20 Culture Blog Post Ideas Biddrup.

20 Culture Blog Post Ideas

Not sure anymore, what topics you want to write about? It is only normal that you will feel overwhelmed, especially if your blog is new. For the first few weeks of writing, you have come up with blog ideas and posts that you can be proud of. Right now, you are just feeling generally confused about everything. The things that you can write about will depend on where you live and specifics regarding your culture. If you can open your eyes to what is happening around you, then finding things to write about will not be too complicated.

  1. Create Tutorials

    There are a lot of things that people search for online to learn some details about different things. Come up with things that you know people are interested in and create the tutorials that people can follow step by step. Do not assume that your readers know how to do certain processes, because they came to your site to learn, remember?

  2. Latest News About Entertainment

    There are many people who would like to know more about celebrities, because they know how entertaining the lives of famous people can be. You can write about some of the things which you believe they will be interested in. Just make sure that you will clarify your sources. You can also say that the things you are sharing are just rumors that you have heard. You do not want to be slapped with some type of libel charge.

  3. Things that Catch Your Eye

    There may be some things that you have seen in the malls lately that caught your eye. Now is the time that you can talk about these interesting items. There is a very big chance that people will also be interested in the things that you can offer to them. They may even check out the items that you have stated. Of course, you can become more specific about the items that you will discuss, so that your readers get really engaged in the discussion.

  4. Checklists

    People would always need checklists, because they feel that without checklists, they generally will not know what to do next. This is the time when you can start creating your own checklist about the things that interest you in today’s culture. This can be an ongoing blog post idea in your blog, depending on the event, or the topics in which you would like to create checklists.

  5. List Down Things

    There are a lot of people who love reading about lists online. It can be a list of the top 10 dresses that were recently worn at the Met Gala, or it can be the top 10 actresses who attended the Cannes Film Festival. There are so many interesting things that you can put into a list. Once again, you can make a choice of what to list, depending on the culture that you are exposed to.

  6. Myths vs. Facts

    There are some people who will become surprised when the things that they always thought were true all turn out to be hoaxes. Now is your chance to show what things are true and what things are not true. You may get some comments from your readers stating that they never knew that certain things they have learned before are hoaxes. It can be a fun blog post to make as well.

  7. Success Stories

    There are some people who love being inspired by what other people have gone through. The story can be about a topic that you feel strongly about at the present time. You can check the things that people are searching for at the present time. Find a story or tell your own story about something that people are interested in. This will inspire people to check out the rest of your blog for sure.

  8. Share an Interview

    You may have the ability to interview someone whom you feel that people will be highly interested in. It will help, if you would prepare your questions ahead of time. Some people who are being interviewed would like to be familiar with the questions first, before they say yes to the interview. This way, they can be sure that they do not have to answer anything that may be too controversial. The controversy may not always be good for your blog.

  9. Share Advice from Experts

    What expert advice have you heard recently that you want to share with your readers? It is likely that you have been given advice by a professional or you have read about it elsewhere. You may want to share your insights about the advice and also get feedback as to what your blog readers have to say. This can surely be inspiring plus it will make people want to check out your blog more.

  10. Reviews of Items

    There are various things that you can review. You may share a review of a recent movie that people are considering to watch. Just make sure that you when you write reviews about movies, television series, or books, you will not write any spoilers or you may get bashed by people who will check out your website. What you can do is simply create truthful reviews that will give people a snippet of what they can expect from it.

  11. Create Comparisons

    There are certain brands, items, and so much more that are being pitted against each other. You can use this so that you can create comparisons of these different items. For example, you would like to compare two similar shades of different lipstick brands. You can share what things are similar between them and what things can make people decide to get one lipstick over another.

  12. Video Vlog

    You may want to create a video that will allow you to discuss things that you find interesting. There are times when you would rather share to the rest of the world what you can see rather than writing about the things that you have experienced. Do remember that if you are dedicated to still remain to be a blogger rather than a “vlogger,” you can only share videos from time to time.

  13. Share Resources

    There are people who go online in order to look for resources regarding things that they are also interested in. Now is your chance to share what resources you have found about certain topics. It can make the lives of many people who are searching for the right resources easier. You can share websites, toolsets, books, and so much more. There are many possibilities that are available.

  14. Some Problems and Solutions

    There are so many things that people will consider as problems. They want to find some solutions to their problems but finding the right solution is not always easy. Now is your chance to make readers want to read your blog posts more. They would love the fact that you can share some solutions to things that they may consider as hard to solve.

  15. Share Stories of Inspiration

    Why do you want to focus on controversies when you can always share stories of inspiration? Now is your chance to tell a story about a friend of yours who has managed to put up his own business from scratch. You can also talk about how inspiring a mother’s love is. The topics that you can write about are endless as long as you would focus on the positive to possibly inspire other people.

  16. Something Funny

    It is already a part of our culture to want some humor from time to time. You can write about something that is out of the blue or something that you find really funny. It may be something that your blog readers will appreciate for sure. Who knows? The blog post that you never thought would become a hit may actually be something that your readers will love.

  17. Create a Quiz

    A lot of people enjoy quizzes and there is a very big possibility that your blog readers will love the quizzes that you can share especially if they would learn some details about themselves in the process. You can create your own quiz or you may try to find a quiz that can be used universally. Your readers should have some fun too while reading your blog.

  18. Questions You Want to Ask

    There are some people who love being asked with questions that will make them think. You can ask some questions about the things that are currently hip and happening in pop culture. You can also ask questions regarding things that have inspired you. The questions that you want to ask, may prompt people to share their own great questions. At the same time, you may also get the answers that you are looking for.

  19. Contest

    Who does not love contests? People like to be given a chance to win something. There are some contests that can be won easily while there are also some who may win based on luck. Make sure that you will also provide some prizes that your blog readers will love. This will allow them to participate in the contest that you will share more. You do not have to spend a lot of money but you have to make sure that the contest will be fun for your readers.

  20. How to Posts

    There are things that can be achieved easier and faster if people know how to do those things properly. This is exactly what can be expected from How-to posts. You can share the process of doing something in a different manner. This means that people can achieve things easily and also focus on doing other things they may need. Time management is always an important part of people’s culture.

You have now learned different blog post ideas that will allow you to share your thoughts and ideas to your blog readers. It can be fun and exciting to do any of the blog post topic ideas mentioned above. Who knows, the ideas that you have read above may even prompt you to think of even more ideas that you would love to write about very soon.

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