27 Interior Design Blog Post Ideas Biddrup

27 Interior Design Blog Post Ideas

Hello everyone! For today’s blog post, we will be sharing with you what and how you can write a blog post about Architecture and Interior Design.

In the present time, more and more people are getting fascinated in building their dream house and having an interior design that is always homey to their families and welcoming to their guests.

Loving our posts? Don’t worry for you can read them anytime and anywhere. We provided pdf version of those so download them now! 27 Ideas what you can write about Architecture and Interior Design for Your Blog

You can take this opportunity to create a post that is related to these topics as it will drive people into visiting your blog and you can help them too. Here are some ideas on what you can write articles related to Interior Design and Architecture.

  1. What is Architecture?

    Architecture is famously known to people in building and designing houses. But it is more than that. You can write a post wherein you can expound the word “architecture”, where the word originally came from, and what it really is. Is it only limited to houses or is it more than that? Just research and write anything related to the word Architecture and maybe add some history behind it.

  2. Architecture VS Engineering

    Some people maybe do not have an idea what are the differences of architecture and engineering. In order to be informative and helpful to your readers, you can tackle the differences and similarities of the two. Let your article be clear that after your readers have seen your post about it, they will know exactly who to call for when they need to build a structure.

  3. How-to Design

    Admit it, even you are searching on Google or Pinterest on how you can vamp up your home to make it more updated and well, Instagram-worthy to take pictures. So while you are searching these, you can also write about those on your blog. Here are some ideas: How to Redecorate your Bedroom, Change the Positions of Your Couches for a Fresher Look, Get that 5-star Look on your Powder Room, How to Make your Kitchen look like a Million Bucks, Have an Office Space Less Stressful by Trying Out these Designs. You can write anything somewhere in those ideas as long as it is related in designing the interiors of one’s home or even an office. It is always a good idea if you can provide images on what you are trying to share your readers so that they can visualize it and can follow your guide easily.

  4. Redesigning Your Home without Spending Too Much

    Everyone loves not spending too much, isn’t it? Grab this opportunity in writing a post in redesigning your home in let’s say, for less than a $100. This may be easy to some but is also a challenge to many. You can write down things that one can buy in a certain budget (for example that $100) in redesigning a certain room or if they can, their whole house. This can be fun and challenging for the homeowners and can also make a difference to one’s home. You can list down items and their prices that are a beautiful addition to their love nest.

  5. Types of Houses

    A person who has just bought a land may be searching for a type of house that they would enjoy to live in. So, you can write about the different types of houses, whether it is big or small. You can offer a wide variety of house choices to your readers in that way.

  6. House Styles

    If you decided to write a Types of Houses article, then you could back it up with another post regarding House Styles. There are numbers of house styles that you can offer to your readers. Google is always there to help you (okay, you can also read magazines or visit your local library) know the different styles of the houses. It is also helpful to your readers if you will also include if the house style is resistant to storm, snow, or tremendous heat so they can decide what style is best for them.

  7. Importance of Windows

    Windows are still part of architecture topic as choosing the right windows will really make a big difference to one’s house. Create a post that showcase different types of windows and which house style they look good best. Aside from the types of windows, you can also write the kinds of windows like tinted, treated, etc. Differentiate each kind of windows, write their pros and cons, and if possible their prices. Through this, your readers will have the knowledge on what windows are best for them.

  8. How to Choose the Perfect Lights

    Lights are very important in one’s home. The warmth that the light emits make your house more homey and more relaxing. For your post that is related to lighting, write the types of lights and in which room they suit best. You can also write the electric consumption of each type lighting. (Not only will your readers benefit from it but you too!) Some people may do not have an idea on how they can put their own lights in their room so you can also write “how to install lights” with step-by-step instruction.

  9. Tiny House Layout

    Some people can only buy small lots and do not have an idea that they can build a home there like a regular-sized house. They may be thinking that the living room will be sacrificed because they only have a small land to build in or they cannot have more than one. You can make them feel brighter for they can still have the house they have been dreaming of even with a small lot of land through your post. Write an article on how they can arrange their furniture and use all the available spaces in their house. With this, they will have an idea that they do not need a big land in building and designing their dream house.

