20 Healthy Food Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Healthy Food Blog Post Ideas

There are instances when you have no idea what you are going to write about. Food blogging may be your passion because you have always loved food. You have assumed in the beginning that you will always come up with things to talk about. It seems that the more that you blog, the more that you can become confused with what you want to talk about next.

You should not fret because now, you will get to know some more ideas on how you can talk about healthy food that will also inspire your readers. Get to know the different ideas as you read on.

  1. Healthy Recipe

a complete blog post idea on Healthy RecipeYou know that you cannot have a food blog without including a recipe of your favorite healthy dish. There are different healthy dishes that are available now but you can start with something that you have always loved to do. Be specific about the ingredients that are needed and the amount of time it will take before the food can be cooked. Your readers will surely appreciate knowing as many details about the dish as possible.

  1. Replicate a Healthy Dish

a complete blog post idea on Replicate a Healthy DishLet us say that you have eaten a healthy dish at a restaurant and you are curious if you would have the ability to do the same dish at home. Now is your chance to do so. You can talk about the dish that you like and why you have decided to replicate it. You can even share some details on how you have researched for the different ingredients that are needed. In no time, you can have a blog post that will share the experience.

  1. Your Favorite Cookbooks

a complete blog post idea on Your Favorite CookbooksYou will always have some preferences when it comes to the cookbooks that will inspire you to cook your favorite dishes. Which ones do you like most of all? You can share with your readers which cookbooks you prefer and why. You may even share some of your favorite dishes that can be found within the cookbook. This will be appreciated by your readers for sure.

  1. Review a Local Restaurant

a complete blog post idea on Review a Local RestaurantIt will be great if you would have readers from all over the world but if in case you have more local readers, you can talk about your favorite restaurant so far. Talk about the dishes that you love to order from the restaurant. You can also talk about the quality of the food, the services that can be given by the servers, and so much more. The more details that you will provide, the better.

  1. Quick Cooking Tip

a complete blog post idea on Quick Cooking TipYou know that most of your blog readers who are checking out your blog love cooking. They want to know more recipes and they want to know more about how they can cook properly. You do not have to make a lot of effort. You simply need to share something that you have always done and tell people why you think this has helped you cook more or bake more easily.

  1. Cooking Essentials

a complete blog post idea on Cooking EssentialsAs a health food enthusiast, there may be some items that you know you would love to cook with often. Do you love vinaigrette, you can definitely share the reasons why and you can also provide some details on how you use the vinaigrette with the various meals that you eat plus the food that you will share with your other family members and friends.

  1. Cook with a Family Member or Friend

a complete blog post idea on Cook with a Family Member or FriendIt can be fun for some people to see that you can collaborate with others in order to create the perfect dish. Now is your chance to cook properly. It will be fun and exciting for you to do, for sure. You can show how you have cooked with another person through a video because this will be more entertaining. Be specific about the type of dish that you have cooked too.

  1. Spotlight an Ingredient

a complete blog post idea on Spotlight an IngredientIs there any ingredient that you know you cannot live without? You can talk about where you usually buy this ingredient, how you store it, how you prepare it, and how you cook it. Some people may not have tried this ingredient yet and they want to know how this can be used properly. The effort that you will exert into making this blog post will be worth it.

  1. Loving Food You Used to Hate

a complete blog post idea on Loving Food You Used to HateIs there any food product or even an ingredient that you used to hate so much but you love now? There are a lot of food enthusiasts that can relate to this. When they were still picky eaters, they tend to avoid certain food items because they do not like the way that it looks or tastes. The more adventurous you become, the more that you will try out products. Share what food you love now. It will be worth it.

  1. Traveling Food Experience

a complete blog post idea on Traveling Food ExperienceIs it a challenge for you to find healthy food when you are traveling? Your blog readers may find this challenging as well but you can always talk about the places that you have visited and what you have eaten. You can even share details about the restaurant that you have tried and what you liked or didn’t like in the menu.

  1. Weekly Meal Plan

a complete blog post idea on Weekly Meal PlanHealthy eating is always a challenge for a lot of people especially if they have not done enough research. Now is your chance to share the meals that you prepare every day. You can even talk about how you make sure that the food that you will serve to yourself or your family members will be varied. Just imagine how boring it will be if you would serve the same dishes every day.

  1. Healthy Foods When You Are Sick

a complete blog post idea on Healthy Foods When You Are SickThere will be days when you will feel a bit under the weather. You know that eating regular food is a bit hard during this time. Talk about the food that can be eaten when you or your loved one is feeling sick. You can share some recipes of the soups that you prepare or even the toasted bread that your stomach can take when you do not have any appetite. It can be hard to eat when you do not have any will to eat but preparing healthy food is always going to be ideal.

  1. DIY Pre-made Food

a complete blog post idea on DIY Pre-made FoodHave you ever tried to create a meal that you always purchase pre-made? If you have not done this yet, then this can be a good experience that you can try and share with your blog readers. You can also share if the experiment that you have tried is a success or if you would go back to purchasing this certain food pre-made.

  1. Food Trends

a complete blog post idea on Food TrendsDo you know that even foods come with trends? There are some food items that are very popular right now. In fact, there are some foods that people feel they cannot live without right now. Share what food trends you are liking and you can also share which food trends you detest. People may not necessarily agree with you but they will probably find it entertaining.

  1. Some Food Gifts

a complete blog post idea on Some Food GiftsDo you want giving food as gifts? It cannot be denied that even if not everyone would do this, people will always feel the need to eat. Think about the right food products that you can give as gifts. It is likely that these will be eaten immediately. A jar of cookies can be great. It is all about the presentation, for sure. You can even share some ideas on how you can bake, prepare, and box brownies.

  1. Modernizing an Old Recipe

a complete blog post idea on Modernizing an Old RecipeIt is possible that there are some recipes that have been passed on to you that have been in your family for a long time. Now is the time for you to make some changes to the recipe and share with your blog readers if you are successful in making the recipe more modern or not. If not, then you can always revert back to your old recipe, right?

  1. Food and Drink Pairings

a complete blog post idea on Food and Drink PairingsThis is something that a lot of people find confusing. They do not know what drinks they would pair with the food that they are planning to serve. You can share some ideas about the food and drink pairings that you have already done. You can even share some tips on how they can find it easier to pair up different food and beverages when they have some guests over.

  1. Store Spices

a complete blog post idea on Store SpicesSome healthy food products will taste better with the right blend of spices. You have the ability to keep your spices fresh. You also have the ability to make your spices last longer than what you have expected. Share with your blog readers the containers that you use and how you store your spices. They will be grateful especially when their spices will also start to last longer than usual.

  1. Outdoor Cooking

a complete blog post idea on Outdoor CookingSome people are too sheltered and they just want to cook indoors. You can now share some details on how you can cook healthy food when you are outdoors. Some of the food recipes that you will share can even be cooked while camping. It can be fun to cook on a campfire or even with the use of your grill. Tips on how to cook outdoors will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Cooking on a Budget

a complete blog post idea on Cooking on a BudgetDo you have to serve a lot of people on a limited budget? This is an issue that your blog readers may have as well. Now is your chance to show them that cooking on a budget can be done as long as the right ingredients will be chosen. Place in detail where you would purchase the items and how you are going to cook or even bake them.


You have to remember that you can share a lot more than just recipes. You can share the stories behind every food product that you cook. Some of your readers will come blog and read your blog not because of the recipes that you will share but also because of the lessons that they may learn through the things that you talk about. It will be fun when people will read your blog not only to learn more but also to unwind from their stressful day.

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