Email Octopus – Seamless, Multi-Dimensional Marketing for Digital Businesses

Email Octopus Review – Seamless, Multi-Dimensional Marketing for Digital Businesses

Imagine how good your marketing campaign could be when you’ve got everything covered all at once.

Essential marketing metrics, mail marketing, analytics, and more from one software is a lot. And that’s why Email Octopus ranks as a preferred choice for several businesses.

If you don’t know what the hype’s all about, then chances are you’ve not encountered Email Octopus.

The only way to get a better handle on what Email Octopus offers is with essential info.In this guide, we’ll be taking a closer look at everything Email Octopus has on offer. If you’re keen on more info before choosing, this guide gives you every detailyou need.

Make a better choice for simple mail marketing with what’s on offer through this guide. Your business could receive a much needed boost for greater returns and a broader, Octopus-y reach.

Fact Sheet – Email Octopus

BrandFree PlanUnique Feature(s)Integrations
Email Octopus  Yes (Send 10,000 mails to 2,500 contacts each month) 1. Segmentation,
2. Variable content creation,
3. Customized sign-up forms,
4. CRM, landing page plug-ins,
5. Email marketing automation,
6. Monthly reporting

Why Email Octopus is Great?

With Email Octopus’ signature drag – drop editor, marketers don’t need any coding experience to design great emails. The feature allows users get better content created from numerous on-board templates.

Also, the software provides extensive support for plug-ins, making it integrate-able to several essential programs. You can link Email Octopus up to your landing pages, CRMs, and much more.

And if you’re targeting more discounts as a non-profit/charity, Email Octopus supports that too. Email Octopus providers will deliver up to 20% lifetime discount for charities and non-profits (proof required).

Who Should Buy Email Octopus?

Marketers searching for a mail marketing software with several features and improved scaling potential will fancy this choice.

Also, it’s a great fit for small business owners with no immediate funding to sustain their marketing effort.

Email Octopus Free

If you’re looking for freebies before actually committing some cash for mail marketing, try Email Octopus. The Free plan offers users support for up to 2,500 contacts. Marketers scaling up with a small mailing list can send up to 10,000 mails every month.

But that’s not all of it.

Subscribers to Email Octopus Free also get Basic Support to help them get more from the software, free of charge.

However, if you’re targeting reports and analysis forever, you’re likely not going to get it with a free plan. Reports and essential analysis end after the first month of being a free user. When you’re targeting the best experience from Email Octopus, consider getting Pro plans instead.

Email Octopus Pro

With Email Octopus Pro, you get the full package.

Email automation, automated workflows, monthly reporting, custom content creation, and much more. It’s a lot easier to leverage these features for a wider network (500,000+ contacts).

And you get unlimited mails-sending potential when you select Email Octopus Pro as your preferred choice.

Subscribers to Email Octopus Pro also get integration support at a greater level than free plan users.


  • 500,000+ contacts support
  • 20% charity/non-profit lifetime discount
  • Cancel-anytime payment plans
  • Variable content creation
  • Customized sign-up forms


  • Free trial available
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Segmentation
  • Automated features
  • Essential periodic reports


  • Different support for plans
  • Pricier products

What to Consider before Buying Email Octopus

Your audience

Chances are very low that you’ll have a monochrome audience to deal with. Since it’s certain you’ll be dealing with a dynamic audience, you need lots of info to keep them interested. One of the best ways to keep contacts is by providing personalized information.

And that’s why the Segmentation feature from Email Octopus should appeal to you. Having the ability to come up with dynamic content keeps your unsubscribe rates at an eternal low. All your contacts will be more interested in what you’re selling, keeping your returns sustained.

Your mail creation skills

When you’re searching for software that provides support for all kinds of mail-creation skills, consider Email Octopus.

The plan you can afford

Several plans for numerous needs are available from Email Octopus. When your business is just kicking off, it’s better to go with a plan your budget can accommodate.

Scaling investments in mail marketing solutions is the right choice, as you can get more insights into your investment returns.

When you see things and there’s more ROI, then you can think about finding a bigger plan.But remember, it’s better to scale up when you target a boost or get more returns from a smaller plan.

Deliverability potential

The chances of your mail getting to its intended audience are a major thing to consider pre-purchase. Before committing to a mail marketing software, consider how efficient their delivery systems are.

Check customer reviews. Look for information from third-party sources and neutral users (not featured in site testimonials). When you get mostly positive comments on deliverability percentage across sources, it could be a great investment.

Final Verdict

There’s so much on offer from Email Octopus. If your sights are set on getting more value, this software could be a great choice. And with more info below, you’ll know if it’s the app best suited to your email marketing needs.


  • Charities and non-profits can get up to 20% discounts forever from Email Octopus
  • Free trial allows users send mails out to 2,500 subscribers (10,000 mails each month)
  • Easy cancel plans means you have a handle on your investment every time


  • Quotes could be massive depending on your chosen plan
  • Reports only available for a month on free plan

Email Octopus has several features businesses can leverage for sustained growth and a more dominant online presence. If you’re targeting reaching to all your contacts in a dynamic fashion, consider Email Octopus.

With its far-stretching capabilities, this software could be what your business needs for sustained, upward growth.

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