  10. Indoor Plants

    It is scientifically believed and proven that having plants indoors boost one’s immune system, clean the air, and significantly boost one’s mood. With this in mind, you can write a blog post what plants can be placed indoors. There are tons of indoor plants and each has health benefit so you can include that too. Try adding images too as sometimes the names of the plants are different from country to country but the look of the plant is the same. So even the name is different in their country, they can visit their local flower shops, check the image on your blog, show them to the staff, and voila they a new indoor plant. Aside from that, you can also write tips on how they can take care of the indoor plants so that it will not wilt anytime sooner.

  11. Over decorated or Minimalist?

    People have their own taste and preference in designing their home or tidying it up. Some wanted to display all of their items while others wanted to keep all their items to keep that clean look. Help your readers decide if they want to have an (over) decorated or minimalist interior design. Write the advantages and disadvantages of the two and give tips on how they can effectively decorate their interior without sacrificing its looks. Even though it is over decorated, the look will be still artsy and not an eye-sore or if it is minimalist, the design will not look blank and boring.

  12. Color Combinations

    To create an interior design that can be loved at first by many, color of the room is very important. Choosing the right color of a specific room helps the mood of a person. For example, red is usually related to increase in appetite so it is usually used in the dining room or kitchen. For your post related with architecture and interior design, write the importance of each color in decorating a room and what colors complement each other. This will not be limited only to the walls of a room, but to the furniture and other home deco one will place in it.

  13. Choosing the Right Decorations

    Okay, your reader might have an idea on their mind on the interior design they are aiming for. Usually, in choosing an interior design, people tend to try complementing it with the architecture of their house. If their is styled as Mediterranean, most of the time the design inside is Mediterranean too. This is to keep the vibe the house is emitting. Try to imagine walking into a colonial house then the interior design has modern furniture and style, it is kinda trippy, right? It feels like you just entered a new house after you set your foot on the front door. So, it will be helpful to your dear readers to suggest furniture and home decorations that will suit the vibe of their home. And you can also suggest that keeping the color flow freely throughout their home is also helpful. If the exterior color of the house is yellow, it is not necessary that interior walls are also yellow (as it will be too much and kind of boring) but having decorations that are yellow ensure that you are still in the same house you walked in.

  14. The Perfect Furniture

    The perfect furniture for your home’s interior is important to make your home a comfortable place to live in or stay at. Some people may be compulsive in buying furniture not taking into consideration if it will fit with their home’s interior design. Create a post that talks about in choosing the right furniture to their home in order to help your readers not to buy furniture that they will regret when it arrived in their house. You can write something in the lines of “Choosing the Right Size of Furniture for your Home”, or “Make your Small Space look Bigger with the Right Furniture”. Anything about furniture that can either make or break one’s interior design.

  15. Displaying your Photos

    One of the things that can make a house a home is the photos. The presence of the photos of the family, pets, or even nature gives off a comfortable feel to the people who are dwelling in the house and even to the visitors. But sometimes, putting up photos on tables or on the walls can be a difficult job as it seems. On your blog, you can give suggestions on how people can put up their photos that will pass as it was arranged by interior designers. Aside from that, you can also share to your readers how to choose the right photos and picture frame, depending on the theme they are trying to achieve.

  16. Designing your Home inline with the Holiday

    Many people are having a hard time getting their house decorated during the holiday seasons. They seem trying their best to buy the correct holiday decors but when they try to put them up in their houses, they do not give off that holiday spirit. Write about how your readers can design their homes with holiday decorations. For an example, when it is Christmas season, aside from putting up the Christmas tree and a wreath on the front door, they can also change their throw pillow cases to green and red or add pine cones on center tables. Sometimes, simple change and addition to your home’s interior can bring a big difference.

