Get your content on Google: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

You have content and want on google. Today, we will try to learn some ways to submit to google. But, you know content has different types such article, video, image etc.

Here, we will different ways for different content. So, let’s start:

An app or website:

  • Add your URL: You can submit your website directly for google’s index.1
  • App cradling: Do you have an app? If yes, you can get indexed here.2
  • Search console: if you have a website and didn’t any site map till now, then you are missing something important. You can submit your sitemap here.3
  • Structured data: you can label structured data content that could help your users to find relevant pages what the searcher is looking for.4

A business:

  • Google Ads Shopping: Did you ever use google shopping, google offers, and other properties? If not, then you should not miss this if you have a product.5
  • Google My Business: if you want to get your business on Google Maps, then it would be your best choice.6
  • Business view: You have customers and want to invite them to your business, then you can use this as a virtual tour.7

Digital content:

  • Google Books and eBooks: You are a good writer and already did an excellent ebook. Now, you are trying to sell them. You can promote your books online and sell.8
  • Google news: You have a website and you want to get ranked, then google news would be a great choice for you.9
  • Scholar: You can include your scholarly works in Google’s academic index.10

Local information:


  • Video Search: You have published online video content and want to make that searchable on google, and then try this.19
  • Youtube: This one is already well known and you just need to upload, distribute, and monetize your videos.20

Let’s have a look it again:get-content-google

Which one is your favorite tools, leave a comment.

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