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How to Close More Sales & Land Your DREAM Clients

You’ve finally landed a meeting with a potential customer. But, what happens next? How do you close the sale and land your dream client? In this blog post, we’ll walk through our 5-step onboarding process that will help you get more sales and close deals faster!

1. Set Expectation & Show You Care

This is your opportunity to show the potential customer that you’re ready to deliver on what they need. To do this, we like to start by asking open-ended questions. This is our cue to show them that we really care about their needs and are here only to help. For example, ask…

What do you hope to achieve with our work together?

2. Get Commitment & Build Rapport

Next, it’s important to get commitment on the next step – meeting again so you can dive deeper into their challenges and start building an action plan. Use phrases like “is there any reason we shouldn’t meet again?” or “what’s the next step?”

3. Keep Commitments & Clarify Actions

This is where you get down to business and start working together! The greatest thing about committing to meet again is that it creates a sense of urgency to move forward quickly, if not immediately. When you’re ready to schedule your next meeting, use phrases like…

What time works best for you?

Is there anything that you want to discuss or address before we meet again?

4. Follow-Up & Follow Through

Great! You’ve got another meeting scheduled with your potential customer, but now what? This is where the rubber meets the road and where so many sales professionals drop the ball. As a follow-up to your scheduled appointment, use phrases like…

What are the next steps?

When can I expect to hear back from you?

5. Deliver & Retain

Finally, it’s time for you to deliver. If you’ve done everything right up until this point, this won’t be a problem! However, if not, here’s your chance to redeem yourself. Use phrases like…

Are you looking for anything in particular that I can help with?

I’m curious, what did you think about our meeting the other day?

6. The Close & Normative Inquiry

In sales parlance, this is known as “The Close.” In layman’s terms, you’re asking for the sale! Use phrases like…

Are we all set?

Are you ready to move forward with this project?

It’s also important to normalize your close. If they say yes, don’t celebrate yet! Instead, question them or ask what led them to their decision. Then continue your conversation by clarifying and confirming. As a follow up, we recommend using the normative inquiry: “Is there anything that you want to discuss or address before we move forward?”

Keep in mind that this process will take time and may go through multiple iterations until you’re both satisfied with the outcome. However, if you stick with it and use these simple conversation scripts, you’ll be closing more deals faster and landing your dream clients.

What do you look for in a potential customer?

We focus on startups and small business owners who are looking to make an impact. They tend to be more appreciative of our work and take the time to come in-person when we need it most.

How do you set expectation with potential customers?

It’s hard. We like to communicate as much as possible, but it can be tough if they are not doing the same or moving at the same pace. So we usually try to explain our process and what we expect out of them in terms of responses and meeting times.

What are you looking for in a potential customer?

We look for the dream client – someone who is open to our thoughts and ideas, who takes action quickly (if not immediately), appreciates us as professionals, and is willing to follow through on their commitments. It’s rare that we find this person.

When do you normally meet with potential customers?

We try to see them in person, so we usually say no phone calls and email only at this stage. However, when there is a lot of back and forth, we will do a quick call just push something over the line into “yes” territory.

How do you go about setting expectation with potential customers?

We ask open ended questions to get a better understanding of their situation. After that, we focus on gaining commitment before moving forward with the onboarding process. So if they are interested in moving forward, then they would set up another meeting for us to show them what we have for them.

Is there a reason not to meet with potential customers?

The only reason we wouldn’t is if they didn’t want to move forward, but it’s really rare that happens. Usually we can find some time that works for both of us and we even offer up times that might work better, like after work or on the weekend.

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Comment below and share your thoughts. What are some of the best ways you’ve seen people close more sales? Do any of these techniques sound familiar? If so, how do they work for you?

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