  17. Architecture VS Interior Design

    It is helpful for everybody who are planning to build a house know the difference of an architect from an interior designer. Again, you can consult again your best friend, Google, to know the difference of the two then make a post about their importance in building a structure. “Who should you consult when you want to change the color of your house? Would it be the architect or the interior designer?” or “I want to overhaul my living room, do I need to call my architect?” Your readers must easily answer questions like these after reading your post about this blog idea.

  18. Schools that are Offering Architecture and/or Interior Design Courses

    Some people may be aspiring architects or interior designers but do not know how to be one. Use your blog in helping them find the right school for them. Make a list of schools (in your country or region) that offer architecture or interior design courses, whether with a degree or short courses. Your readers can easily locate schools in your country that is near to them. You will never know that with the help of your blog, one can fulfill their dream.

  19. Architecture and Interior Design Apps

    For people who failed to pursue their passion in building houses or decorating homes might be seeking in their selves to experience their desires even if it is only a pastime. You can create a list of apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store that is related to architecture and interior design. In this way, they will not forget their first love and might inspire them to pursue it in the future.

  20. Interior Design and Architecture Magazines

    Some professional interior designers and architects still need inspirations and want to learn more about their job. You may have a follower of your blog or a visitor that is looking for reading materials to help them with their profession. You can make a list of international and local magazines related to architecture and interior design. Add some short description of each magazine like their specialization (e.g. BLAH magazine focuses more on modern designs compare to other architecture magazines) and where to buy them.

  21. Accent Pieces

    Yes, furniture is important in designing a house but the accent pieces make it more like a home. Accent pieces may be small but you can tell someone’s character on that small object. Focus on choosing the right accent piece that will show your taste and personality to enhance a room. Through this, you can help your readers make they are one with their home.

  22. Home Improvement Companies

    One may be watching programs or browsing magazines and see a design that they want for their living room or bedroom. They have the design but they do not know where to buy the sofas or dining table on that image. For sure they will be searching that on Google and that would be beneficial for you if you create a post listing all the available home improvement companies in your country. In this way, you can help someone to locate their dream sofa or dining set. At the same time, your blog’s visibility will also increase when more people are checking out your blog.

  23. Different Architecture around the World

    As I said earlier, architecture is not limited in creating and designing houses but also buildings such as temples or churches. For your post, you can list down the top 10 architectural buildings from each continent and describe it to give justice why it is on the top 10 list. If you can provide pictures, put those so your readers can see why those building become a wonder. Pin also its location so people can visit it if they have the chance to visit the area where that building is built and see for themselves the beauty of it.

  24. Top Architects and Interior Designers

    Make a list of top architects and interior designers in your country so when people who are wanting help from the experts, they can easily know who to look for. If these professionals have their contact numbers listed or have websites, you can also put them on your list, not only you are helping them but hundreds of people can flock to your website to check each professional their works and how they can contact them.

  25. Interior Design for Office Space

    It is hard working in an office where the design is boring or makes you feel you are in an office. And sometimes, people who are working get tired easily or do not have the drive to work because their workplace is dull. As a manager or office owner, it is good that you take care of your employees so they can still enjoy and do not feel stress too much. You can help the managers or office owners with their beloved employees by creating a post of redecorating boring office spaces. You can write that they do not need to change the colors of the walls but an addition furniture, plants, or other items that can make their employees more relaxed is okay. Just make it clear not to add a bed in the office or they will see their employees knocking each other just to relax there!

  26. Local Furniture and Cabinets

    In designing the interior of one’s home, you can promote the quality furniture, cabinet and even bed frame by your local people. With this, you can showcase the works of your local people and will help them with their business. There is nothing more that you can be proud of when you receive a letter from your local carpenter or craftsman that their is a boost of sales when you include them on your blog.

  27. Architecture and Landscape

    It is important to design a house considering the landscape surrounding it. Some may have building a house surrounded by trees, forests, or bodies of water. It is ideal to take that beautiful scenery part in the design of the house where you can enjoy the beauty of nature within your home, isn’t it? So write a post about that and be a lover of nature.


There are more ways on how you can create posts relevant to architecture and interior design aside from these ideas we have shared with you. You can freely use some of the ideas listed here and we are glad to help you in creating your next post!

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