Five Tips and Tech Gadgets to Enhance Your Coffee & Shawn Mendes Experience 

Five Tips and Tech Gadgets to Enhance Your Coffee & Shawn Mendes Experience 

Are you a female Shawn Mendes fan who loves coffee? If so, then this blog is for you! Here are five tips and tech gadgets that can help you maximize your coffee and music experience. From apps and streaming services to mugs and speakers, these five suggestions will help you enjoy the perfect cup of joe while listening to your favorite Shawn Mendes tracks. 

1. Apps & Streaming Services

The first thing you’ll need for the optimal coffee and music combo is a good app or streaming service. We recommend Spotify Premium since it offers unlimited access to all of your favorite songs, including those from Shawn Mendes. Not only that, but Spotify also allows you to create custom playlists and radio stations so that you can have the perfect soundtrack for any mood. 

2. Coffee Mugs

You’ll also need a great mug to make sure your hot beverage stays hot while you listen to your tunes. A well-insulated travel mug with an easy-grip handle is perfect for taking your coffee on the go. Plus, there are plenty of stylish options available featuring Shawn Mendes artwork or lyrics.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Now that you have the perfect cup of coffee and music selection, it’s time to turn up the volume! Investing in a good quality Bluetooth speaker will ensure that your music sounds its best no matter where you are listening from—whether it’s at home or on the go. 

4. Headphones/Earbuds

If a Bluetooth speaker isn’t an option for whatever reason, then headphones or earbuds are a great alternative choice. Just make sure they are comfortable and offer good sound quality so that you can enjoy every note of every song—from Shawn Mendes classics like “Stitches” to his new hits like “Youth.” 

5. Music Subscription Boxes

Finally, if you want an even more immersive experience when enjoying both coffee and music together, why not try out one of the many subscription boxes dedicated entirely to your favorite artist? These boxes often include exclusive merchandise like posters and stickers as well as limited edition vinyls or CDs featuring select songs from an artist’s discography—plus much more!

What is the Shawn Mendes Foundation’s purpose?

The Shawn Mendes Foundation is an organization with the aim to “inspire and empower his fans and today’s youth to bring about positive change in the world and advocate for issues they care most about.”

What did Shawn Mendes and The Shawn Mendes Foundation donate to help ease the strain of those affected by devastating fires in Australia?

On 8 January 2020, Mendes announced that both he and his Shawn Mendes Foundation will be donating an undisclosed sum of money to causes including Australia’s Red Cross, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, and South Australia Country Fire Service.

What event did Shawn Mendes perform at to raise funds for Young Survival Coalition?

On October 20, 2018, Mendes performed along with other artists such as Khalid, NF, Marshmello, Meghan Trainor and Ella Mai at The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles for the “We Can Survive” event.

As You Can See

For all female Shawn Mendes fans who love their morning cup of joe, these five tips should help give your caffeine fix a much-needed boost! By investing in apps & streaming services, coffee mugs, Bluetooth speakers, headphones/earbuds, and music subscription boxes dedicated entirely to Shawn Mendes’ discography, you’ll be able to get the most out of both drinking coffee and listening to music simultaneously! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start sipping on some delicious java while enjoying some classic tunes!

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