EngageBay – Perfect HubSpot Alternative for SMBs

EngageBay Review – Perfect HubSpot Alternative for SMBs

Have you had it with HubSpot’s pricey plans? Do you need an alternative with like features and a lesser chance of draining your purse? EngageBay ranks as one of the best digital marketing competitors to HubSpot.

With EngageBay, you get the potential to run your business effort with all packages required. And if you’re looking for a much cheaper marketing solutions software, this could be it.

EngageBay packs several features to boost your marketing effort, and adds flexibility to suit your business needs.

But before you make it your top pick, essential info is indispensable. Without the right details, it becomes much harder to select any mail marketing software. That’s why this review provides every detail you need to make the right choice.

If you fancy what EngageBay offers, then this read has the right info to inform your choice for maxed-out success.

Fact Sheet – EngageBay

BrandFree PlanUnique FeaturesIntegrations
EngageBayYes (send 1000 emails to 1000 contacts every month)1. Account Based Marketing,
2. Customer 360 Degree View,
3. File Storage
4. Integrations,
5. Push Notifications,
6. Custom Domain for Landing Pages
7. Video Marketing,
8. SSL-enabled for Landing Pages,
9. Social Suite,
10. Segmentation,
11. Landing Page Builder,
12. Landing Page A/B Testing
13. Email Broadcast A/B Testing

Why EngageBay is Great?

If you’re on any other platform EngageBay provides full migration benefits at no charge. Also, if you’re targeting making the most of your marketing effort, EngageBay has multiple packages users can leverage to their business’ advantage.

And if you’re up for selecting packages, EngageBay has that too.

Just like HubSpot and other suite marketing software, EngageBay has a complete package, called the EngageBay All-in-One. If you’re focused on marketing, then there’s a marketing app you can leverage too.

And if you’re keen on CRM & Sales, or standalone Service, you can max out independent EngageBay packages.

Buyers also get flexibility in payments should they pick EngageBay as their choice mail marketing app. Products can be paid for monthly, yearly, or every two years. Buyers of annual and biennial product plans get 20% and 40% respectively.

Who Should Buy EngageBay?

Marketers keen on several features for their mail marketing effort will fancy what EngageBay offers. Also, buyers searching for a complete package of mail marketing solutions will fancy what EngageBay has to provide.

EngageBay Free

With zero dollars, users of EngageBay can leverage the Free plan to full potential. The product provides users support for 1,000 contacts and 1,000 branded emails every month.

Also, features available on this package make it a top pick for freebie lovers. Through the free package, you get access to auto-responders for your mails, email marketing/broadcasts, landing pages, CRM, etc.

And you can leverage live chat support from EngageBay without paying a dollar! If you’re searching for a package to kick-start your digital business effort at no cost, this could be it.

EngageBay Basic

Subscribers to EngageBay Basic get added features not available to free users. With the Basic plan, users get access to email templates, landing page builders, SMS marketing, integrations, and more.

On top of these features, subscribers to EngageBay Basic get support for 10,000 emails and 15,000 contacts every month.

EngageBay Growth

The EngageBay Growth package develops on features available to Basic subscribers. With this feature, users can get access to more marketing support and better business boosts.

Marketing automation, broadcast and landing page (A/B) testing and custom domain are few of multiple featuresavailable.

EngageBay Pro

With the EngageBay Pro package, users get access to 50,000 branded emails and unlimited contact list support. Making the most of this package provides several features unavailable on other products.

Subscribers to this package get access to web and proposal analytics, phone support, custom reporting, marketing automation, and more.

Other special features like the dedicated account manager and chat support make this product a cost-effective buy. Users also get access to APIs, file repositories, and advanced integrations for better marketing support.


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Auto Responders
  • Automations/Workflows
  • Code your own Landing Page
  • Contact Management
  • Custom Domain for Landing Pages
  • Video Marketing
  • SSL Enabled for Landing Pages
  • Social Suite
  • Segmentation
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Email Broadcast A/B Testing
  • Email scheduling
  • Email Templates/Template Builder
  • Embed Forms
  • Custom Reports


  • 40% off biennial plans
  • Offers multiple products
  • Free trial available
  • Automation and workflow management
  • Broadcast email/LP testing


  • No unlimited monthly mails
  • Stunted free plan features

What to Consider before Buying EngageBay

Your budget

When you’re starting your mail marketing effort with a lean budget, it’s best you leverage low-priced plans.

Users of free packages get something to start with, even if it may not be enough. Or you could decide to settle for basic plans if your needs for mail marketing aren’t that extensive.

Available features

Features on some packages may not fully support your marketing effort. For instance, you could be keen on better automation and scheduling for your business. Free and Basic products come short in such essential features.

That’s why you’ve got to consider what a product provides before committing money to purchasing it. Your business effort can’t afford any wasteful spending, so you’ve got to get this right.

Final Verdict

When you’re targeting top-notch mail marketing in one software, EngageBay is a top candidate. With all it offers, it could be the plan you’ve been searching for.  Leverage more info below to make the most of your purchase, if EngageBay is what your business needs.


  • EngageBay has several plans capable of fitting any budget
  • Multiple tools ideal for supporting any marketing effort
  • Provides live chat and phone support (phone support dependent on package)


  • Limited support for contacts and mail sends available per month across packages
  • Monthly purchases are expensive

EngageBay has several features your business is more likely to benefit from. Make the most of what this guide offers, and get a better boost for your business.

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