HubSpot – Top Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

HubSpot Review – Top Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

When you’re privy to the fact that several people make business decisions through emails, email marketing becomes indispensable to growth.

And one of the surest ways to leverage the digital marketing scene for growth is with a professional service provider.

Right now, dozens of options are available (Sendicate, Moosend, AWeber, etc.). And among these top options, HubSpot remains a favored pick for several business owners.

In this guide, we’ll be checking out the essential features of HubSpot and how it can boost your mail marketing effort.

After you’re through reading, it’ll become easier to make HubSpot your choice if you genuinely fancy what it offers.

Fact Sheet – HubSpot

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Total Integrations
HubSpotYes (Selected CRM, Sales, Service, and Marketing Tools Free)Lead generation,Analytics; Marketing automation,Sales and service solutions,Six languages,Email tracking650+

Why HubSpot is Great

Creating ads for greater publicity is more comfortable with the Ads Software included in HubSpot. With this feature, you can get custom ads designed to boost your marketing effort.

And that’s not the only feature on offer from HubSpot.

Users also get email marketing and tracking solutions to help boost their digital campaigns several notches.

Also, there’s the free chatbot building tool and landing page builder for businesses to leverage. If you want a more interactive mailing list built, these tools could be significant.

Free live chat software support is also available for users. And HubSpot customers can also leverage free sign-up form builders to add subscribers to their mailing list.

Social media is an integral part of several businesses. That’s why HubSpot’s Social Media Tools are sure to come in handy. Maximizing what these tools offer will add more dynamics to your marketing effort.

Who Should Buy hubspot?

Mail marketers searching for software that provides ample support for their business will fancy this choice. And it’s an excellent option for customers keen on several automated tools.


  • Ads Software
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Tracking
  • Free Chatbot Building tool
  • Free Landing Page Building
  • Free Live Chat Software Support
  • Free Meeting Scheduler
  • Free Online Sign-Up and Multiple Forms Builder
  • Help Desk Software Support
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Pie-Sync Integrations
  • Pipeline Management Solutions
  • Sales Emails Automation
  • Sales Emails Templates
  • Social Media Tools


  • Multiple, dynamic email-marketing tools
  • Customer service tools available
  • High-powered marketing analytics
  • Powerful social media tools
  • Active email-tracking/marketing support system


  • Expensive plans
  • Could confuse new users

What to Consider before Buying HubSpot

Tools you need

HubSpot has a wide range of tools available for users to leverage. If you’re targeting a specific need, say mail marketing alone, some other features may not be necessary.

But all that depends on the size of your business and how involved your subscribers are with your campaign.

In some mail marketing campaigns, particularly profit-making ventures, all tools may be handy.But if you’re targeting multiple devices, be ready to pay a hefty sum.

Your budget

When it comes to pricing, HubSpot ranks as one of the most flexible and most expensive options.

If you’re a small business just scaling up the mail marketing world, consider vital tools your campaign needs first.

Other tools have the potential to build your business too. But if you can’t afford it, what can you do? Make do with what your budget can carry, and grow with your marketing effort as revenues keep coming.

How frequent you send out mails

Infrequent mail senders tend to fall off the marketing pecking order without a strong foundation. But when it comes to selecting a HubSpot plan, it’s better to go smaller than bigger. If you’re not a regular mail sender and go for a big plan, chances are you won’t be able to fund it later on.

Automation tools you need

Several campaigns, particularly those of small businesses, require numerous tools to build their emails.

If you’re selecting a HubSpot plan, ensure all the tools you need are in your preferred package.

Final Verdict

When it comes to a wide range of features targeted at improved email marketing, HubSpot is a top pick.

And with the info in this guide, you have more details on the potential this software possesses for your business.


  • Offers a wide range of features email marketing efforts need to grow
  • The customer service support feature helps you keep closer contact with your mailing list members
  • Free trial and demo available on many packages


  • May be too expensive for small business owners
  • Too many features may be lost on simplistic email marketing campaigns

When you’re targeting the power of marketing, sales, service, CRM, and CMS, HubSpot could be what you need. With its dynamic features and high return rate, HubSpot could be what your business is lacking.

Consider making HubSpot your top choice. And with everything from this post, it becomes easier to know if it’s what your business needs.

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