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10 Amazing Digital Marketing Tips Blog Post Ideas

Digital marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing out there. Unlike traditional marketing, you can see who interacts with your media and know almost instantly what your ROI is. The field is growing rapidly so there is always a need for more content about the dos and don’ts. Check out these digital marketing tips blog post ideas for ways to create more content about this growing field.

1. You have to know your customer.

Most people think social media marketing is the only form of digital marketing. While it is a large driver in the field, it isn’t the only way to use digital to market. Know your customer base and your buyer personas and put your content where they will see it. You could do one long post or multiple small posts on how to know who your customer is. Things like finding your target market or creating buyer personas would be great.

2. Make sure your content is optimized for mobile.

It sounds wild to need to say this, but make sure everything you do is optimized for mobile devices. Nearly half of people use mobile to read emails, blog posts, surf the web, and make website purchases. If your site and content aren’t set up for that, you will lose customers. Craft a post for readers on what it means to be optimized for mobile and the steps they can take to do so.

3. Make SEO a part of everything you do.

Everything is becoming more competitive on the web, including ranking in a Google search. If you don’t optimize every bit of your content for search engines, you decrease your chances of being found by customers. Even voice search results are harder to ranking in because of updates to Google’s algorithm. A blog post on all the ways you can improve your SEO and ranking is essential to help digital marketers.

4. Have a sound digital marketing strategy that you can adjust when needed.

Because digital marketing isn’t as rigid as print marketing, some marketers erroneously believe they don’t need to plan as much for digital posts or campaigns. This thought process will lead everyone down the wrong path. Develop a blog post of what a digital strategy should include and how to make any adjustments along the way. No marketer should just be posting or creating digital content without a plan. This includes social media as well. Have a plan, including which networks you should even be using.

5. Sometimes less is more.

Digital marketers are guilty of always feeling like they need to be doing something. Whether that something is blogging or creating a video or social media posts, they think they need to always be in the development stage. This isn’t always helpful from a digital standpoint. Sometimes less is more and you need to take time to see if what you are already using is working. A post on this topic could include ways to make your existing content and ads pop without needing to always be in creation mode.

6. Make sure email is always a part of any digital strategy.

Some places like to say email marketing is dead. If you see a marketer saying that, you should run. Email marketing time and again outperforms social media on click rates and ROI. It also outperforms digital ads on places like Facebook and Google. The best way to convince marketers not to abandon this crucial piece of a digital strategy is to develop a blog post that shows all the ways that email outperforms other channels.

7. You will want to use paid advertising, but don’t go overboard and spend too much on these ads.

Paid ads are most certainly a part of any digital marketing strategy. You can’t count on word of mouth and organic traffic alone. Paid ads will help get your ad in front of people who wouldn’t have seen it before. And that is a good thing. However, there can be a tendency to take it too far and spend too much money. That is a waste. At some point, the business needs to cultivate their leads from their ad campaigns. Paid ads don’t help develop trust in a brand. Craft a post that helps companies understand why this is important and how to create a budget for it.

8. Make sure your content is free from errors.

This is another one of those things that should go without saying, but before you post anything, make sure the information is correct. Any information that you share, make sure it is factually accurate. Also, check your written content for any grammar or spelling errors. It is unprofessional to post blogs or web copy with errors. Make a post with editing tips and software available to check for mistakes in writing.

9. Make sure your content is relevant to your customers.

Sometimes people get caught up in trying to post the latest and greatest thing. Whatever the hottest trend is in the digital world, marketers will want to jump on the bandwagon. Trends are trends for a reason and not all of them work with every audience. Before you post, make sure it makes sense for your core customers. To create a post around this subject, review how to determine if content is relevant to your guests and personas.

10. Measure your results.

No matter what, we have to measure our results. How else will we know what is working and what is not for our marketing efforts? Have a plan to analyze your campaigns and track your ROI. This will better set you up for making any needed adjustments to your strategies. Create a post that helps marketers know how to examine their results.


Hopefully, these 10 amazing digital marketing tips blog post ideas will help you create some excellent content on this subject. The field is growing strong and is always in need of more relevant content.

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