ExpressPigeon – Efficient Email Marketing Support for Businesses

ExpressPigeon Review – Efficient Email Marketing Support for Businesses

When you’re a pro in the email marketing world, you know every detail could make or mar your sales effort.

Getting the right combo of mail marketing apps for your business make your online growth potential more potent.

And if you’re searching for the best mail marketing solutions, about three dozen choices are available. When you’re keen on a top choice, you can’t select any software blindly.

That’s why in this guide, we’ll be taking a close look at a top mail marketing solutions software – ExpressPigeon.

When you’re targeting more from your business online, ExpressPigeon could be an ideal pick. With several features capable of enhancing your marketing effort, it’s worth checking out.

Check out the information this post provides, and ExpressPigeon could appeal to you enough to be your preferred software. 

Fact Sheet – ExpressPigeon

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)IntegrationsExpressPigeon  No (Single test use available)Custom templates; Contact lists; List controls; Segments; Auto-responders; Content personalization; Time personalization; Subscription forms; Web forms; Social media buttons; Integrations; White labeling; Custom domains  Yes

Why ExpressPigeon is Great?

ExpressPigeon has an automation flow system targeted at making life easy for marketers. With the automation flow system, users can remain engaged through the entire working process, and keep their effort running.

Also, welcoming new subscribers, engaging rewards for active users, and audience engagement becomes easier to manage.

And that’s not all.

ExpressPigeon relies on data for segmentation, making chances of more dynamic responses more comfortable.

The software also leverage behavior-driven information to maximize engagement of custom mails sent to audiences. If you’ve got a large audience and need them interested in your newsletters, this could be a great help.

Besides having an advanced approach toward marketing outflows, there’s still more on offer from ExpressPigeon.

Users of ExpressPigeon can take advantage of its drag – drop editor, enhancing editing ease and simpler email creation.

ExpressPigeon also gives subscribers enough information to leverage essential information for greater conversion potential. Subscribers to ExpressPigeon can use data of contacts like their location, interactions, browsing behavior, etc.

Dedicated IPs are another integral feature of ExpressPigeon. With this feature, it becomes less hassling to get your message out without hitches. Users with a massive mail frequency count every month will value this feature.

Then there’s the Full API feature.

If you’re targeting more bite for your transactional emails, consider adding ExpressPigeon to your digital marketing toolkit. With this add-on, you can get more from your investment and leverage better emails support for better client engagement.

Who Should Buy ExpressPigeon?

Buyers searching for a data-driven mail-marketing app with several features will find ExpressPigeon interesting. Also, it could be an ideal software for users targeting improved payment flexibility.


All products available on ExpressPigeon are metric-based. Buyers can select their billing for these products on the basis of messages sent every second, minute, hour month, or hosted contacts.

And when it comes to pricing, three options – automation, campaign management, and custom are available. Making the most of your business effort is a lot flexible with these payment options.

Transactional Email

Dynamic content is an integral feature of any digital business targeting improved contact retention and conversion. With the Transactional Email model, users get direct access to essential tools to boost their marketing effort.

Campaign Management

List building is another plus available from ExpressPigeon. If you’re keen on getting a huge contact list built, this feature could come in handy. Contact management is also available for users of ExpressPigeon.

When you plan to manage subscriptions better, you could get support from this ExpressPigeon model. Leveraging better organization for an improved marketing effort is less hassling.

And that’s not all that’s available in this model.

Users also get enhanced support for targeting and segmentation. Managing a large contact list with dynamic content could be much easier with this feature.

Marketing Automation

Businesses targeting more marketing automation get more bang for buck from ExpressPigeon. There’s a drag and drop flow builder available for users of the marketing automation model. And users of this model can easily leverage advanced automation for a stronger marketing effort.

Support for follow-up campaigns is also available in this model. With this feature, businesses can leverage numeroustools for better contact retention. 


  • A/B split testing
  • Adding social buttons
  • Assisted IP warming
  • Automation
  • Campaign management, reporting
  • Contact management
  • Email editor
  • ExpressPigeon API
  • Image addition
  • Google Maps insertion
  • List management
  • Multimedia support
  • Transactional messages



  • No free plan available
  • Massive plug-in support unavailable

What to Consider before Buying ExpressPigeon

Mail-sending frequency

Businesses that don’t get lots of emails out may spend more to maintain ExpressPigeon subscriptions. So, before targeting getting your subscription running, target building your contact list/mail-sending frequency significantly.

Your contact list

If you’ve got a small contact list to manage, it could be challenging to leverage most of ExpressPigeon’s features. ExpressPigeon favors businesses that send massive mails regularly with more flexible options and features.

Final Verdict

When you’re targeting ExpressPigeon as a preferred mail-marketing software, leverage more info to your benefit below:


  • Flexible prices to suit mid to large-sized business needs
  • Essential tools to boost marketing automation flows for businesses
  • Ideal for contact management and building support


  • Pricing could be too expensive for some small businesses to manage
  • Doesn’t have a wide range of mail marketing products to cover entire business needs

With several plug-ins and a wide range of essential features, ExpressPigeon is an ideal choice for numerous users. When you’re targeting enhanced automation, easier workflow management, and more, this could be an ideal fit.

Consider getting ExpressPigeon if it has all your business needs. It could help you make the most of your digital marketing effort, and give you more value for money.

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