Get Ready for 7th January 2023 Pokémon GO Community Day - 7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Chespin!

Get Ready for 7th January 2023 Pokémon GO Community Day – 7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Chespin!

Are you ready for the next Pokémon Go community day? On Saturday, January 7, 2023, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, it’s all about Chespin! To ensure you make the most of this exciting event, we’ve put together a list of seven tips to help you prepare and succeed.

Tip #1: Fill Your Pokédex 

The first step in preparing for Community Day is to make sure that your Pokédex is filled with as many Pokémon as possible. This will give you an advantage when trying to catch rare or elusive Pokémon like Chespin during the event. For best results, try using lures and incense to attract rarer Pokémon to your location. 

Tip #2: Stock Up on Pokéballs 

Before Community Day arrives, make sure that your inventory is stocked up with plenty of Pokéballs so that you can capture as many Pokémon as possible during the event! If you need more balls quickly, try visiting a nearby Pokéstop which often has bonus items available. Additionally, don’t forget to bring some Great Balls or Ultra Balls if you’re hoping to snag any rarer Pokémon during the event. 

Tip #3: Join A Local Group 

If you want to maximize your success during Community Day, consider joining a local group or meet-up in your area before the event. Not only will this help ensure that everyone has enough space while they’re playing but it can also help increase your chances of catching rarer Pokémon like Chespin since groups typically work together and share their finds. Just be sure to follow all applicable health guidelines if meeting up in person! 

Tip #4: Choose A Location Wisely    

Wherever you choose to play on Community Day should be close enough so that walking won’t be too difficult but far enough away from other players so that there’s no risk of overcrowding or competition for resources like Pokéstops and Gyms. Consider scouting out some potential locations before the day itself so that you know exactly where you’ll be able to find everything quickly and easily when it’s time for the event!  

Tip #5: Have The Right Gear                                                                                                                                          

Having the right gear can make a huge difference when it comes to Community Day events! Make sure that your phone is fully charged and consider bringing an external battery pack just in case,you don’t want your phone dying on you at an inopportune moment during the event! Additionally, having a few pieces of comfortable clothing such as a jacket and hat can help keep you warm if temperatures are cold outside and sunscreen might come in handy if it’s sunny out too!

Tip #6: Be Patient                   

Patience is key when it comes to catching rarer Pokémon like Chespin during Community Days; don’t get discouraged if things aren’t going quite according to plan at first,just take a deep breath and keep trying until things start going better! Try not to let mistakes frustrate you too much either; remember that even experienced players have bad days now and then too,just stay positive and keep at it until success comes your way again soon enough!

Tip #7: Have Fun                      

Last but not least,have fun while playing on Community Day! Remember why these events exist in the first place; they’re meant for players of all ages who love exploring new places with friends (real-life or virtual!) while catching lots of cool creatures along their journey. So don’t forget to take some time out from capturing new creatures here and there just enjoy being outdoors (with safety measures!) with others who share similar interests as yourself 🙂

What is Community Day? 

Community Day is an event held once a month in Pokémon GO where one particular Pokémon is featured. During these events, the featured Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild, and players have a chance to encounter Shiny versions of them if they’re lucky. Some special bonuses and rewards can be earned during the event.

How often does Community Day take place?

Community Day takes place once a month in Pokémon GO and it always features different Pokémon each time. So make sure to keep an eye out for any announcements from Niantic so that you don’t miss any upcoming events!

What are the bonuses and rewards for January 2023 Community Day? 

On January 7th, all catches will earn triple XP points and lures will last three hours instead of 30 minutes. Plus, if you evolve Quilladin (Chespin’s Evolution) during the event or up to five hours afterward, it will become a Chesnaught with the exclusive Charged Attack Frenzy Plant. Lastly, completing the Special Research story “Quality Quills” will reward you with items like an Elite Charged TM or an Unova Stone. 

To Bring Things Together

Get Ready For January 7th, 2023 Community Day – 7 Tips To Help You Prepare For Chespin! Make sure that your preparation isn’t limited just by stocking up items – use our 7 tips above for maximum success when hunting down those elusive creatures on Saturday, January 7th 2023 – Happy Hunting!!


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