • Provides discounts as buyers commit more cash into purchasing credits
  • Affordable credit plans available for all business sizes


If you’ve got to get that message out, you don’t need unverified emails and other hitches to stunt your broadcast. Kickbox offers several services targeted at getting you a better deliverability potential.

If the mail verification app is what you fancy, consider making it a top pick for your business.

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